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  • FrosThomas MC 3 weeks ago

    love your videos Mumbo keep up the great work

  • augustin dufour 3 weeks ago

    That was so cool

  • Xxibrahim gamerxX 3 weeks ago


  • M Ellingson 3 weeks ago

    I literally made the same farm Last week lol so proud

  • Danjal Veskandar 3 weeks ago

    And yet another serverkiller is born.

  • FenPacGamer 3 weeks ago

    4% of the videos on this channel are about water. LOL

  • M Ellingson 3 weeks ago

    Use /clone

  • Dirty Damien 3 weeks ago

    ilmango already made something like this

  • Watching vids 3 weeks ago

    Who else remembered that the reason he had to modify the last mob farm he built was because the base was two blocks wide at the edges and the original was only one?

  • - SauRiizz 3 weeks ago

    Could you make a video showing exactly how observers work, its got me really confused, other than that, great video 👍🏼

  • Ghyro 28 3 weeks ago

    Hm, Mumbo making timelapse builds ist definitely satisfying to watch, now I miss this in your video of 30 satisfiying things in minecraft

  • Devin Heinemann 3 weeks ago

    Do more time lapses

  • JI Xin 3 weeks ago

    More Time Lapse Mumbo

  • Lost Number 3 weeks ago

    Question what about us people who don’t have the new water mechanic? How would we do this? Cause when I tried this I couldn’t get the water source in the stair. My minecraft is at it’s newest version.

  • FLAME GAMER XL 3 weeks ago

    10:28 do you see the triangle *insert illuminati sound here* thumbs up if yah do

  • R Delee 3 weeks ago

    more time laps

  • Sir.Knight 3 weeks ago

    Shave that mustache

  • 15,747,906 views 3 weeks ago

    Mumbos new name should be Bumbo nostacheoni (Bumbo no mustache for short)

  • CaptainLawlit 3 weeks ago

    Where is the download at?

  • Phill0Superhero 3 weeks ago

    I love time lapses XD

  • ygobraderz 3 weeks ago

    i would like to see more 3rd person tl

  • Jayson Bunnell 3 weeks ago

    Use structure blocks!

  • nacoran 3 weeks ago

    On our last server we had the spawner ilmango designed… watching this video makes me wonder… if you didn’t want to go as high, how far out could you make the water run by dropping the height of the outer edge before you blocked the mobs from the level below? (Or would you, assuming each one dropped at the same time?)

    Maybe also, on the bottom layer you could have a reversed water flow moving the mobs back to the middle to be killed by magma blocks or something. Mainly I’m trying to think of something short that wouldn’t be such an imposing structure on the skyline.

    I guess I’ll worry about that next server. We are playing modded this time and have something so we can move mob spawners, so we can make something much more compact for this playthrough.

  • Redstone Wizard 3 weeks ago

    I personally do like the time-lapses

  • Obscure Light 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo there is the /clone command in minecraft.

  • Hezekiah Daggett 3 weeks ago

    They should have multi colored red stone lamps

  • Penguin Master 3 weeks ago


  • Kerrvin Manarpaac 3 weeks ago


  • KingTwiggNL 3 weeks ago

    brilliant as always!

  • Marionette 3 weeks ago

    or you could make a regular spawner thats works perfectly fine

  • techied 3 weeks ago

    I think I improved your design quite a bit. No observers, and more spawning surfaces

  • Harry Scooby 3 weeks ago

    More 3rd person timelapse

  • Walrus Kitten 3 weeks ago

    More time lapses

  • Ben Goldberg 3 weeks ago

    Looks like it does not fully get rid of the spiders you might need to have the water on longer.

  • Connor Treadway 3 weeks ago

    Why does the top layer always have water?

  • GamingWithFlake - Australian Hobby Gamer 3 weeks ago

    DEFINITELY keep up the third person time lapses. They help see the build progress from multiple angles.

  • Discount Moose 3 weeks ago

    more time lapse

  • PZR theGamer 3 weeks ago

    Man my redstone knowledge is not as good as yours Mumbo but your redstone videos help me expand my knowledge about it thank you very much

  • Christian Lund 3 weeks ago

    Hi mate. I’m new to your channel, and I can easily see why you’ve achieved 2M+ subscribers. You’re quite cheerful, and you’re easy to understand, and very helpful. In response to your question about whether we’d like to see more time lapse redstone videos, my answer is a definite YES. I love any Minecraft time lapse videos. They’re fascinating.

  • Joshua Portwood 3 weeks ago

    I like the time lapse in watching you build. Also, I didn’t see a world download could you add that please

  • Earthenfist 3 weeks ago

    Couldn’t you have put a redstone block-piston column in the center of the original system?

  • BishopJAC 3 weeks ago

    Love it! Thank you

  • Jun San Juan 3 weeks ago

    Great Thinking for you’re Mob Farm
    Because you’re mob farm has been broken for a couple of episodes
    Congrats Mumbo you’re the best!!

  • Benjamin Rabin 3 weeks ago


  • Anton Therriault 3 weeks ago

    Absolutely more timelapses please Bumbo!

  • Cruise Beckham wolfson 3 weeks ago

    hell ya 3d person time laps make a drowner tident farm

  • Mkman 1231 3 weeks ago


  • Comet OS 3 weeks ago

    Yeah! Timelapses are cool!
    I mean, it’s not like it’s that much extra effort right? Your still doing the building and figuring stuff out anyways.

  • John Moruzzi 3 weeks ago

    booooorrriiiinnngggg af

  • Mon SQ 3 weeks ago

    well done, now try it in hermitcraft lol

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