It’s time I did a Skyblock series. I’m playing on the Minesaga server


  • Nguyen Nhu 1 week ago

    Couldn’t you have combined two Efficiency 4 diamond chestplate to get Efficiency 5?

  • - yomamasnuggets 1 week ago

    great slime farm. you got them by the balls man

  • Weiner Dog 1 week ago

    This series brought me back to Minecraft completely 🥩

  • KatPawz9198 1 week ago

    Everyone makes mistakes beef 🙂 I love this series and all of your Minecraft. Please take it easy though and don’t burn yourself out ^_^

  • Ralph Yera 1 week ago

    Wrecks-N-Effect!!! RumpShaker! Lol

  • Spanky 1 week ago

    Just shake ya rump

  • Amoney73 YT 1 week ago


  • DeckT_ 1 week ago

    WHERE IS STAXEL ????? Man …. im really getting tired of all these series just stopping out of nowhere without any warning. Make a freakin finale episode at least then we would know its over but now we are just waiting totally clueless and I hate it. And dont tell me it didnt get enough views or likes , it has more views and likes than some other series that are still keeping up. The last Staxel video has over a thousand likes and like 14k views … if thats not enough than what is ?

  • Howsyer 1 week ago

    If you wouldn’t mind putting a warp on your island, it would be appreciated. One of the quests is to visit a YouTuber’s island, and we can’t complete it until there is a warp. If you build a little room around it, people can warp to get the quest, but won’t be able to wander around your island.

    Also, I’ve found that if your chickens don’t follow you while you hold the seeds, warping to the crates and back again will reset their AI and they will then follow you and you will be able to breed them.

  • Zach Carpenter 1 week ago

    Full discloser I’m izachc 5:30 …. (I’m Zach Carpenter= izachc)

  • YungScarr 1 week ago

    I love it when vintage started to sing the Humpty dance by the digital underground

  • Dean Hodson 1 week ago

    1:27 😂😂😂👌🏻

  • hpcat2 1 week ago

    Ah beef With the pigs as I have found out, they give you orange wool until your island is at level 200 at least, I haven’t gotten any cow spawners so I don’t know about what they drop, HOWEVER when the mobs pile up and combined to say 3X Pig they don’t despawn, on they own they do, I have some chickens from eggs and they are piled up and haven’t despawned

  • Maggie Brum 1 week ago

    Chickens produce eggs every 10 minutes… Patients 😂

  • kjemradio 1 week ago

    *snort* Rump Shaker…..really? LOL Not a fan of that music, but still hilarious that you Weird Al’d it up (sorta)

  • Zachary Salcedo 1 week ago

    Beef you got 40k from the uncommon crate.

  • kylie shaughnessy 1 week ago

    “i just spent $640 on grass” LMAOO

  • carl dickess 1 week ago

    Love this series

  • BananaMan0124 1 week ago

    For your slime spawner you need to make a a little bit bigger so that the water is not on the hoppers you want it going to the hoppers but not on top of the hoppers because the water will push the drops into the cactus and you will only get half of your stuff because the cactus will destroy the other half so if you do that I think it would work better

  • BananaMan0124 1 week ago

    On the 200xp chest you got the chest plate and you also got 40k in cash moneyz

  • Regina Chin 1 week ago

    Why is your rank null

  • DaaniellesLife 1 week ago

    Hey, don’t know if you’ll see this but if you place Diamond, Emerald and Iron blocks on your island it increases your island level by A LOT. Diamond and Emerald blocks are worth 150 points per block.

  • Bao Ge 1 week ago

    Beef I know you want to remember each and every recipe, to speed things up, you could always click on the recipe book near the crafting grid and it’ll show you all that you can craft based on the items in your inventory. =/

  • Jerome Escaño 1 week ago

    Make a automatic chicken farm u can eat cook chicken and u can sell them

  • Lazaros Fotiadis 1 week ago

    Man this series is the best thing ever!

  • Mr MEmE stEALer 1 week ago

    New rapper LIL SLIME

  • Peter Tam 1 week ago


  • MrMarkb68 1 week ago

    The stacked mobs(x3, etc..) don’t despawn.

  • Crone 22 1 week ago

    you should use the chicken farm ground to plant your trees on

  • nejc resnik 1 week ago

    Lol u can buy all glass in glass shop and why j didnt bought cow spawner and set up auto cow farm

  • greenmondaymorning 1 week ago

    I really enjoy this version of skyblock, i would like to see more people playing on this server, does anyone have any good suggestions?

  • BangDroid 1 week ago

    Love this series BEEF!

  • ファン筋肉 1 week ago

  • Aladino Asbury 1 week ago

    the chickens aren’t despawn. the server is using a “mob stacking” plugin, where multiples of mods will group together into a stack and become the x3, x8, x64, etc mobs. it prevents lag by making 1 entity count for multiple mobs, and makes farming mobs interesting and easier in some cases.

  • Conker87 1 week ago

    “Rank: null” uhhh, ok

  • Mariogalaxy 1 week ago

    Just do a slime face on that floor 😛

  • TheGingerbert 1 week ago

    is it free to join? .I have logged in to the sever but have no island any help ?

  • Justin Kerns 1 week ago

    Get nametags from fishing there?

  • Joshua Poon 1 week ago

    Make an afk fishing farm

  • Claire Equestrian 1 week ago

    “Look at all these chickens” I love accidental vine references

  • Andrew Carlyle 1 week ago

    “Enough about the dogs”….there can never be enough mentions of Bubba & Daisy 😉

  • Julijus Šeinauskas 1 week ago

    Mobs can spawn in the air

  • Berit Ganderup 1 week ago

    FYI…you can jump on to a farm plot, if you land on the edge of the block it won’t pop the veggie out or turn back to untilled dirt

  • Ge Q 1 week ago

    You are grate, not noob

  • Ray Bell 1 week ago

    I love this series so far, but I’m also finding myself missing the Team Canada days. You guys should really get together again sometime soon. I’ve been re-watching all of your CTM Maps.

  • Endless Gaming 1 week ago

    omfg its vinny beef from gta omfg i love you wait wa s it vinny chop

  • KSI ECHOGLOW59 PLAYS 1 week ago

    hey beef here’s a farming tip, you can put a piece of carpet on a fence and you can jump over it as the animals can not

  • Frynzy Saycon 1 week ago

    hey beef! y not make a ring that connects all platforms? it adds to the beauty and makes it more convenient for u to get from one island to the next without going to the center island to get to the other islands

  • Meaghan Doherty 1 week ago

    Loving this series, Beef. Keep it going!

  • Alex Briggs 1 week ago

    I’ve been watching you for about 5 years and I’m proud of everything you have accomplished within your channel. I have noticed your views have definitely dropped but uploading would keep the odd 100,000 people watching your videos each day. Thankyou.

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