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  • Lewis Patterson Beard 3 weeks ago

    We’re all on an FBI watchlist now.

  • Allison Trevor 3 weeks ago

    Hug of Death!

  • X. P. 3 weeks ago

    I have a fancy idea, make the mumbo death hugger go up against the structure deleter, see which one explodes the other first from 100 blocks away

  • MasterQuacks HQ 3 weeks ago

    Do more

  • MasterQuacks HQ 3 weeks ago

    Define missile

  • Exploding Squid 3 weeks ago


  • The Constipated Cows 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo can you make a hoe shaped pisten door

  • Allen Holloway 3 weeks ago

    Yes, do bombers.

  • Canoe Canoe 3 weeks ago

    I know what to do to my nemesis faction now. 😉

  • Cycling Cycles 3 weeks ago

    A diagonal missile?

  • Tyler Smith 3 weeks ago

    Wow…. Not only putting CubeHamster to shame, but also out of business. Great missiles.

  • Nathan Dobbin 3 weeks ago

    I think it looks like a missle, and to answer your question no. No you can never go to far with a TNT missile.

  • Cosmiccakecat 3 weeks ago

    make a flying machine train

  • Steven Purwadi 3 weeks ago

    y is there a hole where my portaloo used to be?

  • King Joker 3 weeks ago

    Can you show how to build the big missle???

  • Rhylend Culver 3 weeks ago

    Hey mumbo jumbo I just joined☹️

  • Vinay Shedge 3 weeks ago

    Its nuclear missile

  • Rhylend Culver 3 weeks ago

    Why the potalu

  • Seth Hiles 3 weeks ago

    Please give a tutorial on the gibumbomb

  • Eunice Rivera-Plato 3 weeks ago

    You Can NEVER Go Wrong With TNT Mumbo……… Plz Do More TNT Vids

  • Kalle Lorentzen 3 weeks ago

    How much tnt dose it have

  • CreeperLord gaming 3 weeks ago

    I have built a missile which is quite compact and cheap, packs slightly more punch than the Long Gangly fella, and can penetrate 12 block thick walls. I call it the Eliminator and here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsde51TxT8g&t=1s

  • DreamerDon 3 weeks ago

    I would like to see you shoot down one of your missiles to see if you can actually stop it

  • Nathan Zimmerman 3 weeks ago

    Rip every single build in the world, if you see someone’s skybase and know Mumbo, you win every TNT missile fight.

  • Paula Sigdal-Pandit 3 weeks ago

    Super cool and surprising

  • The Fallacy 3 weeks ago


  • Rubyman The Great 3 weeks ago

    Yoss make mooooooore!!!

  • Aki Laukkanen 3 weeks ago

    This is like the North Korean nuclear program.
    Spending a ton of time and resources to make something that can be only fired once to (maybe) make a single big bang.

  • El Papoy 3 weeks ago

    What you need to do is go into your hermitcraft base testing world and just see what happens XD

  • adi prabowo 3 weeks ago

    9:31 I’ts the battle ship destroyer of everything

  • Mantis 04 3 weeks ago

    Try it on iscalls base

  • Fidget Lenny 3 weeks ago

    Build a fire-able tnt fly machine

  • Kaden Vanciel 3 weeks ago

    Something Bertie would’ve liked.

  • DearUncleHermit 3 weeks ago

    https://youtu.be/pHx_4jKChbU?t=629 TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!

  • nathan kerim 3 weeks ago

    Make the biggest missle u can mumbo like if agree sry for spelling and add a missile with a strait-away blow up

  • Morrischma 3 weeks ago

    Use these against pre built maps

  • Sebastien Bienfait 3 weeks ago

    at 10:25 onwards, that is just a visual glitch , like the tnt still hanging back at the start, you can just about see that the machine stops and completely closes up when it reaches the build

  • Gam3r DJM 3 weeks ago

    If I saw one of these heading for my base I think I would piss myself! Probably going to build a WW2 style bunker now because of this video! XD

  • PyroX 3 weeks ago

    We want more!

  • Mac Attack 3 weeks ago

    hey mumbo u should call the fortified port-a-loo a fort-a-loo!

  • P51 MCPE 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo’s Base vs. TNT Missile anyone?

  • SsuperRyRy7 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo- Let me know down in the comments if you want to see more
    Me- Sir yes sir, Sergeant Mumbo!

  • Sweden man 3 weeks ago


  • Quang Lê Duy 3 weeks ago

    Where is the world download?

  • FunGi Mushroom 3 weeks ago

    Welcome to the army.

  • Kye Fraser 3 weeks ago


  • Thomas Corbett 3 weeks ago

    Latest North Korean missile test 2018 colourized. They found a new testing site, the fortaloo. Shout out to Drewfire.

  • Old Channel 3 weeks ago

    Try to use tnt duplication bug in this thing 😉

  • Chase Steenhoven 3 weeks ago

    Why did you delete how to start minecraft world

  • Mike Florea 3 weeks ago


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