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  • Harry Potato 3 weeks ago

    a weapon to surpass Metal Gear

  • ZoieOfDaKitties 3 weeks ago

    5:56 MEEEEE

  • Chenachu26 Chenachu26 3 weeks ago

    Mumbo you can make a series where you and your friends have a 30 by 30 island in the air and build a troll with redstone or command blocks, after everybody finished their troll others will go into survival mode and get trolled.

  • Caden Walker 3 weeks ago

    quote of the day: “The best things in life are left handed.” -Mumbo Jumbo

  • ItsUni Uni 3 weeks ago

    I am right handed sir

  • Andrew Westerholm 3 weeks ago

    *Imperial March plays in the Background*

  • SupremeXD 3 weeks ago

    you should turn it into a schematic or downloadable world so that us viewers can use it

  • Cactus Jones 2.0 3 weeks ago

    Give it a prosthetic arm. Since the best games are doing it now.

    *cough* Battlefield V *cough*

  • Aydan O'Donnell 3 weeks ago

    I like what you said about being left handed because everyone in my class is right and i am a lefty.

  • Jake Livsey 3 weeks ago

    Christ this is incredible!

  • Nomekop 777 3 weeks ago

    *Sponsored by War Robots*

  • Manuel Torralba 3 weeks ago

    You need to build this in the hermitcraft server!!

  • ImaginaryGod 3 weeks ago

    Too bad you can’t combine slime blocks with regular blocks to give them the properties of a slime block. Imagine how much better slime block contraptions like this could look.

  • Robert Kerei 3 weeks ago


  • ImaginaryGod 3 weeks ago

    ??? Where are its FIRE CHARGE CANNONS ???

  • al3x son 3 weeks ago

    Your a genius

  • carlos vega 3 weeks ago

    I love your flying machine but you should try to make it return, I would love that

  • m0derncat 3 weeks ago

    Now just make a attack on titans map

  • Hahaha Muhahha 3 weeks ago

    10x bigger please it would be insane

  • Aidan360 3 weeks ago

    That’s a leg

  • Tyler Chambers 3 weeks ago

    I’m left handed. You’re left handed. Theoddonesout is left handed. In conclusion, all left handed people are awesome.

  • PLANET MINECRAFT 3 weeks ago

    The robot is awesome , but if you want to sit in it as armor, it is not useful because just break one block and the whole damn thing is off

  • Dwi Randy Pradhika 3 weeks ago

    And now, make the small robot join with the big robot. And make the joined robot join with an even bigger robot to fight anti-spiral people by throwing galaxies around. Then mumbo lost his gf.

  • GTXGaSteR 3 weeks ago

    A challenge: Build a flying TNT cannon. With 1.13 water mechanics.

  • Renu Rai 3 weeks ago

    mumbo i am also left handed

  • DJ KK 3 weeks ago

    A youruber names cubehamster does this and tutorials I suggest you guys check him out

  • CorruptedPlays 3 weeks ago

    can u make a 40 piston extenders?? 🙂

  • Pegasi Myth 3 weeks ago

    What if you’re ambidextrous?

  • Redstone Tier 3 weeks ago

    Add tnt cannons at the left arm, that triggers when you want!

  • Mc Poop More Poop 3 weeks ago

    make a robot right handed too… i feel left out

  • david copenhaver 3 weeks ago

    you made me sad

  • yogohero090 3 weeks ago

    Its your new best friend! (If a refund wanted, text redstone@mail. com)

  • Rex plays 3 weeks ago


  • Purple Sushi cutter 3 weeks ago

    Nothing against left handers but in our country back in the oooold days it was said to be the Devils hand and people would get the strap if they used there left hand

  • ribetalban 3 weeks ago

    Ya left handed

  • Dark Tornado 3 weeks ago

    I never see mumbo this happy 😀

  • NotASpyReally 3 weeks ago

    I think I’ve never heard you this happy XD
    Also I would have loved to see the two robots in a race. Maybe the little one is faster?

  • J & G Hopkins 3 weeks ago

    Build a walking mumbo moustache, like if you agree

  • OmegaRogueLP 3 weeks ago

    Im lefthanded too!

  • Haydn Carter 3 weeks ago

    you should make a ball dancing robot

  • cancerous chef Fortin 3 weeks ago


  • Luke8118 3 weeks ago

    YAY. I’m one of the best things in life!!

  • GamingWithNick08 3 weeks ago

    Im right handed

  • MineCrafterJAKE64 3 weeks ago

    im left handed

  • LightCrafter 999 3 weeks ago


  • LightCrafter 999 3 weeks ago

    How about making a robot that transform into a car, like transformers?

  • Fredster Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Albert Einstein 100 IQ
    Mumbo Jumbo 900 IQ

  • LoyalHunter 3 weeks ago

    I’m Left-handed. I’m Special.

  • Samuel Weston 3 weeks ago

    3:28 may I pick you up, 3:30 ditches it.

  • Samuel Weston 3 weeks ago

    5:43 tap dancing robot

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