• Tameablewolf 1 month ago

    Tbh it looks like a tie Kat is really good at enchanting but Ryan has got a bow now and hes god at bows but then again ive never seen kat’s pvp skills

  • Danielle Higgins 1 month ago

    Do a hunger game

  • Dhruv Suri 1 month ago

    When are you going to make smp video (not 1 heart survival)

  • Christian Davis 1 month ago

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you guys have an amazing Christmas.

  • Andre Parfitt 1 month ago

    #team ryan amnd ash

  • Andre Parfitt 1 month ago


  • Smasher Bro 1 month ago


  • Smasher Bro 1 month ago

    Wow how bad

  • Rainbow Dash 1 month ago

    Please invite Kat to play more game like this please

  • Redentor Martinez 1 month ago

    #Team bat go..Good luck zach you can do it

  • Prestyn Hunden 1 month ago


  • Myah Cruz 1 month ago

    Can you please bring all of the other members than you guys I miss them can we get more members

  • Bryce Torres 1 month ago

    you should do modded UHC

  • SnakezAteMe 1 month ago


  • Evan DeVault 1 month ago


  • #TeamRyanandAsh

  • electrogamer sub! 1 month ago

    Ash I subbed to both channels and all of the rest of the proper dummies/proper idiots

  • thelawgurl78 1 month ago

    You guys should do 4v4

  • thelawgurl78 1 month ago

    I want Ash to die and Burt die so it’s Kat vs rayn

  • Crissachu Pikachu 1 month ago

    i ship Ryan and ash.#Rash#RashForTheWin

  • Landon Cope 1 month ago

    kat and burt

  • Daddy’s lil monster 1 month ago

    Nollaig Shona, joyeux Noël, Gëzuar Krishtlindjet , buon Natale, felicem natalem Christi,
    (Irish). ( French). ( Albanian ). ( Italian). ( Latin)

  • OrangeAssassin 1 month ago

    #team Burt and last

  • Jaden Lemmond 1 month ago

    Burt is so dumb

  • Double A Gamer 1 month ago

    You should do a crazy craft uhc

  • Theoneyoutuber 22 1 month ago

    Ship it !

  • Blaze Cannon 1 month ago

    Can I play with them UHC too, I would totally love that pls

  • Cordell Gary 1 month ago

    #Team Rash Ryan&Ash

  • Ben Mcclements 1 month ago

    How was you guys Christmas?

  • Ben Mcclements 1 month ago

    Team #Ryanandash

  • Mark Cortez 1 month ago

    next uhc have the dab mod

  • Michael Strasbourg 1 month ago

    Ryan likes Ash 😍😘

  • Kathryn Rizzo 1 month ago

    Wooo let’s go team ryash!!!!!!

  • Taylor And Family 1 month ago

    wow i like the part when they i did not the video yet because that part was so cool

  • Christopher time 1 month ago

    # team ryan&ash

  • Andrew Skinner 1 month ago

    go ryan and ash

  • Tawnya Strom 1 month ago


  • jakob friesen 1 month ago

    GO BAT!!!

  • Ryan Lee 1 month ago


  • pumpking playz 1 month ago

    do UHC more often.I love all the UHC video

  • Matthew Huffaker 1 month ago


  • David Aarskog 1 month ago


  • Austin Hemstreet 1 month ago

    Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win Ryan will win keep up the chant

  • Ronan Canoy 1 month ago

    Go team ryan and ash u to kat and burt

  • Cedric Infante 1 month ago

    After this series do a 3v3

  • Jennifer Reagle 1 month ago

    wait Ryan are you dating Ash or something just asking hope you could tell me

  • Miriam Martinez 1 month ago

    Ryan The Diffyculty Has AlreAdy been Changed

  • Devin & Kieran Maguire 1 month ago

    how come ryguyrocky dosent have his youtube thing not updated

  • Rajdeep Deol 1 month ago

    make a episode 6 already

  • cutebibi 793 1 month ago

    Burt: I grow up in Scott not much snow

    Me:I grow up In Florida I never seen snow or touch it and I don’t go traveling and I’m still kid I never been on the airplane😭

    #Florida people problems

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