• Fluffy Unicornz 2 weeks ago

    Maybe make a mini shrine with the dragon egg on it

  • Nancy Gamer 2 weeks ago

    hahahs ilike this you know what am saying hahahs good job python your the best survival

  • Lim Hengly 2 weeks ago

    Here the idea about the zombie spawner
    Turn it in to a drowned exp farm

  • Ainsara Azhar 2 weeks ago

    hey python, if you wanna get bunch of nametag, you can try to fish em up. make an awesome fish rod with lure and luck of the sea. and build a fish hut too!

  • Anthony Lopez 2 weeks ago

    You should make a tour of your hole world

  • HUNTER X 2 weeks ago

    Can you Use piston to move spawner activate both

  • Aakash Patil 2 weeks ago

    Python I’m luving the series pls can you do the glowstone lamp thingy here?

  • Aakash Patil 2 weeks ago

    Python luving the series can’t you please make the entrance bit wider it’s too crowded of the main base

  • Caleb Mccurdy 2 weeks ago

    You said you needed vines in earlier videos and I think you should make a vine farm in your industrial settlement. Also keep up the good work and I love your videos

  • Dylan Stanek 2 weeks ago

    python, somewhere outside you should make a pixel art creeper head! btw love the vids!

  • Riffat Aliani 2 weeks ago

    The birch logs look good but I would have recommended oak

  • Primavera Mugabi 2 weeks ago

    Hello, Python! I have a thought about something.. why don’t you add a lovely wooden bridge over the hole at your mansion? You could decorate it with flowers, and at a side have a staircase so you can still go downstairs, it would look SO wonderful! Instead of a gate around it.. I feel like I’ve seen it so much and I also feel like a bridge will help you be more free with your builds and explore new styles and methods!

  • Shiori The Wolf 2 weeks ago

    What about mossy cobble walls if you are using cobble and mossy cobble?? I feel like mossy cobble walls are forgotten 😂

  • bradyboy912 2 weeks ago

    Make it a end room them with the egg on a obsidian stand

  • Devaraju cbe 2 weeks ago

    A little more torches will help or nice on the walkpath

  • throttlout motovlogs 2 weeks ago

    Instead of using stone block you should use mossy coble

  • adriel ulrick lasheras 2 weeks ago

    hey Python why didn’t you farm sa beetroot

  • Brandon Conley 2 weeks ago

    The spawn area extends a block or two below the spawner. To increase efficiency, you want mobs out of that area as quickly as possible. The fastest way is to dig down a few blocks so that mobs in the water are out of the zone (a tip I learned from Mumbo)

  • Scout Pirate Plays 2 weeks ago

    Episode 41 build a underground secondary base in the whole place after the main base and then get the totem going in the mansion

  • JennzOrs 2 weeks ago

    I love the way you build but some of them are so cramped I feel claustrophobic. And I don’t usually get claustrophobic 😥

  • antsu games 2 weeks ago

    do some sort of grand farm

  • Žygis 12 2 weeks ago

    A dragon guarding the egg.

  • Shauna Authier 2 weeks ago

    You know what? I was thinking since my last suggestion that maybe you should do an observatory which you can use glass (or tinted glass if you prefer) on the walls. The observatory could take advantage of the gorgeous views that the mansion has. Not a lot of YouTubers have it, and think it’d be neat

  • gx gamer 2 weeks ago

    A statue holding a dragon egg

  • Nigel Nigel 2 weeks ago


  • Dev Srivastava 2 weeks ago

    make a beautiful garden

  • Short Man Walking 2 weeks ago

    The rail loop sounds like a great idea – would you have to pause it briefly at each “trigger point” to get the spawner to work?

  • Joshua Thurlow 2 weeks ago

    You should make the dragon egg place court yard in to a Chinese garden I think you look pretty cool

  • zahir amda 2 weeks ago

    PythonMC i love all of your vids i kepping kick the like button, and i has a idea for your vid is making a nature village and add gate, fence, villagers.

  • Wong Shiau Fern 2 weeks ago

    Python .You can put the iron golem at the spawner.

  • Sebastian Wright 2 weeks ago

    I should turn the people holding the dragon egg into some kind of fountain

  • Ashok Jagtap 2 weeks ago

    You can make a trident farm using zombie farm

  • Pastel_ Pink 2 weeks ago

    Hey Python, maybe you should build a fountain in the courtyard and place the dragon egg on top? Also have been a huge fan of this series since the start, keep up the good work!

  • TreeGoo 2 weeks ago

    please find the woodland mansion

  • Mitchell 2 weeks ago

    Hello, I would like to offer you such an idea. Let me translate your videos into Russian

  • Justice Pilling 2 weeks ago

    Can’t wait for episode 38! 😀

  • nabila sayyour 2 weeks ago

    For the dragon egg area…why dont u build a dragons head and place the egg in its mouth…i think it would look pretty cool…and if u chose to build it…mkae it out sand stone…just gives it the boney feel…anyways i enjoy watching ur videos…and keep up the great work.

  • Emre Playz 2 weeks ago

    Python you could put Some beetroot in ur farm

  • Drewlord 2 weeks ago

    I find it incredible that you can come up with so many decoration ideas for just about everything you build. It always makes the overall build look like the builder actually cared. As far as I can tell, you do! Really enjoyed the episode, Python!

  • Crypto - Jake 2 weeks ago

    Put in some beetroot for your gardens

  • Elvee 2 weeks ago

    End city in the empty end city islands.

  • Ritcard playar 2 weeks ago

    wat abaut bitrots

  • leMikix 2 weeks ago

    I think that you can make aquarium and make big enter to that aquarium?

  • Evan Gage-winnen 2 weeks ago

    Hey python i think you should make like a dragon lair where you showcase the egg and all the weapons and armours you do the challenges with a example would be like a bed if you kill the dragon with beds

  • AjayKarthi LR 2 weeks ago

    Python you can make a small statue of the ender dragon which is laying its egg as it is getting killed by a player(can use an armor stand as a player) in the courtyard. BTW love your vids!!

  • Dino Games 2 weeks ago

    True. It were a nice weather yesterday and today!

  • EnderKnight20 2 weeks ago

    I think stripped dark oak logs would look better on the library

  • Central 2 weeks ago

    I believe they shout add the stripped version of the wood to doors, fences, and chests to spruce up peoples builds even more

  • Kaiser Reyes 2 weeks ago

    13:01 *TUTURU!*

    PYTHON…do you watch anime

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