• The happy cuz cuz 5 months ago

    Raven always leaves little carly behind and if you look at the sink is the water goin up or down

  • Mya Pender 5 months ago

    I agree with phoebe

  • Mya Pender 5 months ago


  • Elly Peirson 5 months ago

    Leo castle and raven king

  • Cleio McDonald-Kerr 5 months ago

    Carly, I don’t know why u let these 2 idiots use ur channel. I swear they have short term memory. BTW, Raven the castle’s not urs it’s Kelly and Carly’s but it is better then Leo’s. Also, I think neither of u should be king. It should be Little Kelly.

  • Giselle Bribiescas 5 months ago

    Both have a good casels but leo suld. Be king

  • Briante Mays 5 months ago

    that is crazy who would take a little Carly

  • Mija Jankovic 5 months ago

    Cant u just move to roblox i am not trying to be mean or anything but roblox is a much more popular game

  • Faith Stahl 5 months ago

    Raven’s casle is better. Both of them would be good kings!

  • April Cummings 5 months ago

    I like Ravens Castle better than Leo’s but I pick Leo to be king with little Carly

  • Anthony Larrauri 5 months ago

    leos castle is better but raven should not be king leo should.

  • Amadeja Berghaus 5 months ago

    Will da Ravens

  • Ray Tats 5 months ago


  • Lorne Ragin 5 months ago

    Ravens castle is awesome

  • Mo Mo 5 months ago

    one day you two will be king 😉😉 and I wish Leo and Carly are the best king and queen. 👌💑💜💜

  • King raven and raven castle

  • Hailee Jane 5 months ago

    Raven should be the the king and btw Ravens castle is better

  • Jessica Neuls 5 months ago


  • Isla Stone 5 months ago

    Ravens castle is better but little Leo should definitely be king

  • Tiffany Bowman 5 months ago

    I think raven

  • Frank Todaro 5 months ago


  • Jennifer Perez 5 months ago

    I think Raven castle is better but i think Leo sould be the king.

  • jose antonio pena 5 months ago


  • Alvaro Martinez 5 months ago

    King Leo

  • Ally's Amazing world of Awesome 5 months ago

    Leo castle leo king

  • ALICIA EBARB 5 months ago

    Raven’s is better and I think Raven should be 👑

  • Little Addi 5 months ago

    Can you give me a shout out please I’m a subscriber and I would really love it

  • Nathan Felts 5 months ago

    leo is a king he love little Carly. leo and carly siting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g

  • Bbstarz891 5 months ago

    littel leo and leo

  • Bbstarz891 5 months ago

    Leo is so so so cout

  • Kendria Schilhab 5 months ago

    Ravens Castle

  • Maia Muraahi 5 months ago

    raven king raven casitle

  • kk27 #yt 5 months ago

    I think Leo’s castle and raven as king

  • The Princess of Shopkins 5 months ago

    King Leo

  • J. Pham 5 months ago

    Little Carly, just kill him.

  • Ma Krystine Ysabel Espiritu 5 months ago

    little carly si missing I think someone kidnapped her!

  • Yuren Pastor 5 months ago

    little leo

  • Yuren Pastor 5 months ago

    king little leo

  • Keisha Bampoe 5 months ago

    Love the new music 🎶❤️

  • Evie Ingham 5 months ago

    Raven should be King also the best Castle

  • Erin Mitchell 5 months ago

    I like them equally but Leo should be King

  • Erin Mitchell 5 months ago

    Actually King Leo and Ravens castle

  • T Breslin 5 months ago


  • Little_Amy Youtube 5 months ago

    I LOVE YOU LITTLE CARLY!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Phoebe Harris 5 months ago

    Ravens castle is the best

  • Alejandra Yerbafria 5 months ago

    King Leo

  • juanita gallardo 5 months ago

    1# ravens castle
    2#king raven

  • Sarah Brunet 5 months ago

    Reven and Leo I like the both of them and I love you so much little carly

  • ???? ???? 5 months ago


  • Ariel Trujillo 5 months ago

    I vote for king Raven

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