• Alex Rastelli 1 week ago

    Liking only for X-ray and fav reboot

  • Elexy Midnight 1 week ago

    Why did nobody make the joke “Chicken Alfredo” like the meal

  • Mike H 1 week ago

    “Immigration has been dispatched” 😂😂😂😂

  • Kyle Williams 1 week ago

    Did anyone else see to giant balls in the mountain at 27:48

  • Benoie Arseneau 1 week ago

    It’s my birthday

  • Dillon Van Curler 1 week ago

    Jeremy watch Zathura. There is a dumb waiter in it

  • Aquatic Exquinox 1 week ago

    Matt’s house looks really nice now

  • LifeComedyAction 1 week ago

    Good episode. Can’t wait for ydyd volume 2

  • TheManlyManMan 1 week ago

    is it just me or are most AH/LP videos quiet as fuck

  • nobody 1 week ago

    I love them just playing Minecraft and having a pseudo podcast for an hour or so, I enjoy it a lot more than twenty minute challenges, what they aught to do ever six months is a remodel of their buildings

  • Tophatius Playzgames 1 week ago

    You guys should do season 4 were X-ray sacrificed himself to defeat the corpirate or some other villain in season 3 and bring in someone else to replace X-ray eg Jeremy or add in the rest of the dusk boys

  • Owen O'Toole 1 week ago

    someone should wear all gold armor except for boots which are black leather boots. ther would be a walking tower of pimps

  • Ursadae 1 week ago

    the thief and the cobbler’s my fav animated movie 😀 used to rent it a lot from blockbuster

  • Zarkun5 1 week ago

    Animated Mighty Ducks cartoon. That is a show I’ve not heard mention of in many years.

  • Alskasaur 1 week ago

    Ooo, Idk if it was intentional or not, but the cut from Jack to Ryan at 40:01 was cool! Jack goes in the water and Ryan comes out!

  • Tina Jones 1 week ago

    the brown shit on the ground is a path.

  • Da Soviet Union 1 week ago


  • Josh Fox 1 week ago

    This episode is pure comedy…

  • Bradley Coy 1 week ago

    I’m sorry but that hanging bit of stone at 27:47 looks like a ballsack.

  • PJ Beckley 1 week ago

    “Uh…Zombie, bone tax please”

  • Katie Ator 1 week ago

    “Why Matt hate?” OH!! BECAUSE JACK IS A BASTARD MAN!!!!

  • ninjaharemyugi 1 week ago

    Whoever did that transition from Jack diving into the water to Ryan surfacing, THAT was top!

  • PJ Beckley 1 week ago

    Is it just me or is Jack’s footage out of sync with his audio???

  • Tron Evolution 1 week ago

    I realized I have the mindset of Jack when we both said water at the exact same time at 11:36.

  • Joseph Kovarna 1 week ago

    Did Ryan call Supernatural a soap opera? Please tell me I misheard him…

  • John Axios 1 week ago

    They should call the mountain they live around either: Mnt Hunt, Mnt Idiot, or Mnt Doom

  • afroblademaster 1 week ago

    I’m not going to lie, I would have kicked Alphrado out of the server ages ago.

  • Cameron Neveu 1 week ago

    the thief and the cobble is the best animated kids show you have never heard of.

  • Myriah Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Okay but X-Ray and Vav is still a favorite of mine 😢❤❤

  • Adequate Bros. 1 week ago

    Swallowing = love?
    Whats the conversion rate?
    Can I pay my Bone Tax with it?
    Is love a legit Bone Tax payment?

  • 05vibe 1 week ago

    cant wait for them to rebuild this in the nether…..

  • darren trivedi 1 week ago

    45:44 Ryan calls Jack a communist, nobody bats an eye.

  • LadyDinoCrisis 1 week ago

    One of my favorites shows: Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. Just having trouble trying to find the complete series. Anyone know where I could find Roughnecks? BTW *throws 5 pieces of bone for Bone Tax*

  • spencer 1 week ago

    27:47 OMG IT’S A BALLSACK!!!!

  • xPokeyyy 1 week ago

    so this is the Matt Brank episode

  • soloxcan 1 week ago

    Rooster teeth is owned by valve, no season 3 of X-ray and vav, camp camp, and what ever else

  • Slayeroffoes 1 week ago


  • Erin Is Bored 1 week ago

    Look i love alfredo, but it was really starting to shit me up the goddamn wall when he kept unnecessarily killing sheep

  • Brooke Wise 1 week ago

    I LOVE the Princess and the Cobbler <3

  • William Daly 1 week ago

    Gavin messing up the dirt in front of Michael and Lindsay’s house at 21:40 was hilarious for some reason

  • Olivia Sobejko 1 week ago

    Good nice video

  • ON3L0VE 1 week ago

    I wonder if jacks comment about Gavin calling 911 was before his incident.

  • Breanna Morice 1 week ago

    Is Jacks audio and video de synced to anyone else?

  • KickPunch20 1 week ago

    Talk about a lazy video title. Usually in muck-around vids, they pick an odd-ball line from something in the middle or end of the episode so you have something to look forward to.

  • halomerc5423 1 week ago

    Things id love to see in this series……sort inventory…..tinker tools….useage of text to speech….and id love if they tried vr minecraft

  • Shad0wFL4ME 1 week ago

    In Australia the emergency number is 000 if you dial 911 here it redirects you to 000

  • Lachlan Ryan 1 week ago

    ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Cum in my Tummy’ Nice one Lil J

  • Wayne B. 1 week ago

    I really appreciate the editing at 40:02. It made me do a double take!

  • Mauro Mendoza 1 week ago

    the sequence from 40:02 – 40:04 confused me so much

  • Decode Lifehacker 1 week ago

    Didn’t someone try go in Gavin house to kill him or something

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