• Henry Kuren 1 month ago

    They need to turn up their gamma…

  • Adam Ahmed 1 month ago

    18:18 “Im the leader of the lads fuck whatever gavin said”

  • messin with gavsquatch

  • I really wish they all put the light setting up, it always so dark to watch the game play, more so, when they are not lighting up their areas, lol.

  • Pocketmage 1 month ago

    Jeremy should live in an underwater palace beneath the logo.

  • NetraAmorosi 1 month ago

    @Letplay – The mod from the skyfactory play that showed unlit areas was “Not Enough Items”, btw. Probably will never see this but still…

  • Bla BlaBla 1 month ago

    Michael. Easy task that you can do. Make 10 stacks of torches and light the whole area up. 1 torch lights 5 blocks in all directions fyi

  • TellerFarsight 1 month ago

    Jeremy is currently on working construction on the logo, and has nowhere to live until Matt finishes building the loft above his own house. Matt hasn’t even finished the bottom floor of his own house, and so is currently sleeping in Trevor’s house. Trevor’s house is INSIDE Gavin’s house because he’s an animal. Gavin lives in a hole created by a waterfall.

  • scoman91 1 month ago

    I feel bad every time they call a little zombie Verne.

  • Jordan Ott 1 month ago

    Let’s play a game! It’s called “How long can Jack go without referencing politics!” My bet is 30 minutes.

  • Alex Jernander 1 month ago

    Matt doesn’t know what to do about the zombies in his house? How about putting some damn torches down!?!?

  • Sharee511 1 month ago

    My neighbors are from South Carolina and they say Mac Donalds. My other neighbor is from Detroit and she says Mac Donalds.

  • Hannah Kleber 1 month ago

    Jeremy being ecstatic about getting a raise and getting laid is surprisingly pure.

  • Aquatic Exquinox 1 month ago

    I think ,These new episodes r going to be the best

  • Aquatic Exquinox 1 month ago

    New fav episode

  • HoneyBadger 1717 1 month ago

    They could make catwalks below the cliffs above the houses

  • Josh Fox 1 month ago

    This was an excellent episode XD

  • Adam Dunn 1 month ago

    There’s a difference between a journey and a commute.

  • The Bourne Network 1 month ago

    Next episode is Chomping List 😀 Finally some OG ideas with a modern twist

  • Anthony Tinay 1 month ago

    “Is everyone drunk?”

  • Stuffystufferfield 1 month ago

    Gotta say. Might stop watching this show because of how OD the abuse of Lindsey is. I feel like he’s not that way in life and is playing it up for no reason.

  • SuperSpiderbite 1 month ago

    I appreciate the devil is a part timer reference lindsey

  • Heisenberg 1 month ago

    Next convention AH panel Everyone brings moonballs Geoff will randomly call moonball through out the panel Everyone throws it at the nearest surface or in the air 😂😂😂😂😂

  • George TheDev 1 month ago

    Gavin doesn’t need a raise anyways. He’s a multi-millionaire according to all these Celebrity sites.

  • baileyjoshA13 1 month ago

    technically Gavin did say he make his house on the cliff

  • Abrincky 1 month ago

    Jeremy with that drinking from cups reference

  • Travis angle 1 month ago

    Jeremy should live under the logo

  • RwbyRabbit 1 month ago

    Hardest ive laughed at a minecraft lets play in a while thank you dusk boys for making it feel like there are real lads again

  • Txu Zai 1 month ago

    Amazing episode, Gavin being in these videos makes a huge difference!

  • xJayFromVA 1 month ago

    dah duh dust dust dust duh da dust dust dust dust boys

  • speaking as someone who lives in a mcmansion–they don’t necessarily mean “small” but generally mass-produced and cheap (and usually, but not always, shittily designed from an architecture standpoint). a relatively small mansion from the 19th century would still be a mansion, but a neighborhood full of ugly 8000 square ft houses would be dominated by mcmansions.

    side note, “as someone who lives in a mcmansion” is the most pretentious, douchey thing i’ve ever said. i’m kind of proud of myself.

  • Magic Bagel 1 month ago

    “I would’ve knocked but the door was wide open after I opened it”

  • Artcat Studio 1 month ago

    So what needs to happen for Jack is that he’s gonna want to invest in Iron Doors to keep the Dusk out, dyeing and corralling sheep so there’s an infinite supply of wool, and minor house improvements (Such as Trevor actually making a house and not in Gavin’s area, and/or Gavin letting Trevor have his spot and making a cut into the Mountain.)

  • The Crasss 1 month ago

    I wonder when the let’s play where they know Verne is dead is

  • Gary Smith 1 month ago

    Michael and Lindsay don’t need to raise the roof, just lower the floor.
    Until Matt puts some torches at the back of his house, he will remain Axial Twat.

  • Russ Herrmann 1 month ago

    im 9 minutes in and i have no idea whats going on

  • ASGOR KYZIAN 1 month ago

    Messin with the jacksquatch is an old school reference

  • Collin Gallagher 1 month ago

    11:49 “Axialtwat”

  • Ryan R 1 month ago

    43:55 Gav forgot the bag of dog poop

  • Yamin Shaikh 1 month ago

    Gavin Ryan is back…

  • wolfkit 1 month ago

    Midsomer Murders Yee

  • Vince Moscar 1 month ago

    there is less than a .004% chance of getting 4 chickens from an egg

  • Frost Hall 1 month ago

    Trevor is an absolute MENACE and I love it

  • chanman4rings 1 month ago

    This was hilarious. Who knew going back to the basics after 5 years of Minecraft would be so refreshing and entertaining

  • mlgOMNIPOTENTGOD 1 month ago

    It amazes me people complain about Trevor constantly fucking with people, when if you started this series from the first episode that’s all Gavin did as well

  • Clay McDaniel 1 month ago

    Does Jeremy know what a compass is?

  • Thomas Wolff 1 month ago

    Was that a drinkin out of cups reference from jeremy @34:49?

  • Isaak 1 month ago

    matt makes these videos so much worse

  • Level Zero Hero 1 month ago

    Thumbs up so they see it.

  • LezzerNet 1 month ago

    I admire Jack and Matt’s restraint for not killing the Dusk Boys with their FUCKING ANNOYING antics. I would have killed them about a thousand times over.

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