• AFrostyKiwi 1 week ago

    Did I miss what happend to achievement city like it was getting full and all but I don’t remember what happend ( save get corrupted or something)

  • TheLegolover152 1 week ago

    So plan g x

  • Preston Ipkendanz 1 week ago

    haven’t watched it all yet but holy shit im excited or Achieveland

  • Beta Mind 1 week ago

    I know I’m late but I think “Achievement City is dead” = “We’re done with that shit” which I understand. Need something new every now and then, look at RVB they have a similar structure but they do something new.

  • Lachlan Ryan 1 week ago

    Bruh can they install a texture pack? Even some shit like faithful would make the series look better. We’ve had hundreds of episodes with the default pack And it looks so bland.

  • OmniviumVelocity 1 week ago

    The censored word was “negroid”. And it’s really not necessary to censor it imo

  • Assassin king 1 week ago

    6 years of playing this game but everyone still plays like it’s their first time, oh achievement hunter.

  • Darion Fraser 1 week ago

    Ryan the mass murder, the only one with iron armor and sword. Does anyone else think that if he decides to just flip they are all screwed?

  • Magic Bagel 1 week ago

    I miss Achievement City :'(

  • ASKWilliman 1 week ago

    I want this seed tho. That mountain is dope.

  • Louise Sally11 1 week ago

    Please bring back Let’s Build for this!!

  • Luka Tama 1 week ago

    I don’t have a problem with them talking politics, except for the fact that Jack, who is spewing 90% of the political garbage, couldn’t tell the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Nobody minds polite, thought-provoking arguments. Its the baseless screeching that Jack does that annoys most people. Just sayin… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • BLOOD JONES298 1 week ago

    That would be my only guess

  • Outlaws Revenge 1 week ago

    Lindsay I saw you and Team RWBY at Awesome Con over the weekend!

  • Brent Archer 1 week ago

    Trevor you should put a semi-accurate replica of the door to the mines of moria in front of ypur home and blend it with two doors and put at the top “Speak Friend” in one sign in middle and “And Enter” on another isgn

  • EonKnight321 1 week ago

    I’m guessing the first censored word was “Negroid.”

  • Alex Fraser 1 week ago

    Serious question. Ive been watching Acheivement Hunter since 2011, and I am now 23 years old. Should I stop, is it time?

  • Ashlie Grimes 1 week ago

    Pretty fun watching them build their own houses and the creative ideas they come up with.

  • pwnorbepwned 1 week ago

    Gavin’s house is so ugly because real houses that extend from rock walls just accept the fact that the wall is made of rock. Gavin’s idea would work if he stopped trying to board up the one wall that’s already a wall.

  • Spencer Mungiguerra 1 week ago

    snowflakes really can’t take a noodlin”

  • marcus l 1 week ago

    I really want a compilation to be released one day of every censored moment in AH history, but uncensored

  • Unclenate1000 1 week ago

    libertarian, the thing the left pretends to be when it comes to issues like abortion and weed and literally nothing else.

  • Pixel Love 1 week ago


  • Solofhreaper 1 week ago

    Now that you guys are playing on PC, you can set a world spawn using a few simple commands. Also, You can set a personal spawn point too.

  • Magic Bagel 1 week ago

    Trevor and Alredos skins need to be the same

  • Mungo 1 week ago

    they should add the mcmmo mod

  • ItzEngelhart 1 week ago

    They should probably destroy the spawners so there aren’t so many enemies all the damn time

  • Unclenate1000 1 week ago

    they should have just put it on easy instead of normal. Harder doesn’t necessarily mean better, in fact the combat update made it bullshit harder to the point of nearly ruining the game.

  • Prince Shortie 1 week ago

    this is one of the funniest minecraft videos over the past couple ones

  • Kevin Lawn 1 week ago

    Since Achievement City is unplayable, it’s sad that we’ll never know what that other switch in Jeremy’s house did. Really wanted to see that eventually.

  • Wall Nutt 1 week ago

    Lindsay is like amy schumer.

  • john duncan 1 week ago

    Make YouTube great again! Stop the unnecessary censorship!

  • Hazel Strong 1 week ago

    I keep. Thinking. They say. Cleveland

  • Waz Ho 1 week ago

    Please do another Toreba

  • Karosiv 1 week ago

    Why does is seem like nights in Minecraft last 3x longer than day?

  • Montresor 1 week ago

    Jack, pay for me to go to college.

  • MrSerialX 1 week ago

    Adam Savage, Ben Savage, Fred Savage, Randy Savage and Michael Savage.

  • Ed Musto 1 week ago

    They should do a game where they compete for currency and then they can buy plots of land and special decorations. The better they do the bigger their house

  • TheDeadbison 1 week ago

    Trevor’s Ringgo impression made my day

  • Pongze Lor 1 week ago

    The bleeps are pretty funny, but the sound makes me feel like I’m a psychopath in a white room and can’t get out.

  • Rads 1 week ago

    Hopefully this’ll be a good series reboot or something like that.

  • Madeblind 1 week ago

    ”Oh ok, there is people getting cooked behind me”…i don’t know why but lol 20:05

  • EmmaValenza 1 week ago

    it amazes me how entitled some of the “fans” are about what they can do/ say/ who can be in videos/ what they can talk about/ etc.

    I’m sure they’d consider legitimate suggestions, but to the stupid troll comments I’ve seen over and over again for years- they don’t give a shit about you or your feelings! If these people have watched AH, they realize that they’re gunna put out what they want to put out, and whoever doesn’t like it can leave (I’m sure Michael would give you the middle finger on the way out too). There is still an audience that watches their stuff, and their subscriber count is still growing!

    Lindsay is still in videos (in fact the amount she’s in has grown since she started appearing in them). Everyone In these videos are liberal, so no, they’re not just going to stop talking about it because some whiny internet commenter decided they don’t like it. They legitimately don’t care, so stop acting like angrily typing out every little negative thought you have on every single video is going to make them care. If you feel strongly enough to comment the same shit over and over again on different videos “jack should stop being so political!!!!1111” then maybe you should stop watching if it’s bothering you that much. (Sorry this is long, I got mad reading through the toxic sludge that are the comments on this video )

  • Sapphirelia 1 week ago

    33:37 The censored part didn’t even make me mad lol. I was in stitches xD
    Edit: BTW the word they censored was Negroid, so their discussion was prolly followed by some racist talk.

  • Bad at Gaming 1 week ago

    I stoped at 18:57 I’ll be back later.

  • Devdevv 1 week ago

    47:00 Clever Geoff.

  • SynDerLife _ 1 week ago

    and so the double crafting table shenanigans of achievement hunter continues……

  • Lev Myskin 1 week ago

    Much much much more of this please. Also you should lead an Achievement Army into the Hell Cave to destroy its evil inhabitants this insuring the safety of your new province.

  • Drancosqui 401 1 week ago


  • Victor Palacios 1 week ago

    You guys need someone that doesn’t completely suck at building like me

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