• Mr. Independence 2 weeks ago

    I would love a reboot of the series at some point, maybe add some new members

  • James McIntosh 2 weeks ago

    Kinda actually wanted to see a solo series but guess not. Oh well.

  • C Moore 2 weeks ago

    He lived for 50 years, but did he ever learn how to use redstone?

  • Cooper Lewis 2 weeks ago

    This truly is the brightest timeline

  • afeatherinthewind 2 weeks ago

    so it turns out you can laugh and cry at the same time…. for 20 minutes…. hah…..

    for real tho this was so good and like AH Minecraft ROLEPLAY? I’m all about it yo.

  • wehtawnikrap 2 weeks ago

    I wished they made Lindsay the overlord of hell & had many sex slaves.

  • LadyMoxley 2 weeks ago

    You guys are crazy bastards, and I love this.

  • ConceptBro 2 weeks ago

    the castle can be seen in the first bit of the episode, pre-montage. bad camming is bad, lol.

  • Genki Iroha 2 weeks ago

    Also, where the hell is the Ten Little Achievement Hunter’s poem.

  • Damien Haumpy 2 weeks ago


  • Savior Rook 2 weeks ago

    Its only fair Lindsey had another husband cause so did micheal

  • Damien Surface 2 weeks ago

    This how I am when playing Minecraft. Just talking to myself….I have no friends. Too lonely lol. Wanna play with me? StockyMovie1545 (Xbox)

  • Thefireball 2 weeks ago

    I like the Machinima y’all pulled off. Would love to see more.

  • Potatomato 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe they’ve actually done this

  • Galaxer Sander 2 weeks ago

    Huh.. I just thought of a animatic show about the achivement hunter from watching this adventure.
    Like some sort of stranded passenger crashed in a island basically like lost.

  • Thegadgetshowguide 2 weeks ago

    I don’t know what the fuck I just watched but I love it

  • calv1nXh0bbes 2 weeks ago

    This episode broke something inside me…

  • Form of Therapy 2 weeks ago

    Their scripted improv reallyyyy shines.

  • eli taylen 2 weeks ago

    I kept thinking they were talking about Kerry and was thinking ooh shit Kerry’s gonna get his arse beat by an 80 year old man

  • Raven Sotelo 2 weeks ago


  • Zeanith Helfire 2 weeks ago

    Dose anyone else feel like AH should try to make a semi scripted Minecraft show like this episode?

  • Liv H 2 weeks ago

    The best cinematic masterpiece this company has ever produced

  • NinjaStar PolarBear 2 weeks ago

    This is a sad and painful episode, it’s also freaking hilarious. Everyone else thought they were gonna say Lindsay was in heaven I thought she married Trevor or Alfredo, nope she married a pigman. Lol I love this 😂

  • Dragon Dick Kissing James 2 weeks ago

    They should try this again but they can come back and Role play as a new person after they die (maybe put a limit to how many times someone can reincarnate) so that it isn’t just one person left.

    It can end once the last real achievement hunter dies because it’ll just be a cast of “new” people.

    For example Jeremy dies but he can continue playing but now he is a new person he has to Role play like Rimmy Tim

    Kinda like sitcom that keeps introducing new characters cuz the old ones keep dying, and it’ll end with the last remaining achievement hunter being buried by the “new” cast.

    So this’ll be:
    •Role play
    All in one. I think this’ll bring a little freshness to Minecraft and a lot of laughs.
    They can do this with other games too. Call it the Kissing James Play(don’t if you don’t want to)

  • Tycho Azrephet 2 weeks ago

    25:09 the warrior spirit never truly leaves you.

  • Can I have 1000 subs for no reason? 2 weeks ago

    I’m watching this in 2018.

  • Legal Variety 2 weeks ago

    Why is this actually kinda sad, my heart…

  • Pepijn - 2 weeks ago

    Jesse Pinkman is that you?

  • Vonnie Ting 2 weeks ago

    This should be called “Michael’s Epic Lament”. ☹️

  • MAYA. 2 weeks ago

    michael is an ACTOR.

  • RampagexLegitx 2 weeks ago

    there cheating there in creative i call hax

  • Supremely Slimetastic 2 weeks ago

    Makes sense that the suicidal one lives the longest.

  • SpermyWiener 2 weeks ago

    Lessen learned, commit suicide while you’re still young !

  • Brian281000 2 weeks ago

    Insane acting

  • JackBWFC 03 2 weeks ago

    I want achievement city back

  • Cilla. 2 weeks ago

    Here’s an idea:
    Make it as levels, those who have died in the 1st level (where michael is left) go to the next level maybe in another world. Leaving michael in this world. Make it like their lifes continue in the after-world. Idk just an idea.

  • Scotch German 2 weeks ago

    I’m happy to finally see unscripted content on achievement hunter.

  • 1mancityfan 2 weeks ago

    even jacks dead……fucjking great michael

  • Oliver Free 2 weeks ago

    Loved the episode more acted out ones like it please!

  • Ryan Taylor 2 weeks ago

    I hope the next large group minecraft series is them splitting into 2 teams and building a castle/keep/dungeon on each side to protect their half of the tower of pimps.

  • Powdered Toast Man 2 weeks ago

    sooooo episode 5, who’s excited ?

  • K.woo 2 weeks ago

    i thought it would last longer than this. toward the end of 3rd episode it kinda got too stupid

  • Steven Sirman 2 weeks ago

    New boxing max. Gary vs Old Micheal

  • Tom Cruz 2 weeks ago

    What do we have to change in order to make this exactly like Berserk?

  • Trevor Searcy 2 weeks ago

    This is the most depressing yet awesome video I’ve ever seen lol.

  • BoltStorm 2 weeks ago

    This is probably the shortest and saddest minecraft series yet

  • QUANTUM QUAKE 2 weeks ago

    And so the adventures of hellcraft begin tune in next week

  • Nytellem 2 weeks ago

    Lol I had to skip ahead, but who here actually watched the whole thing where he goes on about nothing? Lol

  • XxNeonBunniexX 2 weeks ago

    Maybe they shouldn’t have built his castle so close to the house area, because when Micheal was walking back you can see it for awhile lol. Probably didn’t notice it was in frame, oh well lol

  • Susie Haltmann 2 weeks ago

    While I can appreciate the sudden turn of an actual Lets Play to Lets Roleplay… it wasn’t just the best. Eh…. would’ve preferred Michael alone doing something really stupid in the overworld.

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