• SaffySparky 1 month ago

    So this video is old what with Alfredo’s hair and default Minecraft skin…

  • Ivan _ 1 month ago

    Carry around buckets with water at all times

  • Kelsey Kerr 1 month ago

    Jack’s “Because I Got High” had my cracking up!!

  • MilkysChance 1 month ago

    Jeremy remembering his first time 48:53

  • Rizalini 1 month ago

    Lindsay’s last words were “Michael, I don’t see you and it makes me scared. Owee owee owee…”

  • Austin Droscher 1 month ago

    This series won’t go until there is nobody left. It will go until there is two or one. If it is the correct pair of two (there are multiple different correct combos) one will kill the other. Once there is one left they will kill themselves.There is no other fate for this series.
    I think the last two will be Jeremy and either Jack or Ryan.
    If the last two are Jeremy and Ryan they should turn it into a Battle Buddies Origin Story where they have to kill either the Wither or the Ender Dragon with the backstory of it sent its minions to kill all their friends and they were the survivors. They will never find their coworkers.

  • Frederick Carrier III 1 month ago

    Great quote from Michael @ 46:41

  • Mass1ve_D0ge 1 1 month ago

    44:08 Michael knows da wei

  • Austin Lewis 1 month ago

    Wow what a surprise Lindsay died first (she is completely useless)

  • BLOOD JONES298 1 month ago

    Is it skipping for anyone else?

  • Christmas Noel 1 month ago

    Anyone else bothered by Trevor leaving the door open??? XD

  • BrandonL337 1 month ago

    I can’t believe that Gavin spent most of the episode in the caves and didn’t die. Lindsey dying first was no surprise(though Tree of Wife makes me wish that little weirdo had stuck around a bit longer) but both Jack and Jeremy almost died and Gain had a relatively easy time of it, aside from Vern.

  • Justin Ortiz 1 month ago

    58:44 i think i remember a guy with a tuxedo in minecraft but i dont know who?

  • Christmas Noel 1 month ago

    42:30 are we just going to ignore what Alfredo said about nutting in the dirt?! XD

  • Ashley Cooper 1 month ago

    Alfredo and Gavin better hold up to their agreement. May 25, 2018. If not, I’m unsubscribing from life.

  • Pockets GC! 1 month ago

    Why do you never make charcoal

  • mrRexninja 1 month ago

    I’m very happy I clicked on this one.

  • The Saviour 1 month ago

    can jack get a record deal i love his singing

  • The Saviour 1 month ago

    why does know one like bob belcher

  • Christmas Noel 1 month ago

    Jeremy found diamond first but he doesnt see it. When he finds a pool of lava

  • DJFaceplant20 1 month ago

    Around 39:10’gavin definitely was about to say ear raping before stopping himself

  • Eduardo Sacasa 1 month ago

    Jack is the best sometimes. Some other times, not so much, but when he good, he GOOD

  • Ninjajay2417 1 month ago

    Well it’s nice to know their no talking over eachother rule lasted 5 minutes.

  • Devon Stone 1 month ago

    aww nooooo Lindsay was my favorite. and also idk if its true but i think mobs get harder in an area after killing them more and more like they get armor and stuff. but loving this series so far sucks with no more Lindsay though

  • Gabe Puratekuta 1 month ago

    Was Lindsay trying to hump the Sap of Life into a tree like in Sky Factory?

  • Sylar - 1 month ago

    On ur map when the X says 22 or lower you’re on diamond territory, also if u jump and swing u always critical, you’re welcome

  • dhuffu 1 month ago

    NEW VS!!!!!! Gav vs Fredo MAY 25!!!!!!!

  • Berry Goosey 1 month ago

    When Gavin dies, he should be commemorated by a Tower of Pimps, but a shitty one made out of wool.

  • cutelily1208 1 month ago

    Bring ghost Lindsay back every episode though, its more entertaining with all of them in the video.

  • Venci Nachev 1 month ago

    i want the ending of it to be the nuclear explosion from the last series to catch up and kill the last man standing

  • cody thompson 1 month ago

    Nah let Lindsay talk. I want it to piss off all the butt hurt shitheads whp don’t like her.

  • yukiandkanamekuran 1 month ago

    Jack almost died like three times

  • Project Fir3Bird 1 month ago

    thank god lindsay is dead, she is literally worse than hitler!

  • joshcogaming 1 month ago

    i hope geoff is the last one left and he befriends a creeper and names it wilson during is descent into madness

  • Mike Guenthner 1 month ago

    Is this modded or vanilla

  • Andrew Corley 1 month ago

    Not talk over one another!!?

  • Kit kat 1 month ago

    holy shit there’s so much going on 😂

  • Sly Dog 1 month ago

    They’ve been playing this for 300 episodes, ya’d think they know you don’t need sand for sugarcane

  • Andrew Craig 1 month ago

    there’s only one man allowed to wear the minecraft tux .. the blazen king … the brown rose

  • Kit kat 1 month ago


  • Gigathor Gaming 1 month ago

    i srsly dislike this Trevor guy it feels like he is trying way to hard to be something he is not.

  • Zachary Shure 1 month ago

    9 players, huh?

    What’s everybody’s bracelet number?

  • A Totally Ordinary Aubergine 1 month ago

    Spamming attack doesn’t work well anymore; when you attack you’ll see a sword pop up in the middle of the screen: when that refills, your attack is at full power again.
    Also, diamonds are mainly found between height level 12 and 16. Lava pools are like a modifier that boosts the spawn chance.
    Oh, and the types of tree in the game are oak, dark oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia and chorus.

  • They should do a hunger games esque recap of the deaths so far at either the beginning or end of each episode

  • Frainivar 1 month ago

    1:02:11 I’ve never seen Mogar so angry

  • Lepidolite Mica 1 month ago

    At 1:01:00, during the melancholy of Michael’s loss, I couldn’t really focus on the funeral over the sounds of Alfredo working through the mess of doors and running into a cactus.

  • Liam EFC 1 month ago

    Oh this will be fun

  • David Emery 1 month ago

    Make a freaking shield, god damn. Iron in the top middle surrounded by a football goal of wood

  • Dylan Cureg 1 month ago

    10:45 That’s been there for 3 years, Gavin…..

  • Tristram Miller 1 month ago

    I can’t wait for Ryan to snap and go on a killing spree taking everyone out one by one

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