• TheRealAlpha2 1 week ago

    Wow, the whole time they were messing with that thing I was expecting that ending, and yet I never actually through it would really happen until it did and man was it a glorious way to go out.

  • Eliwood407 1 week ago

    I’d love to know who made that credits soundtrack, it’s very satisfying to listen to!

  • Kevin Kearney 1 week ago

    Thank god it’s ending, those last like 10 episodes were shit

  • Kat Smiles 1 week ago


  • CrypticSilver 1 week ago

    I always wondered who was going to destroy the world. Between Gavin the chaos God and Jersey the blood demon. Turns out it was both of them.

  • Ginger Ninger 1 week ago

    I greatly enjoyed this series, but I’m very keen for a return to shenanigans.

  • DaMan 1 week ago

    16:20 At first I was like “When did Jeremy build a giant Donkey out of wool?” Then when it turned, “Holy shit a giant Donkey! Why is no one freaking out about it!?” Then I realised it was just standing on the fence….optic illusion can be a bitch.

  • Kyle J 1 week ago

    Say Lindsey had one of the better deaths of all of them

  • Alex Pool 1 week ago

    RIP Sky Factory. Thanks for all the memories!

  • Deivi Valdepena 1 week ago

    Fuck you Gus was in this, special guest star at best but if your going to say Gus was in Sky Factory I expected more than one episode with him in it.

  • fdane 1 week ago


  • Dankious Memeious 1 week ago

    Im actually sad the fuck

  • Doctor Discord 1 week ago

    “It was at that moment that Jeremy realized… he fucked up.”

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide 1 week ago

    obviously post explosion scenes were all done after the fact, but for once i do think its possible the fuck ups with the injector and Gavins part in particular may have been planned, to end the series with some drama (go out with a bang) but i’m not sure, scripted or not, great ending, now play some more minecraft mods n’ shit please! 😀

  • ASKWilliman 1 week ago

    That ending was kinda beautiful..

  • Grim 343 1 week ago

    My god… it’s really over…

    That is until they decide to make another king skyfactory

  • Sean Moran 1 week ago

    that moment when you realize the chicken next to geoff’s grave at the end is millie!! xD

  • G dB 1 week ago

    what a delightful end 🙂

  • Joey Lockwood 1 week ago

    I write to thee. For legends past of the Achievement Crew.

    Days will turn to weeks and weeks to months from months to years.

    We remember the Sky Factory lads and gents and all the laughs we had.

    From Simple Farmer Geoff to Gav’s rainbow jetpack. Well all had a laugh.

    The legends will remain forever in the sky as when you look up in your Minecraft world’s. Just listen and I’m sure you’ll hear them.

    Whenever the rain may fall or the lightning strikes. Sky Factory: Achievement Hunter. You were great and will be forever.

  • RestInSghetti 1 week ago

    Listen all I need to know is that end song.

  • Erik Ahl 1 week ago

    I need to know the song used in the credits..!

  • asdfasdf1331 1 week ago

    A fitting end, but I’m still sad.

  • TruJackson 1 week ago

    and just think if gavin hadn’t blown up the whatever it is we would be able to see what that core is good for

  • Cross Highwind 1 week ago

    Lets be honest that was the only way that this series could of ended

  • 1casper234 1 week ago

    please stop scripting your videos man……

  • Lance Peterson 1 week ago

    i was sad when i saw that the episode was labeled Finale but the ending was we SO satisfied and the fact that is was because of gavin makes it so so much better!

  • TVJUNK85 1 week ago

    “The power of the sun……in the palm of my hand”

    – Doc Ock, Spiderman 2……..shortly before blowing up everything.

  • Lumavah Solus 1 week ago

    I don’t know. I admittedly had hoped that they could make a new sort of Achievement City using all the mods in Skyfactory. The King Ryan episode kinda scratched the surface with all the ways they could incorporate some of that stuff into what they did back in Achievement City. They also put so much more effort and work into everything they did in Skyfactory than they have in…pretty much anything Minecraft related since Vanilla Achievement City. But, I do suppose that with Draconic Evolution being…”mastered”, I could easily see them worn out of Skyfactory really quickly. A bittersweet end, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

  • Daily Virgin 1 week ago

    Get off my fucking recommended

  • Jo Vee 1 week ago

    Thanks for ending my favorite Minecraft let’s play, Gavin!

  • Edgar Reyes 1 week ago

    And so ends a great series

  • Ramiret26 1 week ago

    Why did it have to end 😿

  • Christian Nieto 1 week ago

    This is like Car Boyz levels of sad

  • Apollon, Primarch of the 22nd 1 week ago

    And THIS is why you never trust a techpriest who starts an explanation with “Well, I think this is how it is SUPPOSED to work…..”

  • John Teixeira 1 week ago

    Never in a million years did I suspect sky factory would have as epic an ending as this. Well done, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Jacob Sorton 1 week ago

    So are they going back to Achievement City then or is Minecraft over?

  • ScreamRockMosh 1 week ago

    Still get chills, and can’t believe it was the actual end.

  • guns102 1 week ago

    Did the blast actually reach Geoff? Looked a bit edited. Would’ve been nice to see the world after it blew up

  • StockedKiwi 1 week ago

    The, “turn around” bit at 8:57 was hilarious!

  • Charlie 1 week ago

    I’m so sad

  • Charlie 1 week ago

    Plan g version 2

  • uneedmonytoford 1 week ago

    The panicking was so funny, the end was so sad 😂😭

  • LunarcomplexMain 1 week ago

    I feel like this was very well planned way ahead of time. Maybe when Geoff started moving far away from everybody, just to showcase how destructive that explosion really was. Loved it!

  • Dean Fenech 1 week ago

    Noooooo more skyfactory 🙁

  • Anders Torp 1 week ago

    At the end when the explosion hits feels just like Mass effect 3 ending when the crucible is activated.

  • Zachajewia Puffleshrooms 1 week ago

    Back when Ryan built the nuclear reactor, i spent 5 minutes coming up with different scenarios where Gavin nuked everyone. I predicted that he would be the end to it all. Then as soon as I saw this new reactor being built, I knew my prediction was off by 1 degree. or maybe I should say 10000000000 degrees. He caused a supernova.

  • TheReaverBios 1 week ago

    Omg my heart. Fuck Gavin that was such a sad ending to a beautiful chapter of Minecraft

  • robasace 1 week ago

    I’m going to miss this it was one of the things I looked forward to every week

  • mikeyRavens52 1 week ago

    I wish they would upload the world before this episode so we could download it.

  • NateTheSquid 1 week ago

    It couldn’t have ended any other way.

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