• thewagon 2 weeks ago

    I havent watched since skyfactory ep 16 and I have no idea what the fuck is happening right now.

  • nobody 2 weeks ago

    The Trevor Alfredo thing at the beginning with the dragon ball reference was beautiful

  • The Great Destroyer 2 weeks ago

    Which Ruinous Power does the Chaos Dragon affiliate itself with?

  • Tad Kirby 2 weeks ago

    This was filmed on my birthday 🙂

  • Loreweaver 2 weeks ago

    Oh, they saw my reddit post 😀

  • ToaCody 2 weeks ago

    They say my middle name all the time and nothing’s happened to me. :p

  • NateTheSquid 2 weeks ago

    The amount of times they said nether instead of ender was actually infuriating. Great video though

  • Redflametrow 2 weeks ago

    Lindsay being weirder really makes her the comedic relief of this group. She should keep it up.

  • NC16inthehouse 2 weeks ago

    Sky factory > Vanilla Xbox Minecraft

  • brownhard 2 weeks ago

    More fucking Lindsay, you would think they would have learned by now. Oh well, only hurting their channel in the long run

  • Lissa Hodge 2 weeks ago

    ok now what big boss do you all work to battle next ????

  • Josh Fox 2 weeks ago

    Geoff is turning into The Governor from TWD….Think about it.

  • Raging Delirium 2 weeks ago

    Jeremy, get him.

  • Nushi1098 2 weeks ago

    Oh my god it’s Akira

  • Sean Alveari 2 weeks ago

    1:45 — Genius.

  • Amrit Johal 2 weeks ago

    I am so sick of watching sky factory lets plays I literally havent watched a lets play since maybe part 10. I miss the old type of lets plays. #BringBackAchievementCity

  • Dr. Feelgood 2 weeks ago

    they forgot Gavin in the End.. they left him like kevin in home alone

  • Catherine Natt 2 weeks ago

    56:00 Ryan mentions running out of power, I had a notification come up on my screen, I was running out of battery power. RYAN! STOP PREDICTING THINGS!!

  • Mungo 2 weeks ago

    Ryan: Is your bow fully charged?
    Lindsay: (Hovers over bow which has 16M/16M) No. That is a negative.

    For fuck sakes. Why is lindsay just so fucking stupid? Like literally she is so fucking dumb my god

  • Joseph Collins 2 weeks ago

    1:04:12 – I’m so gland that someone noticed what I commented on, last video. Ryan’s excuse is pretty poor, though. If you use the time command, specifically, it will screw up the days – at least, the way they did it. Each day is 24,000 “ticks,” so setting the time to 1,000 put it back on *Day 1.*

    Again, no idea if there are any time-sensitive events, in _Sky Factory 3,_ but I kind of hope there are. I’m still bothered by that joke of a 300th episode.
    )Refer to my comments, there. If you’re curious.)

  • CRG Kart 77 2 weeks ago

    Doesn’t Lindsay have a kid she could take care of?

  • Lyric 2 weeks ago

    This is really really sad I am sure geoff is a decent guy. Kids are just asshole. I would know I have 3 of them.. All 3 and under and they are ones.. Hearing him talking to millie is really sad. Hits a little more to heart since my youngest who was just born is named Millie. . . poor Geoff. geoff, if you see this I hope you know it isnt your or griffons fault that those things happen and I hope one day you and Griffin find what life was meant to give you and that millie is able to get throughthe separation and the changes with grace and ease.

  • vaguelyprolific 2 weeks ago

    i love having lindsay in so many videos now, she’s so funny and relatable tm, it’s nice to break up that good ol sausage party too lmao

  • Lyxdesic 2 weeks ago

    the implications of saying video games cause violence is that you are also saying that violence is a new thing i would say violence has dropped drastically in the 40 or something years video games existed.

  • aRandomPersonThatJustCommentsOnOtherPeoplesChannels 2 weeks ago

    Im not the only one who started singing the Jimmy neutron theme song when Jeremy said gotta blast right?

  • Pierson Puppeteer 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if this was filmed on the same day that Gavin was sick and high on cold meds? They were talking about that on Off Topic a couple of weeks ago.

  • Ben Mitchell 2 weeks ago

    10:45 Ryebred – In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover)

  • Lithia Brandon 2 weeks ago

    No, Gavin. Dead Fish is the worst movie Gary Oldman has ever been in.

  • Sean Alveari 2 weeks ago

    24:01 — Shikon no tama yokoze.

    49:02 — Tits Arrowchild is my Iroquois name.

  • Kirk Daley 2 weeks ago


  • Daniel Acosta 2 weeks ago

    That community reference at the almost end Lindsay, kudos…kuuudoos

  • OfficialNinjaOfSteel 2 weeks ago

    Not even two minutes into the video and the editor already made me spit out my water 😂

  • Apollon, Primarch of the 22nd 2 weeks ago

    And if Ryan had a Draconic Energy Core they could store Trillions of EU…and have a giant glowing sky ball.

  • Elijah Soria 2 weeks ago

    With a mix of Jeremy’s googly eye, speed, and the way his head looked in the helmet I just kept thinking of a sporadic angry druggy

  • Gunny McShooty 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe Gavin low-key called Jeremy a nonse!

  • Lance Wright 2 weeks ago

    Gavin…you treading dangerously… 46:26

  • Moongem 2 weeks ago

    I’d love a full crappy AH cover of Chop Suey…or any song actually.

  • SnowyZo3 2 weeks ago

    Shoutout to Jeremy for the End of Ze World reference at 7:38

  • Benjamin Warren 2 weeks ago

    Geoff you should make those teleporter things gav used for the lad pad so you can just teleport back and forth from the farm to the mainland

  • Alexis Lavalle 2 weeks ago

    My little seizure brain almost exploded at 38:00. A warning would’ve been nice 😩😂

  • Oliver Carpenter 2 weeks ago

    y’all need to invest resources into a dragon heart/ender dragon farm. It may come in handy. Plus it will help satisfy Ryan’s need to KILL EVERY THING

  • WeAre Harbinger 2 weeks ago

    Please give Lindsay a megatorch.

  • Eduardo Sacasa 2 weeks ago

    oh, so THAT’s what happened with the fusion ha… xD I didn’t get it the first time

  • Eduardo Sacasa 2 weeks ago

    In the case that Jeremy doesn’t say what his middle name is before the video ends: his second name is Nicholas

  • Zachary Martin 2 weeks ago

    You should build a bridge to Geoff’s new farm. Even though​ I’m sure he’d hate that.

  • PlayerAech 2 weeks ago

    I dont think jack knows that the staff of power functions as a pickaxe, axe, shovel and sword

  • lightsplease 2 weeks ago

    Geoff really killed the vibe of this series, the chaos dragon was such an epic goal and his indifference really ruined it for me :/

  • Alex Sayther 2 weeks ago

    even when they know what they want to do for the video it still takes them 20 fucking minutes to get started.

  • Cameron Smith 2 weeks ago

    Can we STAHP already!!!

  • Zach Giguere 2 weeks ago

    This episode is very hard to comprehend drunk. Do not recommend until sober. Your welcome

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