• toiletbuster 4 months ago

    Only lost footage started happening recently. What is going on

  • KuciMane 4 months ago

    Oh my God, if they do another Let’s Build for 300 after Let’s Builds have been cancelled for years, I can put out another _Geoff and Gavin’s Would You Rather Questions_ video! XD

  • Dylan Bomba 4 months ago

    at 40:00 when gavin mentioned people watching at 2 o’clock i looked at the clock on my computer 1:57am so fucking close

  • Patrick Roelant 4 months ago

    but fight the dragon

  • STAXXX313 4 months ago

    What the hell is Jeremy doing?

  • v dub 4 months ago

    cant even get references correct… smh

  • Coleman M 4 months ago

    The new Achievement Hunter Challenge: Watch the entire movie “Old Boy” then listen to Goeff trying to pop a Red wood sapling and not vomit….

  • Humdinger 4 months ago

    59:53 World record for funny/heartwarming

  • Logan barnes 4 months ago

    Make cocain

  • Waffles IV 4 months ago

    Did geoff get divorced or soemthig?

  • Niall 4 months ago

    I just watched the first 299 episodes last night oh how much they’ve grown

  • MYGA Community 4 months ago



  • TheRevenantLotus 4 months ago

    That Stepladder would’ve been an amazingly hyped up reaction from these guys about 33 episodes ago.

  • Kyro zane 4 months ago

    They should mess with shield projectors, probably something Ryan would like. He could create an area only he could ever enter and anyone who tried to enter would take damage and be unable to pass.

  • friendlyelites 4 months ago

    jacks arrows cant blot out the sun, but the lad pad can it seems

  • Lanceypants Peterson 4 months ago

    Okay I can’t be the only one to notice this but, everything that they don’t have that they want can be acquired at Geoff’s old farm😂

  • Arclite02 4 months ago

    Anyone else want to see them set up a Draconic Reactor, just in the hopes that they’ll screw up and trigger a meltdown??

  • TheVenther 4 months ago

    I now really want a nice little sign or cute thing to hang above my door that says “A happy home is a happy one” lol 😂

  • Florp 4 months ago

    My lord lol. Ryan was trying to help geoff get his wood up

  • carlos navarro 4 months ago


  • Kevin Cavalin 4 months ago

    Who remebers the animation video of the michael wearing his mask?

  • Pepe Battaglia 4 months ago

    40:15 that why i love michael

  • Max Meek 4 months ago

    Literally just now I checked what time it was as Gavin said how so many people were watching at 2 o clock… and its fucking 2:00 where I am and i got chills…. :ooooo

  • nik mustell 4 months ago

    so what happened with geoff and griffin??

  • rrett44556 4 months ago


  • InYourFaceGaming 4 months ago

    Im watching this at 2 am. Does that count?

  • Arch Ang3l 4 months ago

    I love how they’re confused as to why the solar panels that Gavin made when it’s right underneath the ladpad..

  • uxserdvghbjl 4 months ago

    One thing I loved about this series was them building things and the team work, but now it seems like they’re fucking around. I mean Geoff abandoned his chickens and Gavin gave up his solar

  • Trent Sims 4 months ago

    Guys just ask a fan to rebuild Achievement City from the ground up, it wouldn’t be the first time one has done it.

  • Seth Mafi 4 months ago

    Did Gavin also do the art?

  • Sean Koller 4 months ago

    Whenever Gavin said people were watching this at 2 I looked at the time and it was 2

  • Johnny Zwodeski 4 months ago

    Geoff, ask Ryan for an unbreakable building wand. It will help you build your dirt platform 100x faster

  • MAYA. 4 months ago

    michael describing and shitting on all the decocraft gav placed all over the place has me crying

  • Magic Bagel 4 months ago

    why does gavin alwyas fucking lose his footage now

  • Mitchell 4 months ago

    to the dumb people in the comments, please note that it says Gavin’s footage was lost, NOT that he failed to record any. this means that it is either someone else’s fault, or it was a technical issue. probably the latter.

  • Ronfulch 4 months ago

    the twilight forest mod let’s play!!!

  • ZACHARY SCOTT 4 months ago

    Not sure if I feel worse for Gavin because he was almost murdered by psychopath in his own home or because Jack blew up the lad den.

  • Alex Schnetgoecke 4 months ago

    what are the odds that it’s 2 o’clock right when Gavin notes how so many people commented that they were watching at 2

  • 2018 the year of no Gavin

  • Magic Bagel 4 months ago

    for episode 300 they should make an off topic set in sky factory and just do an episode of off topic

  • pokeshifter gamer And Animator 4 months ago

    That’s called sagging

  • THOMAS Halliwell 4 months ago

    Holy shit. Yogscast and Lets Play. My two favourite channels meeting. YYYYYEEEEESSSSS

  • seth hardy 4 months ago

    The chance cubes are cool but there should be bigger ones. Like a 9×9 or 27×27…Just bigger you get higher reward or absolute regret.

  • thomas patterson 4 months ago

    You gays should try crazy craft mod pack

  • csgrambauer 4 months ago

    49:37 – Except we don’t have ‘malls’ here in Australia – just shopping centres.

  • Jimmehftw 4 months ago

    Jesus. Does Ryan ever stop being a little cunt?

  • Sean McMillan 4 months ago

    “…And thus, with a simple roll of the dice, the eternal war began. Our Creator, as wise as his beard was long, did battle with the Dark God and his mad kingdom of Chaos.
    With each new world made, the Creator would enlighten everyone with his presence and drive the horrors of darkness away. But the Dark God, not so easily defeated, would send the very ground rolling through whole villages, bring with it his evil minions to bring death to us all. But with each new attack, our people rebuilt, defending our lands from the forces of darkness, waiting for the return of our Creator’s presence…”

    Extract from “The Holy Book of Skyfactoria: The Arrival of the Seven”, Chapter CCXCIX “A Chance Of Life & Death”

  • Alphamabetical 4 months ago

    Anyone else think that 4 (or all!) of them should play Terraria?

  • Rasmus Frehr 4 months ago

    I wonder how they are gonna mix Sky factory into episode 300 and if jacks gonna win it again

  • Clint Eastwood 4 months ago

    Alot of shitting on the RTX Aus Audience this episode

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