• Ry Dela 1 week ago

    At the end I looked at the time and it was actually 2:00. Wtf Gavin.

  • poriferaThief 1 week ago

    i checked my time and yes, the video finished on 2:05 pm

  • Pawel Milewski 1 week ago

    I want Geoff to start his new life in one of those dome’s

  • WazzoWaffles 1 week ago

    I looked up at my clock just as the video ended and Gav mentioned it. It’s 2:20….

  • ethan beynon 1 week ago

    It’s 2 o’clock somewhere

  • Spartan627 1 week ago

    I find it funny how Gavin was really annoyed when the RyanxMeg ship was just hanging around the harbor, but he’s taking the MichaelxGavin ship an a full tour of the seven seas.

  • SinfulStar 1 week ago

    omg yes he named a chicken after millie

  • SinfulStar 1 week ago


  • Glihemvasatie 1 week ago

    I was ACTUALLY watching at 2 oclock

  • ALLxISxLOST 1 week ago

    Have any of them learned what the Giant torches aka Magnum torches do?

  • Steeveeo 1 week ago

    No joke, it turned 2:00 PM the MOMENT Gavin said “What if the audience is also watching this at 2 o’ clock?”

  • ErzengelDesLichtes 1 week ago

    “What if the audience is also watching this at 2 o’clock? That would be CRAZY!”
    (I look down at the time)
    (It says 2:01 PM)
    … Wow, that is crazy.

  • Jonas Graven 1 week ago

    the video did end at 2:00 for me lol

  • Yippers 1 week ago

    lol 2:14!

  • mattinahalf 1 week ago

    Gavin could make a side compartment next to michaels bed and put the telescope behind a one way wall, if the mod has those that is.

  • Monica Burnett 1 week ago

    Now they all need to branch off and create their own floating islands, like an Achievement World.

  • Cannon Crasher 1 week ago

    First we had Sky Factory Part 37. Now we have Geoff Factory Part 2.

  • Austin Piccirilli 1 week ago

    Jack you need to build a draconic reactor, hidden, where nobody can find it. Or else you’ll lose everything you’ve made if Ryan or Gavin mess with it

  • WiLLinG 1 week ago

    Actually, finished watching this video in 1:57 AM, the clolck is indeed accurate 🙂

  • first last 1 week ago

    “I fucked off and took the one chicken that matters to me” he took the chicken named for Millicent. That is so sweet

  • Harukaze ni naru 1 week ago

    * looks at my clock by the end of the video * I mean… it’s 2 in the morning but I’ll take it

  • Timber Wolf 1 week ago

    Hate to say it but this is actually getting kinda boring. Nobody did anything super interesting in this episode. Hell the most exciting it got was when Jack built a biome and accidentally spawned a Wither.

  • John Morreale 1 week ago

    Part 37 Geoff learns how to play sky factory

  • Michael O 1 week ago

    I don’t know if they know that if you leave the sticky key window open in the background it doesn’t pop back up

  • Buzzcutbob 1 week ago

    Oh my god Geoff is actually sticking to this? It’s like you’re in a space age, then you’re like NO IM GOIN BACK TO STONE

  • Abraham Zavala 1 week ago

    Are you guys ever going to bring vs back?

  • David Noireaut 1 week ago

    “Oh that’s cool, I can compost string!” Geoff 2018
    “Think a happy thought and crouch” Ryan 2018
    Don’t forget

  • Harrison Griffin 1 week ago

    Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 298 – Sky Factory Part 1B

  • Zephyn Stephens-Avery 1 week ago

    Michael and Ryan changed their FOV and it’s really messing with my head.

  • Mashtato 1 week ago

    Geoff abandoned Sky Factory like he abandoned his family.

  • BradKozy 1 week ago

    I’m honestly a little bit worried about Geoff. Yes I know he jokes around and stuff in game but we all know he hasn’t taken this divorce as easy as he tries to play it out. The guy is honestly a mess and it scares me for him. I hope the boys can help him out

  • daniel fisher 1 week ago

    It’s funny ryan worried about XP they could farm it and have infinite levels. I had over 2000 levels after leaving my farm on for 2 days.

  • Reed finnegan 1 week ago

    Gavin u been called out by demolition ranch

  • Thedinotoo 1 week ago


  • Agent McLovin 1 week ago


  • Matt Brown 1 week ago

    No joke when gav said what if I was also watching and it was 2:04 am

  • seth blasingame 1 week ago

    Was watching at 2 am lol it’s so crazy

  • Patrick Not-Star 1 week ago

    Where the fuck is today’s vid

  • Pullin Slack 1 week ago

    When Gavin said “What if the audience is also watching this at 2 o’clock” I looked the time it just turned to 2:00am

  • Chandler Cole 1 week ago

    Gav, I just finished the video at 2:04

  • Mohi Te Whata 1 week ago

    7:00 Jack is such a funny cunt these days 😂😂

  • kattastic9999 1 week ago

    Hope they make a draconic reactor. Cause them fucking THAT thing up is gonna ruin way more than just their entire day

  • kieren ferry 1 week ago

    With decorating you should have off topic in there

  • Ervin Pascual 1 week ago

    Jack has evolved past building houses. He builds galaxies.

  • Dillon Zhong 1 week ago

    24:02 I see what you did there, jack

  • Gerglagagerk 1 week ago

    Welp, watched the bit at 53:23 at One Fifty Three AM, I missed the clock by that much. Crap.

  • AthkoreProductions 1 week ago

    I would say this series lost the plot… but I’m not entirely sure it ever had one.

  • GameMainiak114 1 week ago

    Jack Patilo has ascended to GODHOOD everybody!!!

  • A Random Chewy8 1 week ago

    Y’all should totally play Ark Survival Evolved! It’s like Minecraft on steroids but with taming dinosaurs and loads of fun. I definitely recommend it for a lets play sometime!!

  • Olivia Bean 1 week ago

    well it’s two in the morning so…..

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