• DJ Flame 3 months ago

    Also, Ryan is Geoff’s Best Friend during this

  • Zachary Folse 3 months ago

    39:50 did Gavin say he’ll finger wash the dishes? XD

  • Ariana Abbott 3 months ago

    Micheals video just WREAKS my motion sickness

  • Pigtint 3 months ago

    Now I really wanna see Gavin and Micheal play the Sims together

  • Chris Ray 3 months ago

    I get a little more worried every time they make progress towards fighting the dragon…because I love this so much, and don’t want it to end.

  • Hockeyrocker117 3 months ago

    Guys check on FUCK HAMMMER for me!

  • hcblue 3 months ago

    Aww <3 married life is so complicated

  • norcalgorilla 3 months ago

    Thank you Lindsay, I’ve been looking for that song for years. I finally know the lyrics!

  • John Stamos 3 months ago

    Jeremy sounded lile he was stuck in the bottom of a BigGulp, not the shadow realm lol

  • ryan gray 3 months ago

    A wine rack is nice and all, but it’s no wine shelf

  • Triobian 3 months ago

    7:58 this episode of skyfactory is sponsored by the devil (look at the distance)

  • Eviscerated Archangel 3 months ago

    Gavin: W-well i thougt of this as more a starter house and we’d work up.
    Michael: N O P E

  • Eviscerated Archangel 3 months ago

    Michael 28:20 through 28:35 is relationship/lifegoals

  • Average Griffin 3 months ago

    absolutely died at 31:39

  • ammpat 3 months ago

    Asking why Hermione fixes Harry’s glasses instead of his eyes is like asking why Harry uses tape to fix his glasses instead of using tape to fix his eyes. They’re eleven, if all magic had the same difficulty then Harry would’ve killed Voldemort after his first semester

  • Jessie Rose 3 months ago

    I hate and love this episode

  • Sasuke Trollchiha 3 months ago

    1:00:14 You are tearing me apart, Lindsay!

  • VaNtEd more 3 months ago

    Geoff you arent bad housband,your wife is a bad wife

  • alex cross 3 months ago

    God Lindsay is a strange human

  • Broddiccus 3 months ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that Lindsay has been building that stupid baby murder machine for like 20 episodes?

  • hop mill 3 months ago

    Open large chance cubes on top of gavin and michaels apartment

  • Golden Elite10 3 months ago

    Gavin “ Retaliation is childish”

  • Connor Heet 3 months ago

    Geoff was in creative mode for most of the video, and somehow didnt notice.

  • Chai Tea 3 months ago

    Team Nice Dynamite’s Lad Pad!!

  • Joseph Parks 3 months ago

    Anyone else notice that Geoff doesnt have a food bar??? Whats up with that?

  • FaithfulAizen 3 months ago

    what video did the flat earth society use of Gavins?

  • Erefes Lensefere 3 months ago

    Lindsay, I like you, but good god what you created was just plain horrifying ._.’

  • Sillieranimal 3 months ago

    Great, more of geoffs self deprecation and jack not shutting the fuck up about politics. I can tolerate geoff but I come here to escape politics, why dont you ask your wifes boyfriend why no one likes you jack.

  • Ishmael O'shane 3 months ago

    Do some more halo 5 and do Griff Ball or another one of those mantis in custom games or something

  • Trace Farmer 3 months ago

    few people will probably see this comment but I want them to build a stage some go in f1 mode and there be a musical that recreates all the episodes in musical form

  • Daniel Allemeier 3 months ago

    Geoff is T.K. Baha from borderlands

  • Bobbydog66 3 months ago

    11:17 Always heard it as the chicago line, but then again, I’m from there, so.
    11:22 Oh that’s an entirely separate song.
    18:15 What does one even do with you gavin.
    47:29 Like formica? Like iron eye spongebob?
    55:40 ….this is what lindsay was working on the whole time?! Jebus.

  • Thaumstein 3 months ago

    I’ve been following AH and RT so long it feels like my parents are divorcing all over again. It hurts to hear Geoff talk like that.

  • DJ Screw 3 months ago

    Fucking Titty Milk Planet lmfao

  • Bilim Adamları 3 months ago

    Son videoma yorum atana yemin ederim Mc Pre veriyorum

  • Brian 3 months ago

    Geoff needs string…. he’s away from everyone else… Bell let’s talk was the other day. That’s never the option Geoff

  • Chris Piasecki 3 months ago

    ” now there’s two Lindsey holes” , I’m really surprised we didn’t get a ” that’s what she said” from Lindsey

  • calebcarlcrouch 3 months ago

    Gavin… You are BRITISH! You should know from reading the Harry Potter books that “reparo” is the spell. They just made it more specific for the movie. GOD!

  • acali317 3 months ago

    If AH doesn’t introduce Andy into this series as Gavin and Micheals child we riot.

  • Jay Spradley 3 months ago


  • Wil Ezekiel 3 months ago

    Clearly Gavin does not understand that there is a wealth of fanfiction and fan art of this series
    Solar Queen is everywhere

  • Rodri craft 3 months ago

    Suscribanse a mi canal yo hago intro 2D

  • ninjaman5j5 3 months ago

    since when did geoff not have a hunger bar?

  • Alez TehCat 3 months ago

    Yooo, just noticed the Run The Jewels reference, love ya simple Goeff.

  • The Whosoever 3 months ago

    I know Geoff jokes a lot…but are him and griffon divorced

  • AllTheRage147 3 months ago

    Lindsay: hello Geoff
    Geoff: ACHOO

    made me laugh more than it probably should’ve

  • TheSkaBouncer 3 months ago

    it took Lindsay countless episodes to make… a baby chicken killing machine
    GG Lindsay. GG.

  • Is Geoff seriously moving to LA? Jesus, I gotta start watching the podcast again.

  • Nephilem X 3 months ago

    Please please please make a song with jack and Ryan singing a sad song about Geoff and the fatherless chickens

  • thingthing899 3 months ago

    “dont touch my drum set” “im gunna put my balls on it” step brothers reference?

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