• Max Wester 3 months ago

    Jeremy put the little red thing on the chicken in the wrong spot and now im triggered

  • Adrian Kupryjanczuk 3 months ago

    It would be awesome if Gus started being in regular let’s plays

  • bradley dunn 3 months ago

    sweet appearance by Gus

  • kayla lovest 3 months ago

    Michael Michael MICHAEL!!!!! Throw a potato into a mana pool!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

  • david bluestein 3 months ago

    The chaos dragon is hard as hell even with draconic so I’d work on some upgrades for everything. Then again I did it solo and y’all have 5 people but also you have Gavin and Geoff which are basically handicaps for it so it’s about even.

  • bilbo fagons 3 months ago

    witness me senpai~

  • ChanceSQ 3 months ago

    46:00 FINALLY someone fills the chicken slots so more items spawn instead of shit and feathers.

  • Gaja Star 3 months ago

    Aww, Gavin’s family showed up for the wedding.

  • Sumter B 3 months ago

    Is this a collection of separate mod or a single modpack?

  • fordgt 3 months ago

    isnt r2d2 spanish name ARTURITO

  • whiteReaper 3 months ago

    I can’t wait to see Geoff’s reaction

  • Shady Bacon 3 months ago

    I feel like nothing was accomplished in this episode except they annoyed Gus.

  • Liz Thurgar 3 months ago

    If this isn’t what my wedding is like I don’t want a wedding. R2-D2 officiating, Ryan attending in a wheelchair steeling the rings, Jeremy putting signs down asking what the fuck is happening. Exactly like this 😂😂


  • JohnDiesByTheEnd 3 months ago

    Jack, with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel shout out.

  • Zach Norton 3 months ago

    41:40, interesting bit of editing

  • LNGS Tony 3 months ago

    If you like fortnite watch my videos

  • Armagadon643 3 months ago

    I feel like they did a shenanigans where they swapped Geoff and Jeremy accounts on Minecraft.

  • Voldemort Severus Potter 3 months ago

    this *is* the stupidest thing ive ever watched, but i love it

  • Karl Farrell 3 months ago

    Definitely preferred when they had actual goals rather than an episode of random nothingness.

  • Marcus Alm 3 months ago

    That’s a lot of lizards.
    And soon to be Goeff rage

  • Tristan Hogan 3 months ago

    Cant believe they milked the fuck out of this boring bullshit for almost 40 whole fucking videos. Lazy.

  • CriticalPrime9 3 months ago

    Skyfactory is now every public lobby ever.

  • snow seal 3 months ago

    They should build achievement city in sky factory

  • MissDifferent 3 months ago

    I wanna see someone make a Kikoku! Good luck if you decide to hahaha

  • im a random guy 3 months ago

    Please make achievement world in sky factory and start doing tings to do

  • xThisSpaceisMine 3 months ago

    Aww Gavin and Michael are truly making a life together

  • thresherGnat 3 months ago

    People may have never used magnets to steal wedding rings at any wedding Gus has officiated, but he did develop wedding ring stealing tech when he was a scientist in Burnie’s crazy dream. So he should have been that surprised.

  • CustomChallenge 3 months ago

    Clumsy Simple Farmer Geoff is always throwing things accidentally… even when Geoff isn’t Geoff.

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming 3 months ago

    Also I wish that Jeremy had somehow left the giant chicken full of creepers so that when Geoff inevitably complains about it and destroys it, they’d all tumble out like a death pinata

  • FungiGamer 3 months ago

    If I go onto Michael’s wikipedia page and his spouse section isn’t updated, I swear I’m going to be SUPER disappointed in all of you

  • Luke DeHon 3 months ago

    put an elevator in the bog to take to your secret den, and if you make the tile white it will blend in.

  • Infernape 3 months ago

    This episode is looking awfully Zarbon.

  • tanimal 3 months ago

    Live stream 300

  • MEGA Carroll 3 months ago

    Subscribe to me I sub back

  • dammit Lindsay, there was a lovely, explosive threesome just WAITING for you and you didn’t go for it. My heart is broken.

  • CashOutKyrie 2 3 months ago

    The armor does take more RF if you up the stats it is in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • ThE-Fu 3 months ago

    I wonder how much weird fan fiction came true in this episode…

  • TubbyBubbleLove42 3 months ago

    Jeremy’s Reflection joke was A++ material.

  • Josh Gaines 3 months ago

    Michael was so funny this episode

  • NinaAngelix 3 months ago

    It is said that if it rains on your wedding day, it’s a good omen, you will have a good marriage… it is known.

  • ItsBo 3 months ago

    michaels dbz voice had me in stitches

  • GettindRektPvP Plays - Minecraft PE 3 months ago

    R.I.P 50 chance cube

  • Edward Newkumet 3 months ago

    Next time Geoff is out, they should hijack his farm, and just level up last the chickens to their max efficiency

  • Gabriel Carter 3 months ago

    after command track nvifxf increase ride column service silver jeans.

  • Amit Akabari 3 months ago

    Do they have garden cloche?

  • Meaty_ Ochre 3 months ago

    It’s gonna piss me off if jeremy doesn’t realize that the red thing on he chicken goes under the beak.

  • Dank Wrangler Productions 3 months ago

    WTF DOES GUSS ACTUALLY DO?!?! He literally was sitting somewhere “watching a video” before marrying two people in a virtual world…. I WANT HIS LIFE!!!!

  • SW337x7007H 3 months ago

    I sure hope they discover the single most dangerous chance cube reward. 200 block radius complete annihilation.

  • creeperkillermartin1 3 months ago

    They’re probably gonna fight the chaos dragon on episode 300, should be a good one. I’m exited to see Geoff “fight” for once.

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