• chris kirby 4 months ago

    Finally, a Minecraft Let’s Play That’s not Sky Factory

  • Witty Euphemism 4 months ago

    This is actually a real cool map. Didnt even know this was possible.

  • Watson Holmes 4 months ago

    Matt says go and all that can be heard is the many screaming voices XD…

  • Vibes Raccoon 4 months ago

    This is why Matt shouldn’t be in the video…all of them want hints from the creator…When it would have been a better video without hearing “Matt help” that course was good.

  • marcus peters 4 months ago

    I hate watching videos with Michel and Lindsay in them, he always talks down to her. That’s the type of shit u do behind closed doors, in public it’s very annoying. U need to treat your wife like a woman, no matter how manly she is…lol

  • Linky Okumura 4 months ago

    Ah yes, santa’s mythical weapon, “Ho ho its Time to Go” 😂😂

  • Chris Harper 4 months ago

    In Fort Worth it was 1000 fucking degrees last week and now it’s freezing balls out

  • ___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___ 4 months ago

    Matt actually made this episode for me. He was funny as heck.

  • D. Spears 4 months ago


    Lindsays in this.

    She doesn’t finish either race.

  • Juan Cruz 4 months ago

    At around 9:20 , who farted?

  • Gabe Puratekuta 4 months ago

    Why’d they say Matt’s Santa voice sounds like Bane? I didn’t hear a single iota of a Spanish accent

  • MrRetrogamingBard 4 months ago

    I cannot defend her anymore… She is great in Podcasts but not in gaming videos.

  • That1guy428 4 months ago

    It only took about 4 months, but we are out of sky factory. don’t worry though. we will probably be back next friday

  • Ben Carson 4 months ago

    Santa Matt is the Christmas gift I never knew I needed.

  • elt9112007 4 months ago

    no stealing…..that’s naughty! BAP!

  • Pastor of Muppets 4 months ago

    Geoff sucks, I used to like him, now he just whines all the time
    However: Michael and Lindsey’s curse based relationship is sweet

  • Calruxio 4 months ago

    Matt and Panton built all of this? Please tell me that there is a Lets Build of this.
    I miss that series so much. 😀

  • jeremy phillips 4 months ago

    Matt made a great Santa.

  • GD Only 4 months ago

    Michael was playing Mario Circuit and Geoff was playing Rainbow Road

  • TheSJD45 4 months ago

    Anyone notice that Matt’s sword is named “Ho ho it’s time to go”? I love it

  • jaredcochran 4 months ago

    The Big Three:
    Santa Matt
    Garbo Michael
    Pudding Trevor

  • Arthur O 4 months ago

    thought santa matt was gunna get annoying but it might be my favorite thing now lol

  • CaptainCore993 4 months ago

    Gavin won won something!

    It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • Sengoku 4 months ago

    Jesus even in Minecraft, Lindsay cant finish a race.

  • Lauren W 4 months ago

    My sides literally hurt from madly cackling, their misery and frustration is Christmas GOLD

  • KManAlpha 4 months ago

    It’s a shame. Sky Factory is one of my least favorite Minecraft things they’ve ever done, but it seems like thats all anyone wants anymore.

  • Michael Tassone 4 months ago

    And has flame 1 on his sword not fire aspect

  • Andy Lam 4 months ago

    Geoff and Lindsay are too dumb for these sorts of things.

  • Cameron domes 4 months ago

    “Here, let Santa jiggle it… was that good?” I never want to hear anyone say that again

  • FEGELEIN FEGELEIN 4 months ago

    24:55 TURN YOU F-ING IMBECILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Lucas 4 months ago

    Santa Matt was hilarious

  • GINGYPOWERS 4 months ago

    Finally a video that isn’t sky factory

  • ButterSoil 2.0 4 months ago

    Finally something not sky factory

  • TheWebofHope 4 months ago

    Bragga Clause: “You merely adopted the Christmas. I was born to it. Molded by it.”

  • Star Wanderer 4 months ago

    Let Santa jiggle it

  • kalinux 4 months ago

    I wonder how many of the dislikes are from people who didn’t even bother watching the video.
    As much as I enjoy Sky Factory, this racing course was incredible and the video was highly entertaining!

  • Izzy41630 4 months ago

    Aaaand cue all the people shitting on Lindsay for playing badly but saying nothing about how Geoff did ALMOST as terrible…

  • Natsu Sekai 4 months ago

    I scrolled down expecting comments saying “Wah, where’s sky factory, wah, I’m upset, wah!”
    I’m really happy that there aren’t very many of those, because it means that this community is getting a little better with not getting exactly what they want
    It really does put a smile on my face. 😊

  • charl X 4 months ago

    Can we just not…..with lindsay, its not fun or entertaining to watch someones who just cant play any games, gavin was an idiot in videos and fails a lot but at least that was fun to watch, he acts stupid not totally incompetent like lindsay does

    Its just not fun to watch someone legitimately not able to play anything

  • Jacob Fredricks 4 months ago

    Matt kinda sounds like an older Stewie Griffin

  • TheWestcoastDAVEY 4 months ago

    i wonder if people caught the ace ventura refference

  • Matthew Bailey 4 months ago

    When Lindsey was stuck in Gavin and then said she was free. Would that mean she is Gavin Free???

  • Lissa Hodge 4 months ago

    merry Christmas

  • This is probs my favorite episode in a long time.

  • DEREK CHUCK 4 months ago


  • jonny lomj 4 months ago

    Man Michael and Lindsay are not gonna last

  • Morihimekins 4 months ago

    Santa matt for every ah xmas video from now on. gagging from not being able to breath from laughing too hard

  • Mads Ulvedal 4 months ago

    Come on, downvoters. Where’s your christmas spirit?

  • Land of Rock 'N' Roll 4 months ago

    40 minuets of frustrated screaming. Best Christmas ever!

  • Gus Mal 4 months ago

    I wonder how young all the lindsey haters are because while lindsey is no good at almost anything theres 0 negative importance or impact in the videos she is in.

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