• Pariah Hunter 4 months ago

    simple farmer my arse, those aren’t free range eggs.

  • Blue team John, Fred, Linda, Kelly 4 months ago

    I miss achievement city. 😭

  • JediSpectre117 4 months ago

    Seriously they showed Michael being sick, that’s gross. I’m sorry but who the heck would want to see that.

  • IAmANinja100 4 months ago

    I’m but a simple Farmer, but can’t they put a stone pressure plate on Geoff’s farm? Also can you put the jet-pack in your secondary thing for the masks?

  • Justin Moran 4 months ago

    did no one realize the “bojack horseman: joke gavin had at 33:38? such a witty brit.

  • Jb Mid 4 months ago

    Boss fight and simple farmer geoff amazing

  • How2Torial 4 months ago

    Looking for a cute Thor? http://www.ImAThorAble.com

  • Bode Weller 4 months ago

    Where is the 7 days to die video posted every other week on Saturday?

  • Dave Goodwin 4 months ago

    So when are they going to make a miniature Achievement City out of bits?

  • Golden Elite10 4 months ago

    Geoff get a jet pack

  • Hunter Hagen 4 months ago

    Why?!? Why with the puke and the bile?!!!! First you insult one of my favorite bands, and then you force me to listen and THEN WATCH Some one puking on camera!!!! Why do you hate me? Whyyyyyyy?

  • Jesse Gerlach 4 months ago

    How much munch could a Munchdew munch if a Munchdew could do munch?

  • Josh Grenus 4 months ago

    Geoff just make all the slots in the pen the thing they drop so you only get what you want and not shit

  • Marcus Champa 4 months ago

    Michael discovering tinsel was possibly my favorite moment in sky factory

  • Bossman2025 4 months ago

    That ding kept me playing Minecraft factions for 2 years

  • Maishida 4 months ago

    Gotta say, Geoff’s Chicken Farm is pretty impressive now.

  • faffywaffle 4 months ago

    Jesus fucking Christ, they started this like in January or February and it’s mid-November and they’re still doing this. Fucking do something different. If you like the mods in this modpack so much, do Let’s Plays trying something with each mod. Change the fucking scenery a bit. There’s even a single word in a single line of code in the modpack you can change to make a Sky Factory world not be a void world, so you can play in a normal world with biomes and shit with all the Sky Factory mods. 

    I understand that getting back into Achievement Hunter is impossible now. But that doesn’t mean do the same shit over and over and over again for 11 months. There’s so much potential using these mods. How about going back to doing fun competitions? Can you imagine a Shopping List with all options of so many different items? How about a new “King” let’s play, so many possibilities of tasks to give minions to perform. How about Twelve Towers X, but way more towers to complete since there’s many more different types of blocks you could obtain using this. Remember Wool Collecting video? How about chicken collecting Let’s Play? Spring Harvest with different new foods to collect. 

    No, instead of coming up with new ideas or at least revisit old ideas in new fun ways using all of these resources let’s just spend a year in the same fucking four platforms and Geoff staring at the fucking ground throwing eggs.

  • Tyler Benson 4 months ago

    Here’s an idea: Hollow the redwood and make it a house or something

  • Clare Ferrell 4 months ago

    28:20 I hate sand… it’s coarse… rough… irritating

  • MeeB3 4 months ago

    One of those dings will become a chicken in a future part I swear it.

  • likeanepicboss 4 months ago

    imagine they plant a sacred rubber tree

  • C.Y.N.I.C.Union 4 months ago

    “They’ve gone to plaid” -Gavin Free 2017, Also John Candy 1987

  • Bobby Zangla 4 months ago

    Why don’t they let millie play when she’s there

  • Keaner 13 4 months ago

    Been watching you since number one

  • Nightingale 13 4 months ago

    I’m really glad the decided to add in the footage of Micheal puking. I really needed to see that.

  • Pryce McIntyre 4 months ago

    Love the Lindsay cameo right before Michael vomits

  • saxmannumba5 4 months ago

    Best non-appreciated joke of the episode.

    Gavin: “Sweet bow, Jack”
    Jack: “Thank you.”
    Gavin: “…horseman.”

  • Cheyanne Mathis 4 months ago

    Way to go Millie!!!! An 88 is pretty great!

  • Jessie Hendrickson 4 months ago

    No not the bunny…no noT THE OTHER BUNNY

  • CoderBert 39 4 months ago

    Ryan made another cow go into the jar cause he forgot he already did that like 8 episodes ago. Poor edgar’s relatives .

  • Dinozarion Plays 4 months ago

    All those long shots by Gavin and he didn’t yell “mark nutt” once

  • CoderBert 39 4 months ago

    Michael: There’s a billion of them!
    Geoff: collects milk

  • Mitsu WOW 4 months ago

    if mine factory reloaded is in there they should make a laser miner to mine the void for materials

  • Kris Hunt 4 months ago

    Michael throwing up and seeing it made me actually smell throw up and I gagged myself DDD:

  • Redden Molina 4 months ago

    From the Guardian of Gaia battle, to Geoff working on his cow in a jar.

  • garrett laplante 4 months ago

    Open those chance cubes

  • John Willred 4 months ago

    Michael should build the railgun

  • HrumCommander 4 months ago

    … was eating…

  • Jackson Prin 4 months ago

    Crohn’s Disease is *not* a bathroom disease, guys

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming 4 months ago

    Seriously phenomenal editing chops. The big Gaia fight cutting to Geoff decorating, getting milk, and sweeping chicken manure had me in tears.

  • TeddyGNOP 4 months ago

    rofl. i’m sure millie was absolutely thrilled about all of geoff’s chickens. i kind of wish they busted out another camera for that little interaction lol.

  • Budder Wolf 4 months ago

    11:11 Gotta give that one (piecereference) To Geoff, that one was a good one XD

  • KameHame Kam 4 months ago

    22:58 nice subtle spaceballs reference Gav

  • Riko Lime 4 months ago

    I want to see an updated Lets Play Animated where it just compiles all the times someone has requested help from Geoff’s chickens and hes been over-the-top super excited.

  • Chris Bruno 4 months ago

    They should add Galacticraft to do something new

  • 3vad127 4 months ago

    23:17 the smash cut to Geoff on his farm while the rest of the guys are fighting an epic battle… I about died omg

  • Da Good Stoff 4 months ago

    ewwww c’mon Michael #Spookums

  • UltraScheiben 4 months ago

    i’d love to see the analytics around 47 mins

  • Invader19x 4 months ago

    Why was Michael sick?

  • Perry Owens 4 months ago

    Id love to see what happens when they go to the beneath with awakened draconic armor

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