• Jesus Pimentel 7 months ago

    Jack and Ryan sound the same

  • HeadShotz 20 7 months ago


  • MeganBear95 7 months ago

    “Jeremy! Get the munchdew!”

  • CurvingTexas 7 months ago

    When Michael said he thinks of riverdale when he hears believer! Legit the same as me and also with Waves and way down we go

  • smokinsmilie 7 months ago

    Gonna be honest about it…when I Hurd the pee pee song I went to look for the real song…then spent the net 2 hours talking about my pee pee

  • BangDroid 7 months ago

    I love you.

  • Kaito Usagi 7 months ago

    *everyone around the netherstar generator gets withered*

    Jack: “Uhh I don’t think that’s me”

    Cmon Jack
    Basic problem solving skills

  • Layn Waites 7 months ago

    Am I the only one that’s wondering what their gonna do for the 300th episode? Cause the last two milestones was done in Achievement City… Soooo

  • Matt Sobotta 7 months ago

    you should get into autocrafting

  • Mystique 7 months ago

    Ayye could u guys c h e c k o u t one of my tracks? S u b & Like if u like them! <3

  • Saber Kazuto 7 months ago

    Hey Michael. Perhaps you should make one of the Flugel Tiaras out of Botania since you have a gaia ritual set up. You need some of the spirits though. Can’t remember if its two or four that you need.

  • Jonas Christensen 7 months ago

    love the fusion joke

  • General Killer W. of the Arca Army 7 months ago

    Ancient Sacred Oak Sapling
    Find it
    Plant it
    Get the munchdew

  • Big Booty Central 7 months ago

    Booty vids oon my page

  • Big Booty Central 7 months ago

    Peep my ppage if u enjoy twerking vidz

  • mrgrimmonster 7 months ago


  • SongBird 3587 7 months ago

    Jeremy check if skyfactory has the mod thaumcraft installed. It would be a great substitute for you.

  • jerkygirlx 7 months ago

    I don’t know if the pack changed but you can add to the blood alter so you can get more blood when u do the knife thing.

  • jerkygirlx 7 months ago

    You can also add upgrade stone to the alter so it can craft it stuff faster.

  • ItzYoBoyQ 7 months ago

    I died when Gavin said he got AIDS lmao

  • DanMarston117 7 months ago

    48:27 – Jack blames Ryan with a blatant lie, saying Ryan is wearing something because it was fine until he arrived, when CLEARLY he was withering the INSTANT the generator filled when he put it down alone, he even looked around and said “that’s odd.”

  • Timothy Thomas 7 months ago

    36:58 – 37:08. Interesting nonsensical 10 seconds.

  • Arbidrous Ocixious 7 months ago

    I would have loved it if Geoff was the one to kill Oliver.

  • Alex Williams 7 months ago

    Jack is officially the most ignorant member. “Hmmm this generator is the only common part and you get its fuel from the wither…. must be ryan.”

  • Kolby Clifton 7 months ago

    The amount of dragon ball references in this one, you go Ryan. You make those references

  • Caleb Shimomura 7 months ago

    RIP Oliver :'(

  • Dark Star Thresh 7 months ago

    Pls make that an animation when simple Geoff gets swamp goo on him

  • Bree lukesnapbvck 7 months ago

    I saw the most recent transformers movie. It was amazing though. My family is full of transformers fan.

  • Kyle Gabet 7 months ago

    Does anyone know what user they’re using for this? Also, the version would be nice to know as well

  • SgtCampinCarl 7 months ago

    I feel really bad for Jermey. I really hope the mod maker for the blood alter can update and add the things Jermey needs.

  • Mastermiine 7 months ago

    Could they link all Geoff’s chickens to the computer so Geoff doesn’t have to always collect from them?

  • Outcast Gaming 7 months ago

    Have Jeremy use golden apples for the blood alter so his health will regenerate faster

  • Juwan Todd 7 months ago

    I would love to see them play dragon block c

  • kindle 7 months ago

    The editors are having the perfect amount of fun with these

  • OmegaUltima 7 months ago

    I hope they animate The Pig of Destiny escapades

  • Alex Walker 7 months ago

    The Ryan + salt edit at the beginning is so incredibly meta in so many ways

  • nointro 7 months ago

    I thought no monitization if there is cursing…

  • Hades948 7 months ago

    When the first Skyfactory episode came out, we were on the opposite side of the sun….

  • Zachary Clownphobic 7 months ago

    Take a shot every time Jeremy says “its a whole thing”

  • Poptarts They Allude me 7 months ago

    Can’t wait for finally when they just fucking destroy everything and are well we are done…. xD

  • FungiGamer 7 months ago

    Anyone else wanting to see that tree become a multi-level achievement city of sorts?

  • Milan Mitra 7 months ago


  • Vensey 7 months ago

    I need Ryan to teach me the ways of Sky Factory power gen…

  • LovelyLoser2013 7 months ago

    54:00 Good karma for Geoff becuase Ryan killed him

  • Zexion Vex 7 months ago

    They could do a thunderdome episode where they build there own armor and stuff

  • Markus De Guzman 7 months ago

    I remember not watching for a while since all they were doing was making dirt. What a mistake that was. Now as a consequence I don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • TORchic1 7 months ago

    Lemon Jim Jam

  • Nathan Eastburn 7 months ago

    Some hopefully helpful tips:

    1. (For everyone) The advanced rings from the Actually Additions mod can provide you with constant potion effects at no cost.
    The advanced ring of regeneration will be quite helpful for blood magic.

    2. (For Michael) The Mana Blaster from Botania can be combined with an Entropic or Damaging Mana Lens in a crafting table to shoot manna from a mana tablet at enemies.
    The Damaging lens causes damage and the Entropic lens causes explosions!

    3. (For Jeremy) Item conduits can be used on the blood alter to move stone and slates into and out of the alter automatically.

    4. (For Ryan) The ender from ender IO can be combined with an ender crystal in an anvil to grant the user shift right click teleportation (requires charging in a capacitor bank).
    Combining the ender with increasing levels of capacitor will increase its energy storage. Additional tip->(right-click on an enderman with a sole vile to capture its sole)

    I have been playing this game for quite a few months with my friends and there have been a few things you have taught me along the way. I hope this alowes me to return the favor.

  • WizBunny3 7 months ago

    “Jeremy, get the munchdew!” Made the video for me

  • Lissa Hodge 7 months ago

    you guys need to find the way to summon Gia so we can see the big fight and boat in the neather please that would be funny and cool

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