• T Millx 5 months ago

    The goggly eyes on the horse butt at 4:30

  • Ned Flanders 5 months ago

    why do they STILL play MC?

    Money, i bet.

  • Ashleyrose Napier 5 months ago

    In botania you can make wings to fly

  • Jesús Trejo 5 months ago

    Isn’t the sun the closest star? Lindsay, please don’t land there

  • I am way to drunk for this

  • TrinityRWetzstein 5 months ago

    23:37 haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door

  • csgrambauer 5 months ago

    Instead of practising somewhere safe to learn how to hover in his new jetpack, Jeremy decides to just keep jumping and ruining wheat and corn crops. Doesn’t even replace them before he leaves the area – just throws them away.

  • Jonathan Quinones 5 months ago

    OH god they’re going to have fun trying to kill the Gaia

  • 1dashcamboatsandcars 5 months ago

    Mc fans. Send a sub

  • dallen brodowski 5 months ago

    If something is shitting blood Its safe to assume it hurts

  • Aaliyah Adesida 5 months ago

    I came straight from watching RWBY VOL 5 and it gave me joy to hear Lindsay on the Letsplay #LindsayRose

  • Average Docter 5 months ago

    I like how the Pig of Destiny is on the map

  • wockynerd 5 months ago

    Does anyone want to see what I’ve become?

  • Nic H 5 months ago

    Why doesn’t Jeremy just build one layer below his alter instead of moving everything up one block

  • CanadianBluePants 5 months ago

    #48 on TRENDING

  • Fortunateson1969 5 months ago

    I believe Lindsey is in some position of authority over there at ol’ CockBite Studios, however-How fired would you be if you were just casually searching porn on a work computer? Would it be better or worse if you said you were doing it “for work”?

  • RED MEDINA 5 months ago

    20:08 Lindsay is awesome.

  • splinteridiot 5 months ago

    26:54 The Sims Minecraft edition

  • Funky 5 months ago

    this videos on trending xd

  • GenjiIsAPanda 5 months ago

    who else thinks Jeremy ruined this channel?

  • Robert Reich 5 months ago

    I knew it! Funhaus is such a negative influence on roosterteeth!

  • Lightning Pad 5 months ago

    this is some help for Jeremy with his blood magic instead of sacrificing himself and Gavin well mostly Gavin. Jeremy should make an Industrial Squeezer put zombie meat into it it makes leather but also collects blood it collects up to 24000mb it could make his life easier as he is waiting for that to fill he could be working on other things just a thing i thought about throwing out there for you guy’s hope you find it useful.

  • masterkevkev 5 months ago

    Jeremy still not *using the blood orb* to damage himself :c … Research the blood orb Jeremy .n.

  • Ian Voltaire 5 months ago

    Ya’ll should play crash landing after this series.

  • Ian Voltaire 5 months ago

    It’s basically like this but with more/cooler mechanics. And your in the desert.

  • Chase Squirrel 5 months ago

    i like how they still close the fence on Micheal.

  • Cpt_ FuzzyFace 5 months ago

    Lindsay with the Tay Zonday reference.

  • New Game 5 months ago

    Se inscrevam nomeu canal

  • Lucas Johns 5 months ago

    Jack, a fairly easy way to kill the wither could be to follow these steps:
    1. build a mob masher to get mob heads
    2. Then you can create a sould binder
    3. make a soul vile
    4. then captuer a wither skeleton in the soul vile
    5. make a powered spawner
    6. obtain a broken spawner by destroying a spare blaze spaner
    7. combine the wither skeleton soul vile and the broken spawner in the soul binder
    8. comibne the powered spawner and the broken wither skeleton spawner in an anvil
    9. use the mob masher again to get wither skeleton skulls

    Next you can create a shild projecter to contain the wither and kill it. It’s fairly easy to make you just need a lot of wool. A 7×6 shield works for me.
    For me the Shield projector settings were a little tricky. I think what works best is to add a filter that is:
    Solid : all and a second fillter that is: Pass : Player <--- hopefully this makes sense when you see the shield projector ui. This allows players to go through but not the wither. Heres what you need to get the sheild projector up and running: 1. Smart Wrench 2. Shield Projector 3. Shield Template --- for a 7x6 you 194 of these... if my math is correct. -1,746 wool -388 lapis (or any other dye) -194 glass Make sure to leave a 1x1 block area open so you can damage the wither and not have to go inside the shild. If you cant hit him from the hole just fly in and hit him, he will agro you and you will be able to go back to the whole and hit him from there. You can also use arrows, but once he gets to half health they wont effect him. Side note when the wither explodes it can still do damage to the player if close enough, you might be able to add a filter, or you could just step back. Sorry if its a bit long, I wanted to give as much detail as possible. Also I hope you see this before you actually record the part where you kill the wither lol, and hope you or someone else can find this useful!

  • Max Barr 5 months ago

    No, fuck the cow.

    I’m not fuckin no cow!

  • 182zeldafan 5 months ago

    How long until Geoff realizes he needs a bone white chicken to breed with the red chicken to get a pink chicken

  • Matthew Spencer 5 months ago

    Remember when Ryan knew the most about sky factory?

  • Alyssa Brimo 5 months ago

    ah good good, another SkyFac video

  • Elite Warrior 5 months ago

    Does Jack’s voice sound deeper or is it just me?

  • Austin Smith 5 months ago

    I hate it when let’s plays are Gavin free

  • kik112 5 months ago

    Geoff their normal chickens not white chickens

  • Panda 5 months ago

    Aw I wanted to see how far Michael would bounce at the end with the slime boots.

  • Dingo Damian 5 months ago

    This is that hot shit

  • Killernutman23 Shut up 5 months ago

    It’s back I was sad last week

  • It’s sad seeing the Rooster Teeth/Let’s Play/ Achievement hunter channels slowly die.

  • RAGIN GORILLA 5 months ago

    Geoff was like fuck that shit I’m out

  • The Agency 5 months ago

    Hey, wanna see some quality gameplay with some risky commentary? Check us out at The Agency sure you’ll like us enough to stay, comment and subscribe.

  • James Edwards 5 months ago

    Trending again nice

  • Jermbugs 123 5 months ago

    So is no one going to talk about them remaking achievement city out of bits? Can clearly see it through the hole in the wall at 0:07

  • Rory Courtenay 5 months ago

    Geoff you need bonewhite chicken and red chicken to get pink chicken

  • Ginger Ninger 5 months ago

    So the Pig of Destiny is a pun right? Gonna shred some sweet, sweet Rock’n’Roll

  • 5 head Randall 5 months ago

    does any one remember why Jeremy started blood magic?

  • Minethulhu Fhtagn 5 months ago

    …and Michael built a convenient mob spawning platform right next to the Botania setup. Next episode may get interesting.

  • b1rdBniCE 5 months ago

    God dammit Lindsey…i just started watching the weirdest porn.

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