• SlyCedix 6 months ago

    You guys need to stop making more mob spawners

  • bobbyjoejrfred 6 months ago

    21:40 holy shit XD Who is editing these now?

  • Dawn Breaker 6 months ago

    Aaw. Poor Geoff

  • Scott Baxa 6 months ago

    How can I get leather or a nether chicken? Really stuck right there on my SF3 😩

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    17:38 the smartest shit ive ever heard lmaoo

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    19:49 teach my how to filter all my bitches filter

  • altoninja 6 months ago

    Skyfactory is honestly my favorite series that you guys have ever done in the 6 years that ive been watching you guys

  • Johnathan DBZ 6 months ago

    21:43 Fu…sion, HA!

  • cole smith 6 months ago

    They should make rings of flying.

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    59:50 yea i make chickens funniest shit ever

  • jkmcollins93 6 months ago

    You all should do a Troll-Craft series at some point. captinsparkelz, ssundee, and crainer did it at some point and I haven’t seen anyone else do it since. it was a great concept though and I wish someone else would do it again.

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    1:02:56 gavin freaking out

  • WRRWtv 6 months ago

    Why do I feel like this is becoming Achievement City 2.0? I love sky factory and look forward to it every week, but I miss the fuckery of AC.

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    i went from 2 to 73 cause ryan gave me a stick

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    now im like one punch man get away from me -Michael

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    its the first one like this ive ever seen fuck- Geoff

  • Knick VFX 6 months ago

    favorite and best sky factory ep no doubt

  • Remedy Gaming 6 months ago

    Man this was a great episode!

  • mike Drynan 6 months ago

    “what’s your favorite reactant” Gavin- “the fine brothers”

  • DulceleDeche 6 months ago

    At 46:15 I thought Geoff said “I mean you can bone me on the ground ;)”

  • Loony Lulu 6 months ago

    Jack, you’re looking for a Crafter Tier 3 for that.

  • Diatzen 6 months ago


  • the gavin sneeze edits are my favorite part of this series

  • Grizlerber 6 months ago

    I love seeing Gavin fan girling over solar. He reminds me of the cheese doodles guy.

  • Myriah Rodriguez 6 months ago

    GEOFF 😂😂😂

  • Hastrup081290 6 months ago

    10:55 “I’m gonna go bleed and eat my gummy bears” – Gavin 2017

  • poriferaThief 6 months ago

    20:10 for your convenience

  • Josh Fox 6 months ago

    Listen to 45:30-45:37 in .5 speed…. you can thank me later

  • LuvMickieFisher 6 months ago

    I really love the long episodes.

  • Maleek Stratton 6 months ago

    Does anyone else want to see Geoff’s Chicken talk get animated?

  • Chandler Blachut 6 months ago

    They all feel so sarcastic for some reason. Probably the weed

  • Spencer Armstrong 6 months ago

    Do king Ryan 3 with his thrown in sky factory. Do king in sky factory please

  • Mindful Wrath 6 months ago

    Whoever’s editing these is my hero

  • lizzylizardking 6 months ago

    fu-sion! ha!

  • Jack Johnson 6 months ago

    What version of skyfatory is this?

  • Gaming with Jethro 6 months ago

    I rebranded my channel and I’m now a gaming channel! Would you guys mind giving feedback on my videos? Thanks so much!

  • likeaboss22057 6 months ago

    By far my favorite sky factory, great content and absolutely loved the editor. Grass seeds, geoffs explanation, the poor sheep at the end….this video was top

  • Blue Claws 6 months ago

    Geoff, pretty please upgrade your chickens by hatching the higher quality eggs that your existing chickens lay. Then replace old with new chickens and keep doing that until their stats are all 10. They’ll drop items much quicker.

  • Bobbydog66 6 months ago

    21:45 I appreciate that, I appreciate that quite a bit.
    26:05 Never get tired of those transitions.

  • penitent2401 6 months ago

    how about they put their beds next to the altar, bleed to 1 heart on the altar, then jump off to death on the 4-5 blocks fall and so the death is from the fall not the dagger and re spawn right next to it. would that works faster to fill up the blood altar?

  • IkeFanboy64 6 months ago

    Ryan, do you even sync!?

    Also, I hope they do face cam for minecraft LPs

  • Sierra Day 6 months ago

    If you hit a normal chicken with a cake, you get a chicken named Chickenesto that will drop cakes for you. You can also make a Mr. American chicken by doing the same thing to a normal chicken, but with a Black Banner.

  • atom drop 6 months ago

    I feel like there is a distinct lack of website puns in this series

  • Max matson 6 months ago

    44:10 is where jack asks for grass seeds

  • masterclif 6 months ago

    Do they ever notice the mega torch?

  • Athan's Creed 6 months ago

    “Yeah I make chickens”
    -Geoff 2k17

  • Mitchel M 6 months ago

    Turning rain into blood. I think Slayer already did that

  • Cec the Koori 6 months ago

    41:15 dude I was just singing “I’ve got a blank slate baby” and then Geoff beat me to the joke!

  • im_we_ todd_did 6 months ago

    Anything you need Geoff has a chicken for it lol

  • Evooki 6 months ago

    “We are going to meet in the center take a tour and then finish.”
    *looks at red bar in youtube video
    *still 11 min or so in the video

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