• Michael Aurelius 9 months ago

    Jeremy, please, please, please start thaumcraft!

  • Shiann Francis 9 months ago

    Micheal was a caveman in the future. But with the help of magic he is doing just fine

  • DudeAwesome27 9 months ago

    okay, what the actual fuck was that stupid animated shit at 28:10 ? I hated that. I’m not a child.

  • RandomAction Dan 9 months ago

    Geoffs screams of pain is the saddest and the most hilarious thing ive heard in awhile imagine if he was there when the creeper blew up his chickens

  • Corey Potter 9 months ago

    Michael head of herbology

  • No Johns 9 months ago

    Is anyone else tired of sky factory?

  • MidnightWolf 980 9 months ago

    As soon as I heard the leaves being eaten I started cackling and screaming at the same time

  • Benjamin Vezina 9 months ago

    Jeremy has taken michael and gavin as his apprentices

  • Anthony Najera 8 months ago

    Jeremy should really put a bed next to the blood altar so that he can just murder himself all the way dead respawn grab the dagger and continue doing that instead of trying to eat food

  • Matt Mcginnis 8 months ago

    jeremy just does exactly what i do every time i play a skyblock mod, blood magic and botania, so very fun!

  • Darren 8 months ago

    like if they should do Crazy Craft modpack after this

  • Alec Mertz 8 months ago

    I will Paypal 2$ to any one of the Achievement Hunters that burn down those trees, tape it, and send it to goeff!!!

  • Jaden Soto 8 months ago

    I’m glad that Micheal is getting educated in the ways of magic, and that he’s enjoying sky factory.

  • duskbringer100 8 months ago

    where is Michael reading the info of the flowers i need to know

  • Ayeyanez 8 months ago

    I miss edgar

  • Michael 8 months ago

    It’s like Ryan is the president of sky factory and the others are his secretaries. Geoff and Jack are the co-secretaries of agriculture, Gavin is the secretary energy, Michael is the secretary of human labor and Jeremy is the secretary of blood magic.

  • DoctorNerd 8 months ago

    Why don’t you people play ark? It’s soooo much better.

  • Alejandro Garcia 8 months ago

    God video

  • Péter Stangl 8 months ago

    27:52 Geoff goes full on Rick&Morty

  • Anime Shifter 8 months ago


  • Saynomore7 8 months ago

    continue this forever and ever and ever

  • scott zim 8 months ago

    The 300th episode of mine craft is gonna be brutal because they haven’t been in achievement city in forever.

  • Redflametrow 8 months ago

    9:03 That can and will happen. Unfortunately that happened to me with a 16 year old and I was 19 (both taking community college classes). While that’s legal where I live, I realized I didn’t want to deal with all the issues that were involved with that. It wasn’t easy to just say no. Just morally I didn’t want to take advantage of feelings she had for me while it realistically wouldn’t work.

  • Solar424 8 months ago

    32:59 Top 10 Brutal Anime Deaths

  • gage livingston 8 months ago

    I really think you guys would like Project Ozone 2 much better. It explains everything so much better. Although it is a bit more structured so there would be less of you all fucking about hilariously.

  • justin smeltzer 8 months ago

    54:54 I dont understand how no one has commented about this moment yet. Greatest laugh i have had in so long.

  • MattMYouTube 8 months ago

    48:34 Harmonies on point

  • Marsh Earnest 8 months ago

    shit i caught up

  • DulceleDeche 8 months ago

    “Did someone just suck me dry?!” classic gav

  • Bobbydog66 8 months ago

    29:02 8 minutes ryan.

  • Knick VFX 8 months ago

    32:55 funniest shit ever

  • Lenny B 8 months ago

    They and by “they” i mean Michael or Jeremy should just take the munchdew and put it in the opening of Geoff’s glass case when he’s not around for an episode and just have it munch all of his leaves away

  • Nick P. 8 months ago

    Jeremy should make an incense altar. It makes bleeding much easier and faster. He should also make other runes for the altar.

  • Justin Willard 8 months ago

    I love how Geoff, Jack, and Ryan build their own platforms to do things on and Jeremy just puts magic crap all over

  • Eric Miller 8 months ago

    I have not watched the Minecraft let’s play in years until this series. Never quit.

  • Mitchell Smitty 8 months ago

    33:08 that is the sound of a man that has lost everything

  • Cristian Barrera 8 months ago


  • Johnny Joestar 8 months ago

    Everyone is talking about the munchdew but I still can’t get over Loopy Lupe

  • Mad Man Gaming 8 months ago

    Michael with that blue rag reminds me of Linus with his blue blanket.

  • DrDarkheart 8 months ago

    Nothings free in this world!

  • SchrodingrsMark 8 months ago

    I love that Geoff’s glass case was effective as his fences from the first couple of episodes

  • Tyler Fries 8 months ago

    So is the Let’s play channel dead? No uploads?

  • Matt Rogers 8 months ago

    Anybody else about to go explode because they say mana pool like Mah-na pool but mana diamond like man-a diamond like how does that make sense

  • Hunter fitzgeraLD 8 months ago

    Geoff needs to separate his chickens. Just putting them in a line fucks with breeding them efficiently. Better to just have the 2 you are breeding touching, and nothing else.

  • jonny lomj 8 months ago

    48:32 this is why i watch ah. that beautiful harmonizing

  • sherry birkin 8 months ago

    I really appreciate whoever writes these descriptions, that Shakespeare reference was 10/10.

  • Mateo Chavez 8 months ago

    *L o o p y L u p é*

  • SorenEragon 8 months ago

    Hey, Jeremy!! Just a suggestion to improve your smelter. You are going to need 2 Seared Tanks / Gauges, a ceramic Crucible, a simple level 1 Cobblestone Generator, A heat source (As simple as a torch or use the flaming netherrack if you wish) for the Cobblestone Generator / Crucible, a Flat Item Transfer Node, and 2 Flat Fluid Transfer Nodes.
    In one of the open corners of your smelter, from the bottom upward, stack the heat source, the crucible (Attach one of the Flat FLUID Transfer Nodes to the side in the direction of your lava tanks), the Flat ITEM Transfer Node, and the Cobblestone Generator.
    Going into the wall of your forge, stack the two lava tanks together, attach the Flat FLUID Transfer Node between them, and make sure the top one connects with the Flat FLUID Transfer Node on the Crucible.
    This will generate infinite lava for your smelter so that no more bucket runs are needed to keep it running. This could also be used with that puny furnace for the same effect.

  • ben cruz 8 months ago

    33:00 you’re welcome lmao

  • QuantumGamz 8 months ago

    I just found this channel now… so forgive me, but is that Gavin from the Slow mo Guys?

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