• LT Caboose 2 weeks ago


  • Erinyes 2 weeks ago


  • Gavvi Belt 2 weeks ago

    When Jeremy walked up behind Ryan with the rod of hells I just started chanting do it

  • Dango Gaming 2 weeks ago

    Someone really needs to get on Inventory management and storage.
    Everything is a mess

  • Dalton Kellar 2 weeks ago

    I hate that I’ve outgrown your guys’s videos. I used to watch them every day but now I just can’t get interested. Growing up sucks

  • AML RMCF 2 weeks ago

    I miss the old days 🙁

  • Joe H 2 weeks ago

    Do they even have a high enough magic level to cast water strike yet? Smh :/ They don’t even have the other runes.

  • Fireheart Industries 2 weeks ago

    Glad to see that Jack remembered the Garden Cloche from when I told him about it in the late night stream!

  • DulceleDeche 2 weeks ago

    Gavin sounded extra british in that intro

  • Seany_12 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe they’ve been counting these as individuals episodes it’s all one big series surely

  • Bluerazor 52 2 weeks ago

    Wow. 27:20 This was recorded on August 8th

  • Mr. Pokirby 2 weeks ago

    ‘The Adventures of Jeremy the Red Mage’ might be my favorite part of this entire series.

  • theAnarch 2 weeks ago

    “What do you think the rod of the shifting crust does?”

    PLEASE MAKE IT JEREMY. Wait how would that work in skyfactory?

  • Jack Cleary 2 weeks ago

    why havent yous uploaded today ):

  • Nitro Games 2 weeks ago

    “GET OUT” movie scene 54:37 !!!!!!!!

  • Tom Rawlins 2 weeks ago

    What platform are you using sky factory on? Like what launcher?

  • Degree23 2 weeks ago

    We turning into Runescape?

  • stevenenvy1 2 weeks ago

    jeremy needs mana cloth armor so his wands cost less to cast!!

  • LordEd21 21 2 weeks ago

    So lets see we got Ryan the nuclear guy using Nuclear to produce stuff, Jeremy the wizard using magic to produce stuff, we got Jack the herbologist using plats to make stuff and then we got Geoff the chicken farmer using Chickens to make stuff. All of them in a Race to make the same exact stuff as the next guys.

  • AlphaGamingFilms 2 weeks ago

    Tell me why Jeremy is now Rick from Rick and Morty xD

  • Mason Holt 2 weeks ago

    17 parts of this shit gimme more dinoshit

  • Mr Shinybald 2 weeks ago

    Please let us out let us live we have families!!!

  • DivideByZero 2 weeks ago


  • Carlos Torre 2 weeks ago

    Calling it now, none of them are gonna have any of the adequate weaponry to kill whatever monster Jeremy summons, and it’s gonna destroy everything in the let’s play. It’s gonna be hilarious.

  • Griffin Layhew 2 weeks ago

    Jeremy ruins these videos.

  • Andy Lam 2 weeks ago

    Jeremey is playing with magic but can’t figure out how to make an infinite water source was so annoying!

  • Andy Lam 2 weeks ago

    So technically the creeper blowing up in the chicken farm was Geoffs fault because he created an additional area without lighting it up. GG.

  • Jordyn Terry 2 weeks ago

    Can anyone give me a list of mods they used? Other than sky factory it’s self. Like the one where they can see all those items when they open their inventories?

  • seth perez 2 weeks ago

    Gavin close the fucking door😂he’s driving me crazy

  • erik laina 2 weeks ago

    Oh no jeffs chickens 🐔

  • Morocco 2 weeks ago

    Imagine is Roy was still in these episodes lmao

  • Luna Rose 2 weeks ago

    Geoff’s going to be so MAD

  • GamingSoloist 2 weeks ago

    Please use buttons so Gavin will stop leaving doors open.

  • Brawler883 2 weeks ago

    This is so weird to watch since im also watching ssundees skyfactory and his is so organized and productive and this is just a complete mess XD

  • My OCD really wants them to join the platforms up between the power area and Jacks new growers and properly border the area, jack still needs to build a house too

  • Knick VFX 2 weeks ago

    Jeremy just came

  • Knick VFX 2 weeks ago

    53:29 jeremy nuts

  • eby144 2 weeks ago

    I really hope Jeremy makes that portal to another dimension instead of other things because I really want to see that happen for some reason. It seems the most interesting to me.

  • Gamasix 2 weeks ago

    oh damn, thats what they keep saying “cloche” sounded like “colachy/cloach”. “Cloche” is actually french for “bell”, so it fit that thing that look like a glass bell.

  • Lucas Ledo 2 weeks ago


  • Emily Perry 2 weeks ago

    After not watching this series for over a year i’m so happy it’s still going. I remember waiting for episode 13 to come out.

  • 11th Holy War 2 weeks ago

    So wait, what’s the objective of the sky factory?

  • Logan Hessefort 2 weeks ago

    Keep em coming

  • 1_Vodoo_Lilly_ 1 2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one who wants there to be a thing like mad king Ryan VS god or wizard Jeremy?! Like I’m sorry if it’s out dated or something but it needs to be a thing!

  • Sam Dupre 2 weeks ago

    I’m so high right now

  • Peyton Cash 2 weeks ago

    ………… This may be the longest let’s play Minecraft series part of all time

  • Daniel Muela 2 weeks ago

    Is it me, or does Michael always sound high as a kite in these videos?

  • inutellinside 2 weeks ago

    Dust. Anybody? No? Dust

  • Justice Sterling 2 weeks ago

    So, when will they finally open all those chance cubes. Or will they ever?

  • xv Dxlirium 2 weeks ago

    Jeremy with the migos “night call” song reference

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