• jonny lomj 8 months ago

    dumb bitch had iron the whole time

  • MirSwan 8 months ago

    Figures Ryan would be interested in the cow in a jar!

  • Sarah Pratt 8 months ago

    Jack – with farming, right click on it and it will collect it and place a new seed at the same time. Makes it quicker.

  • Francis Sims 8 months ago

    They kept saying blower, and all I could think about was, “blow her? I hardly even know her!”

  • eric leblanc 8 months ago

    they should make crafting stations (just takes a crafting table) it holds items in the form you put them in and works just like a crafting table

  • Crazy_Ghost23 8 months ago

    Coocoo revenge squad attack!

  • Francis Sims 8 months ago

    37:33 – Jack thinks he’s an angry Arbock 🤣

  • Ambrosia Rae 8 months ago

    Idk why but I love when you guys reference lady Gaga songs

  • justice mildenberg 8 months ago

    it’s so great to watch them legitamitly enjoy minecraft

  • GL0CKSTER69 8 months ago

    Pipe it up, pipe it up

  • bobbyjoejrfred 8 months ago

    How much you wanna bet the inferium is useless? XD

  • Drendude 8 months ago

    Please, god, Ryan, tell everyone the changes to the combat system, and maybe change the setting to see the cooldown in the middle of the screen rather than next to the hotbar.

  • shsbrownie 8 months ago

    Everyone’s too busy bitching about Lindsay to point out that her game audio is messed up, it’s lower quality or something

  • CaptainAwesome26 8 months ago

    I wanna see how many of these parts it takes before Geoff doesn’t shift click to make a bunch of stone swords. It’s a constant in this series that makes me love it

  • HALOHAWAIIAN1 8 months ago

    holy shit lindsay you have all the iron everyone needs

  • Shrey Purani 8 months ago

    So, this still haven’t learned the new swinging mechanics yet? That would help out a bunch if they could, if not, its still fun to watch.

  • Ty_Dog 22 8 months ago

    I cant believe i started playing Gems of War because of Geoff, i saw it had achievement and Geoff plays it so it must be decent, and now i must get all of the achievements so im now stuck in the same place Geoff is in

  • Griffin Ramsey 8 months ago

    poor lindsey

  • King Of The Twats 8 months ago

    Gavin & Geoff: “Going ape”
    Damnit Warren

  • Spencer Valek 8 months ago

    Is it just me, or had birth made Lindsay’s voice softer?

  • MrIzzy5466 8 months ago

    Ryan. Just make a row of Magmic generators and crucibles to fuel them. You have basically infinite Cobble so why no use it?

  • That one Unknown Person 8 months ago

    minecraft sucks. why would you ever play this?

  • DatAss Cosplay 8 months ago


  • Yo Dawgz Gaming 8 months ago

    Finally seeing everything start to fall apart eh

  • Major Ziggy Starman 8 months ago

    she is part of AH, don’t like it? deal with it or leave, the fan community will be less toxic without you

  • Javan Clarke 8 months ago

    People are still bitching about Lindsay being in Let’s Plays? Are y’all serious?

  • CrimsonScorpion 8 months ago

    after watching CaptainSparklez episodes on this and now watching this…the Achievement Hunter crew are SOOOO far behind lol be prepared for this series to last till into the 300s probably lol

  • R3dOblivi0n 1 8 months ago

    I freaking hate it when Jeremy’s not in the video he and ryan are the two brains of the operation but I’m glad the other guys are starting to get more technical

  • 4.3E7 is 4.3×10^7 not 4.3^7

  • Jordi Boogerd 8 months ago

    Of course Ryan was in charge of the cow in a jar xD

  • alex bridges 8 months ago

    When she had 32 iron on her the whole time……

  • Jared Worman 8 months ago

    When ryan started putting the cobblestone down with the intent to vein mine it I was holding my breath

  • Scorpwanna 8 months ago

    You guys should put a fence around the area that the mobs drop onto the spikes so they can’t escape and try to kill you. Perhaps a fence gate so you can go in and out. Also, positioning a trap door just right will trick the mob into walking off the edge. Hint, when the trapdoor is closed it will appear vertical ie downward, when opened it will be parallel ie flat.
    Jack your farm is looking nice, I like where you are heading.
    Ryan you should issue ticket stubs so that whoever needs your attention has to wait until their number is drawn. Also, liking how the power is being used.
    I don’t ever have a problem with Lindsey in any episode, just wish she were given better instructions by Gavin about the tilda key trick and crouching a tree to grow.
    I agree with Gavin, seems the top level is getting crowded. Ryan you need a bigger laboratory. 🙂
    Really impressed with Geoff in this episode, he’s stepping up his game!
    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Tommy Stevens 8 months ago

    GUYS! What version is this?! I started to play along this late but there’s no wood shears or cobblestone generator recipes in the newest version. Which one patched them out?! Please HELP!

  • TheChiller007 8 months ago

    first time this series got so many dislikes, I wonder why

  • DarkPhantom72 8 months ago

    budgeting and struggling for iron while Lindsay has 32???

  • kdhorserider 8 months ago

    Gavin should look up The Beyond dimension in this. It gives a use to the compressed cobblestone

  • Swusi 8 months ago

    Actually, she asked Ryan multiple times throughout the episode on what she could do to help. She helped Geoff with clearing out his mob dropper. It’s honestly the guys’ fault for not explaining the simple things like twerking a tree instead of using bone-meal or vein mining. Also, this is her first appearance in this series, therefore it would’ve been more helpful if someone like Ryan, who seems to be the front runner for this series, to show her the basics. Give her basic tools, help her through some stuff instead of just ignoring her and letting her do her own thing like they normally would in Achievement City.

    So stop bitching that she can’t do anything right or that she didn’t do anything because you didn’t bitch this much when Michael and Gavin were doing nothing IN THEIR FIRST FUCKING EPISODE.
    She asked for help, never got it.
    She asked what she could do, never got an answer.
    So she did what she’s paid to do and was in a video for the laughs and enjoyment that Achievement Hunter is known for.

    Be a human and have some understanding that she doesn’t know anything about a game / mod pack that she has NEVER played.

  • TheGoldenKarp 129 8 months ago

    Some how Lindsay was more helpful than Michael and she was only in this episode, i like it

  • Cole Chaidez 8 months ago

    God damn, Lindsey is hard to watch

  • Kailyn Cordelia 8 months ago

    I LOVE LINDSAY… I have no idea what everyone else is talking about… Not to be all feministic but its really nice and refreshing watching / hearing a female participate in these videos playing the games

  • Kailyn Cordelia 8 months ago

    Plus @ everyone complaining about Lindsay not knowing what she is doing whenever she plays a game…. Since when does anyone watch Let’s Plays to actually see any of them be good at the game? its not like Michael has participated at all in any of the other Sky Factory’s lol. Plus I think Lindsay is just as funny. Give the GIRL a BREAK.

  • Callie Wray 8 months ago

    I just binge watched all the Sky Factory videos and this is definitely my new favorite series. Can’t wait for more! <3 (Also, Lindsay is amazing and everyone else can shove off.)

  • wolfkit 8 months ago

    I’m still really enjoying this.

  • Joseph Goodwin 8 months ago

    Dear Ediditor
    wonderful job mate

  • Jackie V 8 months ago

    Why is no one talking about the compressed Zombie at 30:14?

  • 4idiotsAndNapoleon 8 months ago

    I suffer from really bad panic attacks. Bit of a wuss comment I know, but achievement hunter always helps me to feel grounded and connected again. Especially Geoff.

  • wholikesdaboss 8 months ago

    Edgar in a jarrr!!!!!!!!

  • pixel_ _rift 8 months ago

    I always imagine that a gavin mob will spawn and try to kill everyone and think gavin is killing them

  • Gobble Bonerz 8 months ago

    I’d be 100% fine if Geoff took another sabbatical.

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