• gingerkitty Adventures 1 month ago


  • Robert Ko 1 month ago

    At 13.55 Kelly was there

  • Victoria Mendoza 1 month ago

    Who wants more love island ep

  • awesome world/ sprinkles 1 month ago

    hi little Kelly I name my newborn puppy buttons like yours

  • Zoe aka cutie pie Buitendag 1 month ago

    Why is it in LC view instead of LKs view

  • Jadon Dominguez 1 month ago

    LK um… why count you do once upond a time I loved it keep it up!!!! I am happy you lots of sub.

  • TheYouTuberWithNoVideos 1.0 1 month ago

    Wow….. Why is this in Carly’s perspective Kelly could’ve just not uploaded Toy Store today

  • herobrinem # 1 month ago


  • herobrinem # 1 month ago

    little kelly do you remember me😂

  • princess destiny Garcia 1 month ago


  • princess destiny Garcia 1 month ago

    I have a YouTube to go look at my you tube

  • Annie Castro 1 month ago

    Love island

  • Jomel Gragera 1 month ago

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • Naija Chinweze 1 month ago

    Who’s reading the comments while watching the video?

  • Summer'sOrigami 1 month ago

    When could you and little Carly do more Sky Block you havent done a episode in a LoNg TiMe!! so could you plzzzzz do a episode? =]

  • Haddy Conteh 1 month ago


  • Saood Faisal 1 month ago

    Do an episode of 3am

  • Kee Guan 1 month ago

    Little Kelly sucks man,Prestonplayz is 100000000000x better

  • Dakota Hirini 1 month ago

    I think u should make a new shelf on the left side of the second iel (i don’t know how to spell iel ) against the wall and have a spot for all the little club like little kelly, little carly, sharky, the ropo, tiny turtle, little lizard, baby duck, baby leah etc and also fill it with the powderpuff girls and transformers and maybe u could make some space for hello neighbour or my little pony and bring back bendy or power rangers.

  • Darren Howlett 1 month ago

    At 13:55 why was little Kelly with you and then she was back in her box?

  • Clara Poucher 1 month ago

    kelly can u film a vid with prestonplayz

  • Tamitha Irvin 1 month ago

    Hey where did you find LK I missed it but at the end I saw her

  • mid much fun 1 month ago

    do some Pokemon go

  • Spence April 1 month ago

    why is little carly doing the video

  • KIARA SOTIL 1 month ago

    Little Kelly is back YAYA

  • DJ Shawdowgirl 1 month ago

    I haven’t seen LK in awhile also it’s my birthday so ya that’s all I’m not gonna asks for likes cya

  • Tahlia Butler 1 month ago

    I have that classic Lego at my house

  • kamdon broswoto 1 month ago

    can I please John yi

  • Janet Ramos 1 month ago

    It’s on little Carly’s screen but it’s little Kelly’s channel

  • Hannah Carlson 1 month ago

    Do a little Donny video where little Donny gets robbed and then he gets framed and he base to make a place called Little Donny’s donuts or do it with Donut the dog please!

  • Lai Mueblas 1 month ago


  • Nathan Cunningham 1 month ago

    You should have other people in this series. Like Ropo, Scuba Steave, etc.

  • Jodie Rigby 1 month ago

    LOVE ❤️# FAN

  • Trick Master 1 month ago

    Ironman should really become part of this series

  • Aubrie Machuca 1 month ago

    Hi little kelly your the best youtube

  • kristen shepherd 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice that it’s LK channel and LC did I video like it was LC’s channel??

  • Lexi Phillips 1 month ago

    that was an awesome video little Kelly

  • Wengie 1 month ago

    What an awesome video Little Kelly

  • Rosaria Italia 1 month ago

    che putana

  • IZZIE THE UNICORN 1 month ago

    /me lol wat am I saying?

  • Sara Stumpotry 2 24th tree yolk lllghyvxxx 1 month ago

    Carly y are u on Kelly’s channel

  • alem gamer 1 month ago

    can i be in little club i love yours videos i can be squidy

  • Neesh Crosdale 1 month ago

    Do a vid about you and little Carly switch body’s

  • Kamal Raj Mission 1 month ago


  • Kamal Raj Mission 1 month ago

    This was my first comment ever and well I did this behind my mother’s back because I am like dying to meet you and created this channel, plz god forgive me but I just did this to tell you my feelings

  • Kamal Raj Mission 1 month ago

    Kelly I love you but I think for this bed wars and rotators series you have left playing ROBLoX and I joined ROBLOX only If I would get a chance to meet you

  • Laurie Johnson 1 month ago

    I want to be in your family

  • slamet imraan 1 month ago

    dont ever play with barbie at 3:00 am ever you wil die

  • Jazmine Rodriguez 1 month ago

    why is Carly in kelly channel

  • Jazmine Rodriguez 1 month ago


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