• Christian Mings 5 months ago

    I already clicked the like button before watching the video. So I clicked the like button twice with my nose.

  • you should try CS:GO

  • Arag0rn543 5 months ago

    How tf can an adventurer actually get into the witch realm its always full

  • ThisIsMyRealName 5 months ago

    CreeperEdge can you change texture pack

  • Hunter Ellenbecker 5 months ago

    You should have asked to grind ghasts for the horse mask

  • Sandslinger Games 5 months ago

    28:56 banned for leaving aura on at spawn (nice job) LOOOOL FUNNIEST THING IVE SEEN FOR A WHILE

  • TheFuturePolice Channel 5 months ago

    I just realized CEdge changed his name to “CreepersEdge – Minecraft”

  • Minecraft HCF And More 5 months ago


  • Kitchemm Is Great 5 months ago

    Omfg “boop the like button” last season, *boopie* COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!

  • ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ 5 months ago

    Lol I love how they’re “enemies” and all but then the legendary hoard comes up and both of them are suddenly like “OH, woah woah woah!!!”

  • MLG Turtle 5 months ago

    can you plz play this server and give it life. TheDarkAge.NL

  • Ethan Hopewell 5 months ago

    TheDarkAge.NL can you play this server.

  • Leen Saad 5 months ago

    Everybody stop attacking Ryan he is incont . Some people like to take screenings with out asking like at the bieging.
    (edit): Lyf is a good factions plus there kind and thoughtful. And no Ryan don’t kill Ted unless no more heads

  • ppancake34 pancake34 5 months ago

    GG hitting 400k 🙂 have fun with your subs!!!!

  • VIPER GAMING 5 months ago

    Start a head wall

  • Xtreme Flipping 5 months ago

    Creepers edge u should’ve used your bulk sell to sell the heads xD

  • Someone's Alive 5 months ago

    Get your monthly crate !!

  • EnderBro Army 5 months ago

    929th like

  • Rushil Desai 5 months ago

    How does get his Sky on his texture pack to be like that? What’s it called?

  • Wippin L 5 months ago

    I did it!!! I used my noseeee

  • BanThe Gamer 5 months ago

    October vualt??????

  • maria cazares 5 months ago

    this yt is one of the ytbers who rlly uploads daily on a 2nd VHANNEL

  • Dhdjcghdhjejhchhchd tdiidriiririir 5 months ago

    Ryan you’re always talking about how much you love your viewers but when ever you get a private message from one you never ever reply

  • Dhdjcghdhjejhchhchd tdiidriiririir 5 months ago

    It kinda proves you don’t appreciate them as much as you say so..

  • ion201 gaming 5 months ago

    Hey man this is ion201, I was asking in this video if I could join ya’lls faction. I am able to work on building your trust. I would really enjoy to be by your side in any circumstance. If there is any way I could ease your mind for you to invite me, /mail send ion201 please I would help u in lots of ways. Thanks so much for you being a Youtuber.

    P.S. You are the one who introduced me to factions and I greatly appreciate it very much.

  • Josh Ive 5 months ago

    didnt you say you would open up mystical charms in this episode? xD *you said last episode* “next episode i might go ham with some mystical charms”

  • Ashwin Jakanathan 5 months ago

    Why do you always say at the end of the day. You said it so many times this video. Its okay but it sometimes gets annoying

  • Klratz 5 months ago

    998 like with nose

  • Desty Gameing 11 5 months ago

    I made it 1k likes. It was at 999 likes. That just made my day because your my favorite and I made it 1k. I wonder if I made it 100k wow

  • Curly's Channel 5 months ago

    Cedge, please stop with the little giggle thing, it’s getting annoying. You average like 2 giggles per minute…

  • I Like Smallmouth 5 months ago

    You’re my favorite YouTuber, I wanna know how I can join your faction?

  • Mega Creeper 5 months ago

    Cedge, can you do more modded shoot offs with your friends? I really love those videos 😘

  • JazerGaming 5 months ago

    this is why Eat a Gapple Before you
    kill the horde

  • iMytee 5 months ago

    Hey creepersedge. I want to talk to about factions a bit. I want to give you something as a faction player on the server, not a fan. Its ‘sort of’ serious talk but it might help you out in the future. My discord is MyteePvP#4484

  • Just CubeZ 5 months ago

    #RIPNUGGETS … You will be missed.

  • Tuấn Hoàng 5 months ago


  • Sean Playz 5 months ago

    congrats on 400,000 my man, I’ve been watching you for a longgg time

  • Killer Stone 5 months ago

    VYEnemy plays okimc now

  • SuperFan Man 5 months ago

    Could somebody please tell me what a Spider Mask III

  • Ahmad idheileh 5 months ago


  • TheConfidentNoob 5 months ago

    I thought Ryan would be at 401K subs by now, but he’s not so I checked his social blade and it seems he is LOSING subs everyday! Don’t believe me? Check his social blade out for yourself

  • DucksSchool 5 months ago

    “Well Ted.. Have a good lyf” xD

  • Joris Buis 5 months ago

    You should become ally’s with Lyf again!

  • Jack Bugden 5 months ago

    Is lyf f top 1

  • kristina wright 5 months ago

    Do vids with ted!

  • ZivSpielman 5 months ago

    I booped the like button

  • Awesomeplayer656 5 months ago

    what is your texter pack with the cut sword i relly want to know i cant find it any one know his texter pack

  • Crown? ??? 5 months ago


  • Ultralizer 11 5 months ago


  • keaghan ferreira 5 months ago

    creeper im so proud of you that you didn’t leave minecraft

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