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  • Benora Farmer 2 weeks ago

    Do an emoji armor I liked water armor

  • larry richards 2 weeks ago

    I would do water!!!:)

  • Breahna Aldrich 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys I love you I want to meet all the little Club I wish I could

  • Mir Mir Abdulhalik 2 weeks ago


  • Jim Kerr 2 weeks ago


  • Starla Swartz 2 weeks ago

    I love this video please do more

  • Joseph Baker 2 weeks ago

    Fire armor and obsidian armor

  • Haylee Clayton 2 weeks ago

    I like both;) hi

  • Wayne Rodriguez Jr 2 weeks ago

    Er through vs let

  • Michelle Paradee 2 weeks ago

    Water cuase its blue

  • Jacob Morris 2 weeks ago

    Lava is better but I think watter

  • Bella Lewis 2 weeks ago


  • Daniel Singh 2 weeks ago

    # water armer is better

  • Marshall Stetson 2 weeks ago


  • tuxes tazza gamer 2 weeks ago

    sud to my channel tuxes tazza gamer on YouTube please thanks.

  • tuxes tazza gamer 2 weeks ago

    i love all the little club love it will be an honor to join. sud to my channel.

  • Lili Segura 2 weeks ago

    damn Daniel

  • Lili Segura 2 weeks ago

    love u baby max

  • Popyeni Joshua 2 weeks ago

    Water is way way way way way better

  • Charlotte Koh 2 weeks ago

    Diamond versus gold and put that effect on dissyness and blindness the dissyness is for the glod

  • Little Zoe 2 weeks ago

    more More MORE

  • Will gaming 2 weeks ago

    do obsidian vs bedrock

  • Skywalker 02 2 weeks ago

    Water can take out lava!

  • Zoe Grogan 2 weeks ago

    Obsidian vs diamond

  • Minecraft Legend 2 weeks ago

    Water was the best

  • Senne Oegema 2 weeks ago

    Ice armor vs vire armor

  • Analei Bisnathsing 2 weeks ago

    good one do a zombie pigman

  • Royboy Wood a say 2 weeks ago


  • Moynul Hoque 1 week ago


  • Fire Lazer 1 week ago

    I whod have lava in rail life

  • Lucy Williams 1 week ago

    Chicken VS. Bacon

  • Cecilia Burkett 1 week ago


  • Muscle wolf Rock 1 week ago


  • cupcake monster 1 week ago

    WATER cause it can burn the lave i did that before with my friend

  • cupcake monster 1 week ago

    Any one else wondering y there are huge adorable bunnies hopping around

  • Sarah Collins 1 week ago

    Pizza vs burger gear

  • Izzy Fizzy 1 week ago

    Lava because it i sooo cool

  • Judy Thompson 1 week ago

    Litten versus rockruff Armor

  • Kieran Dolman 1 week ago


  • Jake Green 1 week ago

    Snarky and little lizard amor

  • iits_ nickk 1 week ago


  • Mr.polar gaming 1 week ago


  • Talia Grey 1 week ago


  • Tan Hero 1 week ago


  • Calista Porter 1 week ago

    I would choose the water armor

  • Yo Bleh 1 week ago

    ❤️ilygsm the little club is AWEESSOOOMMMMEEEE❤️

  • Galackzy Girl 1 week ago

    i have a youtube channel but i have videos and i love all your vids

  • Sue Mulhane 1 week ago

    Scope Steve you are not done with bad guys

  • Leanna Delaney 1 week ago


  • Ranjot Singh 1 week ago


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