Thank you everyone for supporting and sticking with me till now.


  • ImLucky Playz Mc & More 10 months ago

    Its 11 days not 8

  • Pink Lemonade 10 months ago

    I just love it when youtubers say like it if you want to, not like forcing you to like it!!!!!

  • Michael weir 10 months ago

    No. Minecraft. Better

  • tessman 10 months ago

    somting landon didn’t say :’)
    ‘I am doing it just for the money’

  • CordlessPlayz 10 months ago

    Roblox is trash, All the kids play it and make me get cancer

  • Fear Eclipse 10 months ago

    Wtf happened to you, I watched you when you had 60k. You look more grown up and you’re videos look more well made.

  • Josh Playz 279 10 months ago

    Landon mc your gonna get so much hate by playing and making more videos on roblox than mindcraft

  • Nishchay Kapatral 10 months ago

    I’m not going to ask for likes five second later asks for likes

  • BranzGamez 10 months ago

    what about factions?

  • Adyn Ryan 10 months ago

    2 vids on minecraft and 1 or 2 vid on episode ROBLOX

  • yagmurluvsya 10 months ago

    Bedwars with Vurb!!!

  • yagmurluvsya 10 months ago

    even tho youtuber bedwars is annual can we have like videos of it occasionally like maybe once everything 2 months? something like that

  • yagmurluvsya 10 months ago


  • Laura Ly 10 months ago

    Landon do a keep your hotbar with the same items the wholegame skywars chalkenge!

  • Crazy Nic 10 months ago

    Bedwars please

  • Harrison 22 10 months ago

    Lad on plz give me 9rb so I can buy your duck merchant plz GT: H4RR1S0N22

  • Mason Draper 10 months ago


  • Mason Draper 10 months ago


  • Guy Medaris 10 months ago

    Double upload on minecraft and then next day double upload on roblox

  • Muhammad Pasha Hakim 10 months ago

    I think your upload schedule should be 1 roblox video and one minecraft video I’m not that big of a fan of roblox but I think those roblox viwers deserve some videos and so do minecraft

  • Bloxy McGinnis 10 months ago

    One Minecraft video and one ROBLOX video a day and life’ll be good for you

  • TheGamingTiger 10 months ago

    Landon do 1minecraft 1roblox vid after you publish can you plz live stream on mc then next day rb #ducksquad sorry it a lot I asked for

  • Buckyboy404 10 months ago

    i would like to see 0 roblox vids delate channel NOW and 5 minecraft vids a day like if you agree

  • Wolfiet// TheLonelyRasor 10 months ago

    Game War 1:Pokemon VS Mario

    Game War 2:Terraria VS Minecraft (kinda)

    Game War 3: Minecraft VS Roblox I hate this more than Donald Trump

  • alex chavez 10 months ago

    landon can do whatever he wants do net tall him what he can and can not do paople!!!!!

  • TowerKuns 10 months ago

    Landon I love your tnt wars with preston and vurb! please do more <3

  • Brian Martinez 10 months ago

    i love your video so much

  • Ayla Cherry 10 months ago

    NO, ALL I HEARD FOR MOST OF THE VID WAS “ROBLOX” “ROBLOX” “ROBLOOOXX” kill me I hate that 7 year old game ;-;

  • Clutch Enzo 10 months ago

    I understand Landon I’ve been watching u for a year I love your skywars Challenges factions ETC

  • GD Tulgon 10 months ago

    Once again:

    Expectations: Everyone in the internet would be nice! 😀

    Reality: They can’t even accept other people’s opinions and call games they don’t like “TRASH”

    Anyone else lost faith in humanity?

  • Chiz De Leon 10 months ago

    my longest in not playing minecraft is 2 months

  • KiethPlayz 10 months ago

    Landon I’ve been watching your Roblox vids so long forgot this channel exist lol

  • xTnTProx BTD battles and more 10 months ago

    Anyone else only read the chat at the beginnng and didnt listen to Landon?

  • wilson wiogo 10 months ago

    Tnt wars

  • Abel Beraki 10 months ago

    In my opinion I like roblox but I understand that there are people who like mine craft why do you have to hate for roblox?

  • Elijah Munga 10 months ago

    Doesn’t be put on WAY better armour – “I literally can’t win!”. 😤😤😤😤😤

  • Towhid Rahman 10 months ago

    Sky wars and roblox 2 videos

  • Steven Gu 10 months ago

    Plz play minecraft more

  • charles ilango chandana rayappan 10 months ago

    I don’t understand why there is so much hate towards ROBLOX the graphics are way better and there are way more better games to be honest minecraft is just getting old

  • twixbar tech 10 months ago

    My guy can you do a giveaway for all ya fans who have waited 9 days for minecraft content

  • Parker Matson 10 months ago

    Stoooop roblox

  • Dragon Slayer 10 months ago


  • David Huffman 10 months ago

    We need da minecrap kill roblox

  • TheRealFlamerGamer 10 months ago

    I play both Minecraft and ROBLOX they are both really good games, Like if you agree

  • Marisa Simone 10 months ago

    What is his texture pack

  • 315tigerdude 10 months ago


    #UNSUB sadly I will have to do it

  • VirusPlayz 10 months ago

    Landon I’m not mad ur still the best potato in my heart from Virus777 aka Coolcaz2017 I won the plat rank giveaway on districts I still think it the best yt out there I still luv u thanks for being awesome 😄😊😎

  • TheDerpNinja/SuchFaster 10 months ago

    You sound like rice gum

  • Rodney Gerard 10 months ago

    You may get now MC ALT’s cost free it truly is secured and is working

  • Sammy0321 10 months ago

    Oldschool skywars like the good old days of the channel

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