• Hailey Clark 6 months ago

    Whait a a a a killer CLAWON 0-0 omg i poop my pants

  • Kenya Wilson 6 months ago

    O😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😨😨😨😭😭😭😱😭🤡🤡🤡 omg

  • Ponyboy lover 6 months ago

    They all float down here 🎈

  • Sam Juarez 6 months ago

    awwwwww) hope you feel better

  • Tiffany Pryor 6 months ago

    i whnt to see it so so so much

  • Abel Vallejo 6 months ago

    I’m watching this a night is it bad?

  • Norman Ismail 6 months ago


  • JustKillerStew 6 months ago


  • NOMNOM PRINCESS 6 months ago

    Omg I thing she died😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Renee Hubner 6 months ago


  • Renee Hubner 6 months ago

    Really your afraid of something FAKE

  • Jane Hughes 6 months ago

    I am sick too give me a 5 star I love you Carly and kelly

  • Vlogs with Shaun 6 months ago

    The ballon is just a person in creative and druck a invisibility potion

  • Leanne Richards 6 months ago

    Love the video

  • ender girl#evil 6 months ago

    Littlekelly plssssssss make a sister location fnaf roleplay

  • Peter Foleyll 6 months ago


  • Peter Foleyll 6 months ago


  • Abigayle Mccann 6 months ago


  • arco Torres 6 months ago

    Did any one seen it was 3 am

  • Galaxy Girl 6 months ago

    I know right good job guys

  • 🏅🥇🥈🥉🎧📱📲🎥🎞️📹📼✏️📒🖍️📝💼✂️🗃️🗄️🗄️🗝️🔑🔐🔏🔓🗑️🔮🛒💊☑️✔️⛸️⛳🕹️🇱🇷

  • Trex Tezeno 6 months ago


  • Faith McCallie 6 months ago

    u dont do enough videos with little carly

  • Crystal Gendre 6 months ago


  • Jesse Gatlin 6 months ago

    My iPhone got reset so I have to catch up

  • FeaR_Bray Luck 6 months ago

    I love your toystore videos make more please!

  • Ally Conrad 6 months ago

    Me: *sees the killer clown*
    Me: *screams*
    My cousin:what!!
    My cousin:okay..?

  • HeyItz Grace 6 months ago


  • Rosemarie ORiordan 6 months ago

    Oh my god. Kelly.is it 😈😭

  • Babyblue Sin 6 months ago

    Me and my baby sister are so sick can I at least 5 likes

  • Bianca Basile 6 months ago

    That is a bit creepy lol 🤡🤡🤡

  • teresa roth 6 months ago

    ahhh my sister waches it a lot ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Bolt Chadwell 6 months ago


  • Jacob Moore 6 months ago

    Jacob ❤ ava dua David alex zoe

  • Jacob Moore 6 months ago


  • Jacob Moore 6 months ago

    Jacob ❤ dua

  • Aideenjane bell 6 months ago

    Im sick to and my brothers 1 thumbs up please

  • Craig Uptagrafft 6 months ago


  • Kelege Bright 6 months ago

    It wasn’t even scary

  • Yum Cake 6 months ago

    Stop saying IT, I know it’s called IT but just stop, live you tho I love you so much I can’t even think about it you are my favorite hero I wanted to watch this for the longest and now I finally is and I love you so much thanks little Kelly for all your videos

  • Yum Cake 6 months ago

    I have something to say, little Kelly Sharky all of your king I love you so much and you always make me happy every time I watch your videos it feels it makes me feel like I’m in the video with you I love you guys so much you make me so happy and I but I love you so much guys I hope I can see you one day and thanks guys for your videos keep making me happy all of them I love your it shows well videos but love you guys I’ll subscribe

  • Melanie Lopez 6 months ago

    Do you watch Rick and Morty.I watch that show,it is funny . Great video LK i love you videos❤❤

  • John Rivoire 6 months ago


  • Olivia Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Ahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh aaahhh Sfar from cynthia

  • 4343giselle 6 months ago


  • Kerry Jones 6 months ago

    little Carly is not set ciler

  • Jesus Herrera 6 months ago


  • Hector Negron 6 months ago

    Good video little kelly

  • Lala Lala 6 months ago

    little kelly when you said this:take that! you sound like rainbow dash.😂

  • _my.wonderful.pets_ 6 months ago

    I love this series! You should do a Halloween special where everyone turns into .exe and you guys save them!!

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