• Javier Rodriguez 1 week ago

    Is this mod for minecraft 1.12.2

  • Anthony Rollins 1 week ago

    Jurassic Park Origins what

  • alduin dovakiin 1 week ago

    Does this mean there is going to be no fairy tale origins?

  • Unknown gamer 1 week ago

    100% there is gonna be one mad scientist

  • sans gaming 1 week ago

    Welcome To Jurassic Kingdom

  • cristangelo 340 1 week ago


  • Jadedomino Plez minecraft 1 week ago

    The name is strange of the series

  • Nullblaster The Voidmaker 1 week ago

    Indominus Rex is my favorite.

  • Keren Garraway 1 week ago


  • Ethan Resor 1 week ago

    My Fave Part Was #DancingDino

  • Verizon Data 1 week ago


  • TheBananaMaster 1 week ago

    Soooooo awesome

  • Nessie 1 week ago


  • Jessy Louis 1 week ago

    Do a series of Jurassic world

  • Sea Beast 1 week ago

    Thank you so much your the best for bringing this back

  • Tammy Bramlett 1 week ago

    my favorate dino is carcharadontasaurus

  • Gabriel Campbell 1 week ago


  • TheArmedDodo 1 week ago


  • xenith xeecrew 1 week ago

    Next you should do a pixelmon origins series

  • Player Slayer100 1 week ago

    Baby raptor

  • Aviluz 1 week ago

    those are some advanced 3d printers, I didn’t see a bit of wax on the generated items :O

  • Aviluz 1 week ago

    Memories! “The Leaves are lookin’ lovely today”

  • JerryBlaze7 1 week ago

    the dryasaur WAS my favorite before he became road pizza under the tires of xylo. RIP! x.x

  • Ryan Fortnite YOLO 1 week ago

    This is my favorite series now

  • Kanesmode 1 week ago

    Where is the first person thing it is kinda annoying

  • line lin 1 week ago

    Favorite dinosaur is Velociraptor. Blue from Jurrasic World

  • spike the bat reactions 1 week ago

    Do a fnaf origins

  • Theunkowngamer 1 week ago

    Xylo:if we hit over 2000 likes well thats a surprise
    Fans: mk but we hit it in a day

  • SteveMaple228 Insung 1 week ago

    Xylo, I got the same dream too. I always wanted a pet Velociraptor, in My Minecraft I hatched my first dinosaur egg,and once it hatched it became a Velociraptor from jurassic Park 3,i think called an Archelobator a red Velociraptor and its male, so I named it Slash! My raptor and I were together since I was 5! If it weren’t for my Idols John Hammond, Dr. Allen Grant, Dr. Ian,and Owen Grady.

  • SteveMaple228 Insung 1 week ago

    Hey, Xylo how about your dino companians are 4,no 5 raptors becuase you know your skin looks like a raptor trainer, think of it your the alpha of the raptors, and pick one of raptors as a sub-Alpha when your away I’ll leave the names to you

  • Robert Mcintire 1 week ago

    Blood-sucking Lawyers

  • Dinnes Lambart 1 week ago

    raptor blue

  • mad tamer Parks 1 week ago

    Why did he not shot the dino. That was attacking him

  • Ángel Aixa Cruz 1 week ago

    You should make a digital miner if you have that mod

  • RyujiGaming _ 1 week ago

    I found this channel today when I was looking for jurassic world evolution videos and found thegamingbeaver and then I remembered about minecraft dinosaurs and looked for the newest series and found this channel. It looks really good and I also want to watch you fairy tale series when I saw it at the corner of my eye.

  • SomeRandomBug Is busy 1 week ago

    Yay! The little dryosaurus got accepted into Yale! Good luck child! (That poor little dryosaurus R.I.P)

  • RyujiGaming _ 1 week ago

    My favourite dinosaur is the Pachycephalosaurus

  • Endercat 1 week ago

    “Hello…? IS THAT A GUN?!!!!!”

    I laughed so hard at that part!

  • Lord Krampus 1 week ago

    Xylo why u got u be the best role-player give some one else a chance

  • Radu Nicolae Ovidiu 1 week ago

    Xily you will make pokemon shodown club

  • Hunterarchersam 1 week ago


  • Xia Ren 1 week ago

    What next yugioh orgins

  • Doug Vail 1 week ago

    xylo make the military base your base

  • SteveYT gaming 1 week ago

    My favorite dinesour are raptors

  • paul Saville 1 week ago

    Fevrt dayno is a vlosrapter

  • Katie Holley 1 week ago

    My favorite dinosaur is a raptor

  • Galaxy_K . 1 week ago

    Lol Jurassic origin

  • bigbootyjudy 1 week ago


  • Shaun Arthur 1 week ago

    Walking dead Jrassic park

  • Martin Trozado 1 week ago

    Do you like the band call Mont direction I like that

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