• TryHardNinja | VIDEO GAME SINGER 4 weeks ago

    Thanks so much for animating a video to my song. All the fighting looks amazing 😀

  • Kriko Porter 3 weeks ago

    Im can speed this video 5x?

  • HolyGolden 3 weeks ago

    Yep hers hips are formed like a females no offense to anyone

  • ツJellyCraft 3 weeks ago

    Cool Animación 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💓💓💓💓💓💓 Urdertale Animación Cool 👍👍👍💓💓💓

  • Love Joyce Damasco 3 weeks ago


  • Stefan Dudek 3 weeks ago

    Why sans only have hands

  • Gol ZitTheToyFox 3 weeks ago

    😉👌 wowie i luv Minecaft alot! Even Undertale i luv it! //^^//

  • kryndy 3 weeks ago

    Good job and gread is this frisk is girl;)

  • Lordcreeper [Minecraft] 3 weeks ago

    2:28 shake it girl shake it

  • Mario Fan123 3 weeks ago

    Never screw with frisk

  • Mainer Tv 3 weeks ago

    Perfect music and animaiton

  • Emake __ 3 weeks ago

    *Sans Die*

    *Fangirl Die*

  • Sansmans4. exe 3 weeks ago

    There are some things you forgot
    1: frisk’s eyes are supposed to be ALWAYS closed because they are blind
    2:sans is supposed have a permanent smile
    3:when ever a monster dies the corpses is supposed to turn to dust
    4:frisk is supposed to have no gender
    5: monster souls are upside down hearts
    6:sans can survive being slashed by frisk (the human) for a few minutes THEN he dies

  • Miina Laine 3 weeks ago

    Amazing battle

  • AlanPlKoxu 3 weeks ago


  • DraconGaming 3 weeks ago

    Ive watched this over 5 times now and i still cant figure out why frisk walks like a model

  • CJPlayz_ 3 weeks ago

    how can sans bleed if he’s a skeleton? *ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED*

  • Lola Fnaf 3 weeks ago

    Frisk is a Girl ! 😍😱

  • youtuber gamers 3 weeks ago

    … Cooooooooooooooollllllll

  • Valentina Bonazzi 3 weeks ago

    Noooo ooo Sans

  • Rapirel 3 weeks ago


  • Jasionka 123 3 weeks ago

    You are amazing! Your animation is beautiful! Keep doing it, because such talent can not be wasted

  • PotatoRebel 3 weeks ago

    can you do a pacifist animation of undertale?

  • Jennie Franks 3 weeks ago

    I LOve THIS

  • slenderfox32 3 weeks ago

    There must be a sequel for this
    There MUST

  • SANSy ! happy birthday ! 3 weeks ago

    Ow Man !
    Amazing ! *I Never seen a great animation like that !*
    Great job 👍

  • OMG Maz 3 weeks ago

    This is really cool. I love how Sans’s blue eye looks. Also, the gaster blasters look AWSOME.

  • eva arzara 3 weeks ago

    Are skeletons have blood?

  • ennard gamer alpaydin 3 weeks ago

    Fnaf fnaf fnaf

  • Efe Ibrahim Tasdemir 3 weeks ago

    I find it funny that frisk/chara wiggle ‘s to dodge 3 bones

  • Smila Fonnesbo 3 weeks ago

    She got NO mercy! Cool song. Make more please!

  • oyun j 3 weeks ago

    Sans win

  • Flame Core 3 weeks ago

    NUUUUUU!!!!!!!! SANS!!!!!!

  • Omg this is the best one ever R.I.P. goat lady papy muffet mettaton sans

  • Saber Strike 3 weeks ago

    When it says “is there love in your heart” it thought of LOVE which stands for Level Of ViolencE

  • this is crap 3 weeks ago

    the end made me nearly cry idk why XD

  • underswap napstaton 3 weeks ago

    i have a minecraft pe mtt neo skin

  • Ieva Kardauskaite 3 weeks ago

    No sans😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • Pink lovable Crystal 3 weeks ago

    I’m just asking not being a a**ho*e but I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to draw them in dust but do u know they turn in dust when u kill them just asking not being an a**

  • marian manevrat 3 weeks ago

    Sans nooo

  • Yuna Naruna 3 weeks ago

    you guys work together in the music

  • Lilla Viktória Szalánczi 3 weeks ago

    this is a cool!!!

  • Why i look different looks not ubdated ugh

  • Sans voice 8s different its real boy voice ugh

  • Frisk will be chara but frisk will be bad

  • Animation Studio 3 weeks ago

    So many 3 year old fan boys/girls, Im just here to see your Hard work! Keep up the good work

  • bobrainer76 3 weeks ago

    R.i.p. sans😭😭😭😭😭

  • zaky royale 3 weeks ago

    Hey his frisk fight sans mis it is vidio no mis yo

  • Viktor Anderström 3 weeks ago

    Do you mean level of violence love or good love

  • Mental Gaming 3 weeks ago


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