• Dark Corners 6 months ago

    Are you going to play Minecraft on the 18th of December?
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  • ALEXGOMOR RBLX2 6 months ago

    john doe is on roblox not minecraft

  • Wolf Slayer21 6 months ago

    John Doe Wants To Play Minecraft Now Not Roblox XD

  • Wolf Slayer21 6 months ago

    Dark You Should Go To Spawn, Locate Players, Or Search The Map For John Doe

  • Kona chan 6 months ago

    What? John doe only hacks roblox…

  • Kona chan 6 months ago

    How are you so lucky seeing this?? I NEVER GET TO PLAY / SEE SCARY THINGS

  • TDMfan9092 6 months ago

    I spawned there before. The village scared me ’cause I thought it was a giant army coming to kill me. XD

  • mylifeasmairi 6 months ago

    john doe gives me 1000000000000 robux really

  • Soma Varju 6 months ago


  • Jean Nielsen 6 months ago

    Sure I’ll play Minecraft on 12/18/2017

  • Lena Owen 6 months ago

    What’s, Jesus comes into my game? XD

  • Andrew 6 months ago

    Say John Doe are you there in the chat if it says that he joined.

  • Pisces Girl 6 months ago

    john doe is in roblox old but comes out on March 18

  • Cagney Caranation 6 months ago

    I Don’t belive this is real

  • AndyTheGreat 6 months ago

    John Doe is not real at all.I play on the 18th in roblox and I didn’t get hacked,all my robux was still there.

  • Gabriel Vornicu 6 months ago

    The zombie is Jonh Doe.

  • God of Code 6 months ago

    You don’t know how to pronounce LAN ??? That’s childish bro learn English

  • Mohammed saleh 6 months ago


  • lula pino 6 months ago

    jonh doe is of roblox no is of minecraft >:V

  • arran EGSA 6 months ago

    the jump cuts scare me dark corners more than jhon doe

  • Penywise the dancing clown 6 months ago

    İts my minecraft nametag hahaha

  • Bruno 6 months ago


  • Snqwy Official 6 months ago

    *John Doe isn’t a real thing*

  • Wouldn’t the villager become a zombie villager? Not poof and die…?? (Or only sometimes?) Like if you agree and also so that Dark can see this!

  • Bryan Liu 6 months ago

    Dude jo

  • Bryan Liu 6 months ago

    Dude John Doe is play roblox how is John Doe play Minecraft

  • Pretty sure its fake just like roblox XD

  • Horror Forest - Creepy Stories & More 6 months ago

    that is creepy af. . .

  • Alvin Abangan 6 months ago

    i did not see John doe

  • tina racca 6 months ago

    Love your vids 😊

  • Tattle Tail 6 months ago

    i hate john doe hes hacker he hack my roblox sever

  • Nikushimi San 6 months ago

    dude john doe is a life stealer sorcerer i mean he is real and he killed so much people while wars etc etc

  • Tatyana Kayrevich 6 months ago

    hey dark who is john doe

  • ItsGacy 6 months ago


  • Smallmanchild 6 months ago

    are you kidding me

  • illegal eagle 6 months ago

    You little scum. I’m not talking about “John doe” that is probably just his friends. I am talking about dark who is scamming you to believe this shmit just to earn YouTube revenue. John doe, it’s not real, it is just a test account on roblox. And if it were John doe, it wouldn’t be John doe. Just some guy pretending to be John doe just to scare kids. John do is fake and you should all get over it

  • servando vega 6 months ago

    why didnt you tp to him

  • collin casanova 6 months ago

    fake. totally fake he probably used commands to fake the join from john doe.

  • bdog6875 6 months ago

    type are you there like you did in the herobrine seed and see if you get a response

    if you do this give me a shoutout you are the best youtuber in the world!!!!

  • Gaming Of Overwatch 6 months ago


  • LivvyLuBug 6 months ago

    i love these kind of videos even if they are fake i still love them they still make me jump and make me scared hehe X3

  • Manaphy Gaming 6 months ago

    ummmm john doe dont plays minecraft but he my friend on roblox im jane doe on roblox say good bye to your channel whoahahahahha

  • Manaphy Gaming 6 months ago

    and im every day playing minecraft nothing happends scammer

  • Jack ShadowDragon 6 months ago

    But You can’t have space in your name

  • Marcus Aurelius Keem 6 months ago

    roblox still owns john doe the account

  • FlyBait 6 months ago

    shitbait minecraft is an app not an online website

  • antman gamer 6 months ago

    It does looks like Jhon Doe don’t wants you to see him 😥😥

  • antman gamer 6 months ago

    He is also taking revench over roblox for death of Jane Doe his first friend

  • Justin Gonzales 6 months ago

    John doe is a roblulok player nat minecraft

  • tortoise gaming 6 months ago

    omg fake John doe is only in roblox and ONLY hackes admins and people with lodes of robux

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