• Logdotzip 6 months ago

    I hope you enjoyed all of Episode 3!! When you reach the big decision part, let me know who you would have brought with you!! (You’ll know when you get there!)

  • Ezekiel Carcha 5 months ago

    This is awsome 🙂

  • mr pig 5 months ago

    20:00 21:00 is try not to cry

  • HSNGaming 5 months ago


  • Melody Omac 5 months ago

    minecraft logic break he preasure plate

  • Sniggles Snow 5 months ago

    save luna

  • Adventure Cousins 5 months ago

    Do you realize you can fight while running

  • Adventure Cousins 5 months ago

    If i was you i will leave her you so ungreatfull

  • emma brennan 5 months ago


  • SirSlapAlot 5 months ago

    Just pointing out that the top of nether is also covered with bedrock 🙂

  • Asriel 5 months ago

    35:25 – 36:17 why didn’t you use the sword

  • PaperMarioGuy 5 months ago

    I think that the 3 headed ghast was the admin

  • Randon Warrior 5 months ago

    Admin summoned fred i think

  • its janna 5 months ago

    I can wait for next episode!!!!

  • Roy Cawood 5 months ago

    yet again, green stella.

  • The Legend Of Minecraft 5 months ago

    Have you ever been trolled?????

    Read more

  • Sultan Rizky 5 months ago

    Not admin jesse is romeo

  • Anonymous Misnomer 5 months ago

    The true admin was inside us all along

  • Anonymous Misnomer 5 months ago

    I’d leave the Llama cuz she can teleport out

  • Demon The Shiny Dragonite 5 months ago

    Surely they are in the nether if it is not below the world

  • Dieeneman 5 months ago

    i should take lluna

  • pontuzaa the gamer 5 months ago

    OMG Luna or Nurm, Like this comment to pay your respects 🙂

  • michael cortez 5 months ago

    At 14:56 R.I.P headphone users 😂

  • DragonAlley64 5 months ago

    Sticks from dead bushes gold from dead zombies thats how they got swords to kill the wardion

  • KIM CLARKE 5 months ago

    oh no :'(

  • KIM CLARKE 5 months ago

    noo not her how your a monster a MONSTER

  • Dani01 5 months ago

    48:43 oh, it din’t broke xD

  • Sarah Reynolds 5 months ago


  • Creeper ruler 5 months ago

    jack is prisoer x

  • Oscar Acosta 5 months ago

    Who else noticed the Sheald part radar used was from the movie Wonder Woman?

  • Jacob Tsou 5 months ago

    I like how they use slime as a curse word

  • GAMING GIRL135 5 months ago

    Jetra Jack and Petra

  • Wither Storm 5 months ago

    Calm down

  • TBNR LUIGI 5 months ago

    When I first saw the three-headed Ghast this is my face O_O

  • TBNR LUIGI 5 months ago

    Why didn’t they add the three-headed ghast into Minecraft that would have been the most best boss ever

  • OfficialRealEnnard doing gaming vids 5 months ago

    19:08 Lluna is floating.
    R.I.P Logic
    EDIT: At the end OF THE EPISODE, what Jesse was looking at was the End DIMENSION(i think) as might be a reference to one of the Minecraft theories of what’s below the void/bedrock. And Tyler made a pun accidently.

  • Karl Thompson 5 months ago

    Pick nurm

  • HASmcr plays roblox 5 months ago


  • Rylan Hollingsworth 5 months ago

    Jack’s secret identity is HE’S JOHN CENA

  • Rylan Hollingsworth 5 months ago

    He is not in nether,end,bedrock layer their in the BAN LIST

  • ReeceTheGuyUNo 5 months ago

    Idk this is kinda random but doesn’t the admin sound like wheately?

  • Aiden Nadine 5 months ago


  • Lee Desmond 5 months ago

    The crybaby on camera

  • KayLine 5 months ago

    Go sub to my channel and I’ll sub back!
    Drop and like if you did 🙂

  • Warzan Siddiqui 5 months ago

    Logtopzip record a video of Minecraft Story Mod S2 EP4 full sound

  • Adrian Garza 5 months ago

    So sad made me cry

  • Anže Pakiž 5 months ago

    the spiders are not exacly normal… they have glowing red bits on their legs!

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