JAKE PAUL vs . . .? Minecraft MEME BUILD BATTLE!
馃憤 Let’s go for 5k


  • oscar escalante 1 week ago

    God church is best

  • Devaney Jimmy 1 week ago

    Bajan mincraft pe is not dan yet did u no that u can respon the ender dragon but u need the end crestels to do so 馃檪

  • John Paul McGuire 1 week ago

    i love the part were galaxy goats was in it XD he is da best 馃槈

  • x minecraft gamer Lee 1 week ago

    The best thing about my day is I got a new dog her name is cona

  • Rigged VV-Daily Vlogs and Games 1 week ago

    I subbed (:

  • dasda sdasd 1 week ago


  • KillerStrikeGaming 1 week ago

    i used to watch you so much before, I have no idea why I stopped

  • Benjamin Kruse 1 week ago


  • first death by King 1 week ago


  • finnick 786 1 week ago


  • SuperWho Merlock 1 week ago

    Thanks for making me laugh so much. I love you Mitch. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK

  • Help me reach 100,000 subs with no Vids 1 week ago

    Roses are red violets are blue Jake just got built and so did you

  • Nicholas Klinefelter 1 week ago

    Who’s a Jake Pauler, like if you are

  • Blake Manzo 1 week ago

    Bajan lol just lol

  • GJMarie 56 1 week ago


  • Dumb Potato 1 week ago

    You should have done crash bandicoot 馃槶馃様馃槥

  • Minecraftergirl On Roblox 1 week ago

    for the last meem i already knew u were putting that

  • Liam Dunnigan 1 week ago

    I remember like last year when this guy got 200-300 k views and now he’s only getting 50 RIP

  • Ba Jin 1 week ago


  • allmightyvon AV 1 week ago

    I like pewdiepie barbe doll show

  • Jake Tyler 1 week ago

    Not quiff

  • Finlay Haldane 1 week ago

    you know nobody likes you when a gamer roasts u

  • Cock Slap 1 week ago

    Should have done fresh avacado

  • BadAssNinja 153 1 week ago

    England is my city and it wasn’t for team ten the us will be shity.hahahhaha

  • Xaris Marinakis 1 week ago

    I couldnt focus at mitch at the start with the dabs and all the things behind him

  • green thunderstorm 1 week ago

    Jake Paul is a fucking gay ass cunt

  • Aaliya Hussain 1 week ago


  • steve and gaming 1 week ago

    sir r u Preston’s brother??

  • Examanos GreyTEM 1 week ago

    God church

  • Gobling 1 week ago

    Its true… Put Jake Paul in your thumbnail and pay the months rent

  • TheSpaceDiamond - Minecraft and more 1 week ago

    when did he start doing vids with inaproprate stuff

  • Matja啪 Rauter 1 week ago

    banja pines

  • Canon Kilpatrick 1 week ago

    This video was awesome

  • Aquagaming 1 week ago


  • Haley Griffin 1 week ago

    minutes to complete

  • jakob moeller 1 week ago

    jesus christ how much do you beg your fans for likes?

  • Adam Belski 1 week ago

    Bajan do even lift bro?

  • SuperGamer78 1 week ago


  • DASS Ninja 1 week ago

    I’ll tell you what my favorite part of the next video is me at the beginning

  • Namor Roman 1 week ago

    I haven’t watched any MC like this in very long time like yrs man this is a blast to the past

  • Cristopher Ventura 1 week ago

    I liked the penis

  • StanchChip252 1 week ago

    Bajan just subbed but watched your vids for a long time

  • Tristan Abernathy 1 week ago


  • Crazy Dragon 1 week ago

    Why the penes

  • Lydia 1 week ago

    Short but wide

  • NUNCA NADA 1 week ago

    Hot the bet nah

  • Iuseh Cre to 1 week ago

    What is up

  • Kyptoking666 1 week ago

    LOL I keep it Guave more than Mitch

  • Call Of Zaastin 1 week ago

    Been here since 700k

  • Popcorn Gamez 1 week ago

    My country is at war how’s your country?

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