• The Gaming Bondy 4 weeks ago

    First lol good luck beef

  • The Seventh 4 weeks ago

    Third yes

  • Firegamer 57 4 weeks ago

    Second yes

  • The Seventh 4 weeks ago

    Wassup bro love the vid

  • The Seventh 4 weeks ago

    Actually second

  • It's xXPaz223Xx 4 weeks ago

    Mining, Fishing… Whats next Mob Killing?

  • Casey Hogan 4 weeks ago

    Early asf

  • Lemilena Radojevic 4 weeks ago


  • Xavier Dupuis 4 weeks ago

    Those fishing rods name are awesome

  • jose estrada 4 weeks ago

    We want more uhc 😂

  • mulpes 4 weeks ago

    Please stop leaving cancerous comments like this. : (*FIRST*)

  • Jake Colin 4 weeks ago

    That guy at fishing was kind of an ahole lol

  • aReS J 4 weeks ago

    The VB Pepperoni & Cheese!

  • Jake Colin 4 weeks ago

    Abba caving>abba fishing, that shit was boring to watch

  • Ancient Bunny 4 weeks ago

    It’s Zobymaruu!!! Can’t wait to see the finished observatory. And well done, YooperTrooper! You guys are amazing!! <3

  • QUEEN CAMELOT X 4 weeks ago

    have i missed something , Hermitcraft , whats happened to that

  • Spectre 6 4 weeks ago

    “I actually don’t eat beef.” but you still spend time with it every night. 😉

  • Fenrir 4 weeks ago


  • Jet Lag 4 weeks ago

    Coming together? I hardly know her!

  • Zappy 4 weeks ago

    This fishing game actually made me go and want to fish in my Singleplayer World.

  • Aeltrius 4 weeks ago

    Hey, where’s your sign on your house? :^)

  • Insanity Extended 4 weeks ago

    build floating hot airballoons to match the spherical houses!

  • The 4ridg3 4 weeks ago

    Man what I wouldn’t give to go back to playing Minecraft. I think I might and is like to join your server beef

  • Peabrain 4 weeks ago

    When 1.13 drops, will the server updated?

  • Fanalama 4 weeks ago

    Looking good beef

  • Luke Maxwell 4 weeks ago

    Hey Beef, go to the End to get an elytra?

  • The Great Amida 4 weeks ago

    That does not look like a telescope coming out of the “observatory”…

  • David Grossenbacher 4 weeks ago

    That observatory looks like a Starbucks frap.

  • kendallannika 4 weeks ago

    when you built the first house on the island i was like wtf but now im beginning to see the vision

  • YeahImSam 4 weeks ago

    Not complete glass sadly beef. I mean i could but then i couldnt have my little window seats. It has orange terracotta too. I’ve just been busy all day today coming back to campus as spring break is over. I’m really glad you like it so far! Hope the orange isnt too much but its my fave color lol. ahh how silly i forgot to put a signnnn

  • Fnassau 4 weeks ago

    I see you are as good in ABBA Fishing as you are in ABBA Caving… 😛

  • Juan Mondragon 4 weeks ago

    “OMG Beef you just want likes for the money” 😂😂😂

  • tlchimes 4 weeks ago

    You can use “they” when you don’t know he or she. My children taught me that.

  • Andy8399 4 weeks ago

    Thanks for letting us build on you’re island. You missed the airbnb, square bnb pun. 😂

  • tlchimes 4 weeks ago

    Question for whoever knows: Do comments help raise the YouTuber up as well?

  • Zingen Studios 4 weeks ago

    Beef, I think your videos are amazing and I love how you collaborate with the community! I know that every once in a while you do giveaways for games and such if we guess the right number of resources you have collected. I think I speak for many of your viewers when I say that it would be amazing if you could start offering lifetime server access instead of these games. I understand that you can join the server via a $15 a month donation, but that is simply very hard to produce for some of us because we are still in High School and even under that. This wouldn’t open the floodgates to the server, but it would at least give those of us with very limited/no income a chance to join the server.

  • MonieLue78 4 weeks ago

    I love the Abba fishing game, Oldies but goodies.

  • Sam Cro 4 weeks ago

    Cave sheep! 🐑 🐑 lmao

  • Darkteentitan 4 weeks ago

    Love how that guy in the diamond armor saw beef then tried to act like he has something he needs to do there but he just wants to be in a video

  • Dylan H 4 weeks ago

    Why is the observatory not on the highest point on the island?

  • Izzyzizzy 4 weeks ago

    I have a feeling “Yooper Trooper” is from the upper peninsula.

  • kjemradio 4 weeks ago

    Wished you had not edited the second round. It’s quite entertaining to hear the smack talk.

  • Lone Tiger 3 weeks ago

    Did you mean to skip all of round 2?

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