• Lego Dimension game snell 8 months ago


  • Maria Elena Castro 8 months ago

    This is lilly—->🦄lilly has no friends
    One like=one friend

  • Kholoud Alghamdi 8 months ago

    Hi little Kelly, I am afraid of clowns too they are creepy and I want to watch the movie IT I always see his adds

  • ceiremarie 8 months ago

    I saw a clown in my Minecraft i was runing to my house the clown was chasing me it was scary

  • ceiremarie 8 months ago

    That was scary 510152025302l354035

  • Kyn Chandler 8 months ago

    i hate clowns they are scary

  • CRAFT GIRL STUDIOS 8 months ago

    753 comment Hi your the best

  • AG Maker 8 months ago

    omg one comment recomended to do a video of IT the clown going to the castle and i replied to that comment saying yeah thats a great idea and here it is

  • MGB Gamer 8 months ago


  • Merly Rizallosa 8 months ago

    aaaaah.it made me jump but its great you know little kelly i don,t like clown,s to

  • Kaitlyn fraser 8 months ago

    753 comment 😭

  • Hailey king 8 months ago

    What breaks into your castle

  • Jeff Littlefield 8 months ago

    My parents friend is the clown coco and his son is cocet

  • Beanie 8 months ago

    My dog has a cone on his head🐱🐱🐱🐱🐶🐶🐶

  • KittyKat 8 months ago

    His name is penny wise

  • Sallie DP 8 months ago

    bit him up the clown im 11 im gonna be 12 then my birthday is

  • meltemlove6 8 months ago

    pls do you get hypnoticed by IT and then go float pls do that or that he like yoused a spell from ya lair to make ya sleep and then he will let ya float like if ya agree

  • Dnieto Gaming 8 months ago

    Get more guards on duty Little Kelly

  • Azmina Hj Abu hurairah 8 months ago

    l have

  • darren clarke 8 months ago

    Your coping little carly

  • Shofiann Channel 8 months ago

    the clown is called pennywise

  • Sophie Vlogs 8 months ago

    Hi little Kelly this is not a hate comment but please stop doing these scary videos (IT,rings) because if you keep doing it your channel will get reported or maybe removed and parents are complaining

  • Kelly Carr 8 months ago

    Kelly I love u

  • Ravindra Varma 8 months ago

    Little kelly you did it 😁😀😊😉

  • Mary and Alfie! 8 months ago

    You know this channel was supposed to be for kids, and I’m not just talking about this episode but most off them, you’ve added too much creepy stuff for kids, this was at first a channel with minecraft adventures but now it’s really dark, all clown stuff and even IT from a 12+ movie you need to stop with all this creepy stuff I’m not gonna let my brother watch this channel until this account gets sorted out, I’m not just doing this to you, I’m talking about all the LittleClub the e.x.e things aren’t for kids either, so please make this a kids channel again, but until you do I’m unsubscribing

  • Backman Colab 8 months ago

    Little Kelly make your kingdom a server we can go onto! Pleeeeeeeeease?

  • will y 8 months ago

    like la video abonner vous a la chaine

  • elizabeth reyes 8 months ago

    That is the same circuses you and baby Carly went to when you guys were baby’s with marernet

  • Tim Shabnow 8 months ago

    Like u always say face your fire’s

  • Tim Shabnow 8 months ago

    I mean I

  • Khyrie Burdette 8 months ago


  • Khyrie Burdette 8 months ago

    ._. .-.

  • Khyrie Burdette 8 months ago

    Same when i went it was sold out

  • Fluffy Bunny 8 months ago

    Little Kelly talks to herself a lot…

  • Queen Szaffi 8 months ago

    Is this a game in the App Store? How do I find this game/world?

  • Natalie Cagianese 8 months ago

    Kelly you why would you go at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #whywouldyoukelly

  • Lesley Johnson 8 months ago

    Love you’re videos

  • Little Vanessa Cat moew 8 months ago

    plz do furture life with LD

  • Christine Paul 8 months ago

    IT aka Pennywise

  • fidget spinner club 8 months ago

    A little kelly im one of the littles im little dolphin

  • Bella Lizares Retz 8 months ago


  • Kamilah Contreras 8 months ago


  • roblox chennel 8 months ago

  • Sarah Fahy 8 months ago

    did anybody see a face

  • Carter Krukiel 8 months ago

    Oh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh Pooh

  • BAB Brooke B. 8 months ago


  • censura chan 8 months ago


  • Isabella Hernandez 8 months ago


  • Freddy Gas ear 8 months ago

    Why r these vidioes kinda disturbing ;-;

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