• Ethan Stuart 10 months ago


  • thx for not cursing

  • Invisibly Visible 10 months ago

    The floor is lava and I am blocks

  • Invisibly Visible 10 months ago

    The floor is lava and so am I

  • Jericho Alipio 10 months ago

    wat animes do u watch are they dub cuz if their not im subscribing o wait i already had and okay then i would leave a like

  • Daniel Bubalo 10 months ago

    Lol how did the map creator even complete it because there are impossible jumps. Exposed

  • Kim Scott 10 months ago

    did you make it 😮

  • Jonna Distor 10 months ago


  • emerald ruins 10 months ago

    (child voice) I liked to see him suffer heeheeheeheehee

  • chunky girl12 10 months ago

    I’ve done triple neos before. I play a server that has like 50 triple neos. I don’t think you could even get past IV, no offense.

  • Raze mist 10 months ago


  • RINK LESS 10 months ago

    I will subscribe to you if you subscribe and like this comment.

  • Jonathan Martinez 10 months ago

    Sponsored by *the floor is lava* challenge

  • Black Ender2007 10 months ago

    What if he fell on the last second

  • Eavenly Ramirez 10 months ago

    Lol OMG I laughed throughout the whole video ESPECIALLY during the shiftpoles LOL 😂

  • marco gutierrez 10 months ago

    You should do parkour with the pack like old time’s


    he sucks at parkor but some times he is really good

  • Charmander.Bro 10 months ago

    Video idea: Preston Vs real life parkour

  • Elizabeth H. 10 months ago

    Whatever is at the end of the number of your like is how good you are at parkour😆😆😆
    5-Pretty Good
    7-Getting There
    8-Need A Lot of Practice
    0-Can’t even make a 1 block jump

  • Yolo day 10 months ago


  • Lauren Steverson 10 months ago

    PRESTON SWORE AT 16:18!! Jk, I curse all the time

  • Nether_Nate ? 10 months ago

    Surprisingly this isn’t an hour long

  • WolfIshElm 10 months ago

    Is watching Preston even possible!??!

  • Brandon Pratt 10 months ago


  • WolfIshElm 10 months ago

    Pause and go to 29:17 xD

  • Brandon Pratt 10 months ago


  • Da Nacho Chip 21 10 months ago


  • Louis Burgess 10 months ago

    my most annoying jump is glass pain jumps they are a pain

  • adrean goh 10 months ago


  • Eddic Garcia 10 months ago

    313 deaths

  • Xbox Gamer 10 months ago

    The dog walked *the dog was walking **the dog is walking ***the dog wasn’t walking *the dog isn’t walking
    what are these missing

  • Emma Duplantis 10 months ago

    Something that will always make me laugh when preston says…..YEAH AND THEN THIS PRESTON GUY COMES ALONG AND HE SAYS I WOULD LOVE TO LOOSE MY SANITY I NEVER HAD ANY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 lol love u preston keep making awesome videos!!

  • daeron copeland 10 months ago

    your the best pteston

  • Lol Hey 10 months ago

    666k views O-O

  • Megs B 10 months ago

    Wait Preston, weren’t the rods a 5 block jump? I know 5 block jumps are possible but still??

  • TeamViewerFTW 10 months ago

    4:30 Those jumps are actually fuzzing my video, as I watch at 480p.

  • Dewi Miet 10 months ago

    you should make a failed parkour montage xD

  • Davido BabidoGamer 10 months ago

    The Map Creator Is A Stupid Mother Fucking Asshole And Stupid

  • Davido BabidoGamer 10 months ago

    Fuck You Map Creator Asshole

  • Izzie Santiago 10 months ago


  • gg mate 10 months ago


  • Dion Torres 10 months ago

    i love preston’s pain..hahaha😂😂like! and already a subscriber.love u pdawg😂😘😘

  • Lord Gamer 10 months ago

    MY GUY

  • Andrew Connelly 10 months ago

    #prayforpreston love the vid mate yes I am Australian🇦🇺 you didn’t make that word America we did but love you Americans you guys are great.

  • Typical sspackemon god 10 months ago

    Please!!… Police

  • Dragonforce234 10 months ago

    8:15 #QualityContent

  • Roblox PLK 10 months ago


  • Diab Does stuff 10 months ago

    do the troll path

  • Diab Does stuff 10 months ago

    thee Other path are the bonus

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