• Logdotzip 1 month ago

    Hey everyone! This is the 4th episode of MNU, and we have been taking in a lot of your feedback! As always we appreciate any feedback! Please keep sending your awesome community challenges and awesome builds!

  • Monkey Monkey 1 month ago

    If roblox is so good why don’t they make a roblox 2?

  • SwagCraftTV 1 month ago

    Cool n good


    wow stealing eggs? from turtles and not riding dolphins but we can kill ANY ANIMAL LIKE COWS CHICKENS PIGS AND MORE THAT HAVE FAMILYS wow mojang GOOD LOGIC MOJANG GOOD LOGIC DONT DO ANIMAL CRUELTY BUT WE A

  • Alex belt 1 month ago

    MINECRAFT 2!? 😱😱😱

  • JakerGodOfGamrs /Roblox/PUBG/Ravenfield And More 1 month ago

    Rlly my birthday feb 17

  • Mlg Golden foxy 1 month ago

    How can minecraft get a seaquel ITS A GAME ABOUT DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT the story is STEVE KILLS A BLACK DRAGON the end

  • GabPhysco_Teen13 //Mcpe 1 month ago

    Im not exited bcs it need ID cards

  • Robert X Earickson 1 month ago

    He said piston door to now you have to do that

  • [BDK]WOLFGAMER 1 month ago

    Why cant you just let go of minecraft?? Its dead

  • DEATH KILLER 1 month ago


  • DEATH KILLER 1 month ago


  • UltraCraftingMC 2000 1 month ago

    Beat the enderdrsgon on hardcore with half a heart. Gear of your choosing but no golden apples or potions.

  • Smile For Discord 1 month ago

    you dibshit this isnt minecraft 2

  • James _sparrow 1 month ago


  • arthur wolff 1 month ago

    That roblox thumbnail…

  • James _sparrow 1 month ago

    It looks like ark survival

  • MichaelMouseStar 1 month ago

    Quality smooth advertising.

  • BlackHoleNebula1 1 month ago

    0:41 Dont Hit The Bell

    *Throw The Bell*

  • Alanna West 1 month ago

    OMG I died at “litty” XD

  • B Bow 1 month ago

    Well I would like to see something not named Minecraft and hope it’s called something else so I won’t be saying Minecraft for the rest of my life like if you agree well don’t don’t like this comment please dont

  • MAD OVER_CRAP death 1 month ago

    I know an eazier way to do a tnt canon

  • JetAirways007 1 month ago

    5:14 18+,LOOK AWAY.

  • Daniel Perez 1 month ago

    2 likes one view youtubes drunk again

  • Jomaster The Second 1 month ago

    doesnt notch no longer own the rights dude

  • DewsJaz 1 month ago

    Oooh~ I hope it releases in April 1

  • Cyborg 124 1 month ago

    Minecraft 1.13 is released ?

  • TheOnlyMrCat 1 month ago

    10:24 I don’t think that’s what they meant by “TNT Launcher”

  • Glichy_Pixel Videos 1 month ago

    OH……. GOD……… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? I…… LIKE TURTLES (and tortoises)

  • TheTitanGiant 1 month ago

    Survive a night (or more!) with permanent Blindness I and Strength I. You can spend one day gathering materials without the nerfs. You are NOT allowed to use torches, glowstone or any other form of light. Play on hardcore difficulty, and if you sleep, you obviously lose. You are not allowed to kill animals (that’s animal cruelty) for food (I suggest apples as a source of nourishment).

  • Koloude 1 month ago


  • kurt stick animaton 1 month ago

    Are you a minecraft keemstar

  • Noob Tube 1 month ago

    Was that Shubble holding the poster?!?!?

  • R E V E R S E Studio 1 month ago


  • Globby Likes Slime 1 month ago

    Hey Logdotzip! I like the new show! Great content and great editing. Only thing ide change is less hand motions. But you dont have to listen to me, do what you want man, just keep up the quality content!

  • Ace Da Gamer 1 month ago

    try to beat minecraft on hardcore

  • Kawaii Cupcake 1 month ago

    Try makin a 20×20 piston door and nave you fall into a minecart and travel using slime blocks over lava.

  • GamersOnVideos 1 month ago

    pretty sure notch isnt allowed to make a game called minecraft 2 because he sold it

  • swordskiller 1 month ago

    He isnt making a minecraft 2.

  • Erik Ekenberg 1 month ago

    please do a 255 rev fusion psuedonuke

  • TechnicalDino 123 1 month ago

    Build yourself

  • blahblahblah 1 month ago

    you’ve evolved alot since i left you ayy i miss watching you 🙂 man keep doing what you like, or do what you like man you seem like a great person, love dude

  • Tsuchikure-Kun 1 month ago

    wuw… u watch unspeakable huh?

  • Burnt BrownieZ 1 month ago

    wow *full detail* in minecraft

    never seen it before

  • Cheery Kawaii 1 month ago

    Hey is that why 1.13 won’t come?

  • DaGamingArea 1 month ago

    Well Minecraft went coocoo 🐦

  • Notch is making a new game but it’s not minecraft 2 , it was pretty clear that notch hated that minecraft became what we know today, don’t you minecraft youtubers bring kids into a possible good and mature game

  • Stupid Weeb 1 month ago

    he cant make a minecraft 2

  • ZEX Oneeyed 1 month ago

    We’re gonna have to wait until 1.99 before Minecraft 2.0 comes out, i couldn’t wait for 2.0 and then they trolled us w 1.10. main reason I don’t play Minecraft any more

  • Kitty Calico 1 month ago

    for some reason I thought Notch had died

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