Is Minecraft 1.13 looking to be pretty much complete?
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  • iDeactivateMC 1 week ago

    1.13 will be ready when I can right click on a Dolphin.. allowing me to ride it!

  • SuperPig 197 1 week ago

    Honestly I’m not that excited about 1.13 being released soon, because I only Minecraft Pocket Edition, and it always gets updates way after PC does…

  • isaiahagent's gaming and music 1 week ago

    I think it’s gonna be until at least late June early July

  • Joe dapro 1 week ago

    When I was playing with dolphins they made me swim super fast

  • paqon 1 week ago

    I havent playes minecraft in forever but im exited for this

  • TIncredibleGamer 1 week ago

    Minecraft has gone soooooooo farrrrrrrrr

  • son sonku 1 week ago

    I wish the would add theif that attack villages or village chife that can fall in love with the player

  • Fresno Walking pants 1 week ago

    I hope they add actual nautilus mobs

  • Caleb Woodman 1 week ago

    Antvenom and Stormfrenzy: the reliable Minecraft news.

  • Malvino Christian 1 week ago

    now Minecraft 1.1.3 is changed to Minecraft 1.14 again why Mojang? You can see TeamMojang livestream

  • Rayyan SYED 1 week ago

    So… yes it is coming soon i can’t wait! go to the wiki 1.13

  • FluffyBunny1721 1 week ago

    yeah im so excited until i found out it was only on pc and my pc is shhhlooooowww bruh i cant even play singleplayer it lags way more then it does on multiplayer and MULTIPLAYER IS ONLINE AND HAS HEAPS OF BUILDINGS TO GENERATE

  • geek TV 1 week ago

    yo its coming to old gen as well!!!!!!!! IM NOT LYING EVEN GO ON TWITTER how ever after this they might not be able to update it after

  • toastburglar 1 week ago

    The heart of the sea looks like a blue poke ball XD XD

  • Pinoy gaming 1 week ago

    How come a heart of the sea can be found by fishing?

  • Pinoy gaming 1 week ago

    Also im excited to have update because imma make a atlantis with the conduit!

  • Lightning Jolt 1 week ago

    This update helps me appreciate the water a lot more.

  • Jesse Robbins 1 week ago

    ahh i am conflicted i want 1.13 to come out quick so foam fix betterfps and optifine can update their mods so i can play smoothly but at the same time i would love a ton of features ARG!!!

  • Randomly Squid 1 week ago


  • Roman First 1 week ago

    This is the best update ever

  • Jaden Reyes 1 week ago

    It would be nice if you could find the wreckage of the titanic

  • Minebidw 1 week ago

    Blue ice and boats are VERY FUN

  • Xboys4 44562 1 week ago

    Hey ant,wanna break mc? Before doing this, downgrade your version to 1.8 beacause it is recomended. After that,open minecraft,create a new world,make sure its a flat world then….teleport to the y axes 100,000,000,000/ Y 100,000,000,000
    But do that when its raining,try to teleport further if possible 🙂 but it is best to be in 1.7.

  • Daniel Acosta 1 week ago

    Theres a problem about minecraft for me……the problem is in the flat world is only 4 blocks deep =(

  • TheLegendaryGems 1 week ago

    –==Breaking News==–
    1.13 Minecraft version
    Was released in 29 April 2018
    If you not believe this news
    Watch a TeamMojang videos

  • kplak97 1 week ago

    i think its later for dolphins to bread or have baby dolphins to come in

  • Slamslime Gameplay 1 week ago

    Features that I think will make Minecraft better:
    1. Chickens lay eggs that are a block like the turtle.
    2. New hostile ocean mobs, maybe a new skeleton mob that spawns near the shipwreck because the ocean is too safe.
    3. Ship villages or pirate ships so the ocean surface will have more life.
    4. New swamp plants like cattails.
    5. New fish in the swamp like a piranha.
    6. Random events or seasons changing
    7.Tridents need to be rarer because they are op. And conduits need to run out of power once in a while because its op.
    8.Different types of water you can collects in different places that will give different effects.
    9. A thirst bar so deserts will be a bigger challenge.
    10. New advancements
    11. Villagers can fish
    12. Prismarine ore, to power the conduit
    13. Actual working ships
    14. Pirates that wander the oceans and when you encounter a pirate ship, you’re screwed. A pirate ship can be the place you can get a heart of the sea. A band of pirates can be a new boss battle.
    15. Underwater versions of mobs on land.
    16. Penguins, maybe.

  • OfficialCrewly 1 week ago

    Mojang needs to put a Translation on every single Language.
    That’s what’s it’s making the update slow.

  • Gwen Aclao 1 week ago

    We hope the update is coming my Version is 1.1.2

  • TYblox 1 week ago

    hearth of the sea might be obtained by killing an underwater wither like nether star.

  • TimeWarpDrive 77 1 week ago

    blue ice makes you go faster than packed ice.

  • ThatDerpyCat 1 week ago

    I’m sorry AntVenom but sadly a hotdog is not a sandwhich

  • Splitgød 1 week ago

    New feature: Riding Dolphin
    : Undead zombie
    : Water crystal
    : Underwater Skeleton

  • ConFea 1 week ago

    It’s not ready!

    Because Sheeps can’t be colored into a Football fanboy

  • ElmerF 1 week ago

    the heart of the sea can be rarely found in hidden treasures in the ocean.

  • Luis Aguirre-Felix 1 week ago

    Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all the new features/items?

  • Holly Goodwin 1 week ago

    I use ps3 this is this update in the ps3 version

  • Xkillergames 1 week ago

    placing cunduits on land and than breaking them causes water sources

  • Xkillergames 1 week ago

    so iti s a infinite water source

  • Madaras Mate 1 week ago

    i can’t wait for this uptade!

  • Flaze07 1 week ago

    Minecraft is now overflowing from feature

  • TheFuryHearted - Maps, Mods, & More 1 week ago

    The game seems more confusing with all this stuff now, but I suppose the real Earth is far more confounding

  • Trolmaster - 1 week ago



  • TheBlackHoleOfDoom 1 week ago

    I get the unintentional joke: it’s o-fish-al. HAHA!

  • Fat Man 1 week ago

    So basically in the future of this update you spawn in the Cthulhu (my guess) and kill it to get the heart of the sea or just a kraken boss? jellyfish? I dunno. Maybe spawn narwhals to kill Cthulhu.

  • Fat Man 1 week ago

    I hope they add a potion of stamina or untiring or anything which makes your combat the old combat for a bit.

  • Patrick Calvin 1 week ago

    Mcpe orady

  • Xkillergames 1 week ago

    btw hold a shield and a trident with riptide and launch yourself underwater, find out wehat is goin on

  • Double Bloggers 1 week ago

    When will this be released for Minecraft ps4

  • ProGamer 3D 1 week ago

    today 15 th aprill will it come out? in ummm… may 2

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