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  • Jaden Gloria 1 week ago


  • Imani Stanton 1 week ago

    Did y’all not get that the rat in the hat was Ratatouille

  • FozzPlay Z 1 week ago

    4:28 it’s a glider rat

  • Itachixtsuki 1 week ago

    do building your comment pls

    i want to build for you is a ender dragon

  • Alinoval22 1 week ago

    There’s a peeeeep at 5:02

  • Sonny Ken 1 week ago

    Only beacon colours challenge! You build beacon and add some colour in the beacon ! I think this is the HARD challenge ever! I think.

  • Тесты Техники 1 week ago

    Я первый русский кто ище есть из русских ставьте лайк

  • FlyingJester850 1 week ago

    Many people there dont know what they are gonna build!

  • Jhon Russel 1 week ago

    only poop challenge

  • Dino Playz 1 week ago

    I heard about the second round is seventh LOL.

  • Renzu 1 week ago

    They’ve probably asked or have said this before, but are Jerry and Harry brothers or good friends?

  • Rong Yu 1 week ago

    NO TURNING CHALLENGE!!!!! (It is where you don’t turn your head left, right, up or down you have to move your body while building). =)

  • Derpy Toast 1 week ago

    Before after challenge where u make one that looks bad which is the before and the after one is good!

  • Dava Rashad Satria 1 week ago


  • Robin Watson 1 week ago

    do like real life builds

  • Omega playz 2008/Adrian balidoy 1 week ago

    Dont vote on builds challenge

  • Games 4 win 1 week ago

    The first iron man suit was an iron suit

  • - Nothing - 1 week ago

    Pls! Do Half Build Challenge!!

  • Two Brothers 1 week ago

    Building your comments again pls

  • SummerAlex Gaming 1 week ago

    Build bad things challenge

  • Miuvan Mayan 1 week ago

    Do only avengers Only challenge

  • SEEFAHRERKATZE 1 week ago

    Thank u for making a Add for Filmora ! All the Fails in my Videso are not anymore the Programm !

  • AnAutistic TwelveYearold 1 week ago


  • Jhem Tulaylay 1 week ago

    Nice Mario

  • Hydro Creeper 1 week ago

    SMASH DUH LIKE BUTTAN -Quote for Harry

  • Γιαννης Κυπριωτης 1 week ago

    The best builders in the world

  • xXSAMEXx 1 week ago

    if the sounds aren’t hearing press

  • minecraft player one 1 week ago

    You guys make the best builds in the world

  • Nur Amanina 1 week ago

    Do ‘Don’t do anything!!!!!! ‘#Jerry vs Harry #

  • ThunderClap YT 1 week ago

    Minecraft died in 2015 but it’s Iron Man that’s all that cares

  • おぬsix 1 week ago


  • Emo Dobriq 1 week ago

    only blocks around the plot challenge 😀

  • FireFlood TV 1 week ago

    Second round I like the building😀

  • Alkinboy Mroue 1 week ago

    Try No Google Challenge

  • Hi I'm Hozy 1 week ago

    Only wood challenge

  • fornite gr philip 1 week ago

    WoooooooooW Epic

  • PP V KK BS OT 1 week ago

    why you not uploading tf2?

  • Flying Fox flys 1 week ago

    Solid challenge
    1.only use blocks that can’t be destroyed by tnt or a iron pic
    2.only. Only use darkish blocks
    3.make it 3D
    4. Of course don’t use blocks that aren’t resistant to TNT

  • AbyanAbin Gaming 1 week ago

    Do only SandStone Chalenge

  • Ejor Drexl 1 week ago

    3:30 they didnt noticed its ratatouille!

  • Thea soup 1 week ago

    Only unicorn colours challenge

  • น๊องโอ้ม nีมงานคุณภาw 1 week ago


  • Lara Škofljanc 1 week ago

    Rat xD 😂

  • Hope Sprinkle 1 week ago

    That pony looked like Abby Jack’s big brother from my little pony ……I’m 14 and still watch that I feel so much shame

  • moosefishman180 1 week ago

    No pixel art challenge

  • the gamers craft2 1 week ago

    1:53 ya iyeu teh geus stoped

  • loyology 1 week ago


  • Jayoo Plays 1 week ago

    Do you edit in the John Cena music or is it in game 😂😂😂

  • nope is just Guud 1 week ago

    I wish I can meet you guys,but I iz don hav the mincraf

  • Ranvir Singh 1 week ago

    When will you guys find new music for when you get first place?

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