• Solace Sans 4 weeks ago

    The IRONy is real

  • Steven Wo0 4 weeks ago

    No Emerald challengge, or No gold challengge

  • Littletale Chara 4 weeks ago

    Time challenge: You have 20 minutes to win as many bed wars games as you can!

  • Infernium .io_YT need new channel 4 weeks ago

    please do the annoying team challenge
    The rules are to only get knockback sticks as weapons,punch bow,silver fish, tnt, and fireballs.

  • TheEpichero99 4 weeks ago

    Do the 1 weapon challenge

    You can only use a random set of armor type (Diamond, Gold, Leather, Chain, Iron) (Example: You randomly get Leather armor. That means all you can buy and use is Leather armor) and One random weapon (Including what type. Example: You randomly get a Diamond sword. That’s the only weapon you’re allowed to buy and use the entire game.).

  • CPU Gamer 4 weeks ago

    Do a challenge where you can only use items of one material each but they all have to be different

  • Aurelien Passelaigue 4 weeks ago


  • The Darkest Hour 4 weeks ago

    Maybe do another Uni-Chan challenge but maybe 1v1 bed wars with lots of Uni-Chan’s

  • Marshallmations 4 weeks ago

    Base Challenge:
    NO LEAVING BASE diamond islands are OK

  • Frozen Creeper 4 weeks ago

    Blind folded challenge it’s where you blindfold yourself and have the other person give you directions

  • Frisk the human 4 weeks ago

    No way yur challenge got picked and im now 16 hours late great

  • Headset Animations 4 weeks ago

    I kinda wanna see them do the opposite of this, “All the Irons in the Fire,” where they can buy anything that’s NOT bought with iron. They also can’t buy iron armour, sword, pick, etc.

  • Lilliana Boggess 4 weeks ago

    1 like = 1 hand for Ricky.

    every day a Ricky is abused and looses its hands

  • Anne Vera Cruz 3 weeks ago

    haha, ive seen this challenge in the comments before. 😂😂
    Good thing they’ve decided to do it.

  • bonbon89 septiceye 3 weeks ago

    do the 100 dimons challenge

  • Wenddy Wazzbear 3 weeks ago

    it is 2 teams there are 1 player who likes each other and other teams can kill evyrthing exept there julia/romeo

    Also the part u said they are “morans” and “idiots” and “stupid”
    What happends if its one of ur subscribers XD

  • Stephanie Stringfield 3 weeks ago

    Do sky wars plz but you can only use one swoed bow anything

  • bxyx 5 3 weeks ago

    the Spleef challenge where you build a lot of wool and you have to use yours to Spleef them down

  • Turquoise Dragon 3 weeks ago

    Shepherd challenge! The egg sitter is the shepherd, while the rest of the team are sheep who follow the shepherd whether he’s going anywhere or if he’s telling orders they have to do it. And when someone dies they have to make the well known sheep sound! 😀

  • TheAngelCat :3 3 weeks ago

    Oh a piece of candy oh a piece of candy oh a piece of candy oh a piece of candy oh a piece of candy!

  • CFMusicHeart 395248 3 weeks ago


  • Andrew Camera 3 weeks ago

    Team survival games

  • Asriel/Bendt/Antivirus Sans gaming 3 weeks ago

    Cory it is possible to break obsidian with a stone pick it takes like 20 seconds if you have haste or not

  • Info Chan 3 weeks ago

    Cory I wonder if you would like to play this it called,”No words – [Horror map].” I don’t know if the others can join on the map together so you can test it out beforehand.

  • Kikipupputmaster29 Gonzo528x 3 weeks ago

    Can you do more deathrun and if you keep playing Bed Wars, can you do the accent challenge

    Rules to Accent Challenge:

    1. Pick an accent that suits you

    2. If you stop doing the accent…Jump off or Destroy a bed under 5 min

    3. You can only get TNT and scream in the accent you picked while putting TNT

    4. Only get speed and jump potions

    5. When you die scream in somebody other accent

    6. When you win, Say “Hallelujah” in your accent

    Everybody Have A GOOD Day!! =^w^=

  • PD Elizabeth 3 weeks ago

    A challenge the hate challenge it work like this you can’t share nothing and you can’t help echo ther and you have to try to kill echother like one is building you break the block under them and try to screw make echother angry and the bed you have to break the blocks in the bed over and over and over and you have to play verry carefully and this challenge has to be play whit uní and Jon Jon n then I will be verry difficult jejejjejejejej btw I’m Spanish so don’t judge mi typing I’m bad :3

  • xXPikaYoshiXx 3 weeks ago

    I have a challenge! It’s the Mismatched Challenge. It’s where you’re not allowed to use the right tool for anything. For example, you can use a sword for breaking material, but you can’t use a pickaxe to break material, cause that’s what it’s meant for.

  • Serena Nightwalker 3 weeks ago

    Do a random teammate challenge
    Just play in doubles and have a random person as your teammate

  • Tony Fiacco 3 weeks ago

    I didn’t know you were in skydoesminecraft office building thing

  • hellokitty 101 3 weeks ago

    Ummm, I have a challenge for you Corey! The straight line challenge? You can only build in straight lines when trying to get to other islands, no twists or turns! 😓😶

  • Alice 3 weeks ago

    Prop hunt?

  • Average Meme 3 weeks ago

    Cory, I am here to let you know that you should re boot a new terraria lets play on newscapegames. Thats all.

  • Dub Z 3 weeks ago

    I have a request for u… “SkyWars.” Because I never seen Cory and his team play skyward for a while.

  • PrimalPalkia 25 3 weeks ago

    I have a challenge recommendation that is good and you SHOULD do it please. It is called the “Single Ore Challenge”. In this challenge you need to handle a whole game with only the use of one type of ore of your choosing. For example, you have to play a round and only pick up diamonds. Please do it

  • Kaileigh Kimak 3 weeks ago

    play more cod zombies please!! love you all have a good day!

  • MLG MEH master Temmie God 743 3 weeks ago

    do the actual no hand challenge

  • Legends Key Company 3 weeks ago

    Forge Bedward Challenge: You are only allowed to use the materials that comes from a forge. (Exception are ones gathered by kills.) The only thing you can use diamonds for is upgrading the forge but NOTHING ELSE.

    Like if you want to see this.

  • TheUKArtist OreTale 3 weeks ago

    Can you have the Yandere Sim crew play bed wars

  • Plush Snorlax Dugan 3 weeks ago

    Wierd this channel has already been up for a mounth and a half 100,000

  • yana j 3 weeks ago

    Do the bow challenge where you can only use a bow challenging 🤣

  • Snow Dragonheart 3 weeks ago

    Can you do a dropper map

  • Warrior Wolf 3 weeks ago

    Play Minecraft Survival Games! Some servers have gamemodes where you can play in teams of two.

  • Teea Andras 3 weeks ago

    I know you already have a schedule for the ‘new suggestions’ that we’ve given you, but if you finished one of them or still have room on there, maybe you could add Death Run and/or X-run. I have a feeling some people may be interested in seeing that.

  • SnakierBird 3 weeks ago

    Bed wars challenge: don’t use chest or ender chest.

  • GmanTEM Mine 3 weeks ago

    The no diamond upgrade challenge

  • OwenPiggyGaming 3 weeks ago

    the F1 challenge

  • LiamDoesThings 3 weeks ago

    igou challenge part 3,4,5 and more!!!

  • CupcakeMelodyXoxox Roblox MSP And More! 3 weeks ago


  • That Youtube Guy 3 weeks ago

    I just want to keep watching bed wars because they’re so good at the game

  • Gaster the royal scientist 3 weeks ago


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