• Lance Breuer 2 weeks ago


  • kenny hunt 2 weeks ago

    Yes your thunder Stone one the three tails and it became a you should know what will happen

  • Austin webber 2 weeks ago

    It kennys places

  • Dare Bigant 2 weeks ago

    I will still support been here since 2011

  • Red Dragon 2 weeks ago

    You missed a fossil

  • Starry Chester 2 weeks ago

    Look he has a unbeatable pokemon in fire red snorlax known has oplax

  • bar leytman 2 weeks ago

    Why does he not to face cam anymore

  • Eric guzman 2 weeks ago

    Hey Mitch, you guys should make gyms and huge builds like that. It would make the series even more amazing than it is!

  • Ironguy 692 2 weeks ago

    Bajan should do a coalb with sundee

  • Gabe Sees 2 weeks ago

    Donnie bulbs is a YouTube or I watch and in the beginning it said Donnie bulbs left

  • Alpha Archer 2 weeks ago

    To heal Pokemon you do /pokeheal

  • Edward Van Der Merve 2 weeks ago

    This is Billy Bob ☺ he has no home one like 10 $ for Billy Bob to get a home

  • Naty Solomon 2 weeks ago

    Black sludge is basically leftovers but for poison types only.

  • andrew khauv 2 weeks ago

    Mitch use coal blocks

  • Alexchio1music1cook 2 weeks ago

    how can you still be playing the game when it’ve been discontinued!!!! :O I wanna play :'(

  • asain yangster 2 weeks ago

    Mitch, make a sugar cane farm and coco bean farm, to make that one powder thingy to make tons of cash

  • Get a flying pokemon to travel mitch

  • Where’s ur face cam

  • Stop being tooo nice mitch thats the reason urs chanel is dead dude

  • LemonHead 154 2 weeks ago

    Do cactus farm

  • mace witika 2 weeks ago

    do a minecraft survival mod

  • mace witika 2 weeks ago

    sorry i dont like poke ball

  • SG Miscellaneous 2 weeks ago

    train ur staryu

  • Dennis Fruh 2 weeks ago

    Mitch can you do the old videos that you allwass do

  • BFTDemon 2 weeks ago

    you need to get larvitar for tyranitar beacuase its 1 of the best pokemon there is and your the best!!!

  • TheDiamond Holder 2 weeks ago

    Mitch i love your vids but you have to forgive some of us to not tooning it at the live streams cus we live in diffrent time zones

  • XANDER BONGOLAN 2 weeks ago

    Facecam please

  • Kalan Bond 2 weeks ago

    you went past a shiny

  • ShowtimeHazard 2 weeks ago

    “Bone rush doesn’t affect these guys(Muk)”

    I’m so triggered , Ground is 2x effective towards Poison type

  • ELI SHEPHERD 2 weeks ago

    Benja you need to make quick balls they are blue and yellow and have a five times catch if used at the start of the battle As well as nest balls if you want to catch low level pokemon easily then use the nest balls they work a lot better if you have a scyther they work with weak pokemon

  • Axel Ross 2 weeks ago

    Mitch Fun Fact “GUST” is more effective on flying pokemonss xD

  • Jorlan Pangilinan 2 weeks ago

    mitch you can just sell it to people for 1k

  • ShowtimeHazard 2 weeks ago


  • TheZyuz YT 2 weeks ago

    Don’t forget remember when u said when u were dead? Ur not

  • Kunal Raheja 2 weeks ago

    You can set more than one home…. -o home1 , -o home2… Just give your homes different names

  • Daniel Chong 2 weeks ago

    Old fan here subbed to you before you got big and slowly stop watching (kinda out grown your content) but I have to say you are killing it lately. Enjoying every single episode so far. Thanks for not giving up and kept making videos.

  • CodGaspar 21 2 weeks ago

    Next time u find a snorlax hit vikk up

  • ElementzNinja 2 weeks ago

    Mitch Snorlax isnt that good. A full team of any pokemon isnt good either.
    A better specially defensive tank is Eviolite Chansey or a Blissey

  • XteamerPlays Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    Can I have some subs

  • XteamerPlays Minecraft 2 weeks ago


  • Hyp3dF0x 2 weeks ago

    Is anyone else tilting how Mitch didn’t mine the other side out in his house?

  • Wai Him Ling 2 weeks ago

    Mitch is not necessary to just craft ultra ball you should craft dusk ball and quick ball as well is very good. the dusk ball is just two green and one black, the quick ball is two blue and one yellow. See very easy

  • Flurpledur 2 weeks ago

    Mitch you can do 1 chest in the middle a hopper leading down to a furnace and two hoppers leading into the one furnace. Put the yellow and black apricorn into the chest so it auto fills into the furnace then coal in the hoppers to feed coal into the furnace and then all the smelted ones down into another chest

  • nanuka obgaidze 2 weeks ago

    i hate mitchs mods

  • Redskull 1717 2 weeks ago

    Bro at 22 minutes In the vid it looked like my old computer before I built mine 2 weeks ago

  • Cooper Black 2 weeks ago

    When did he get the snorlax

  • The 318's 2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe you let that charzard go really you could have let home and went to heal your Pokémon and come back

  • Oki Koch 2 weeks ago

    Mitch I love you

  • harry patel 1 week ago

    Hey Mitch u can put fuel and they product in same chest

  • Angela Kowalewski 1 week ago

    mitch just suscirbed and left a like and rang that bell just got an account to keep up the great content and keep it up 🙂

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