How To Minecraft Season 4. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Finster1011 1 month ago

    Return the rip rob sowed to its former glory

  • Crimson Archer Gaming 1 month ago

    Just villagers with Vikk. The best part of How to Minecraft lul

  • Stef Coenen 1 month ago

    please just make it that you can teleport instantly because this is so annoying

  • Gr1m r3aP3r 1 month ago

    H5M VR

  • Sunita Manda 1 month ago

    go mining and make like 100,000 k we want exculsive

  • Same SilverSky 1 month ago


  • Harvin Chaggar 1 month ago

    I agree with pete u need to have h5m all vr

  • TheOneDenz 1 month ago

    Why isn’t rob in a party?

  • Kyson lucas // KBDL_18 1 month ago

    gg vikky

  • Twitey 1 month ago

    Lachlan in VR looks stoned

  • dat guy doe _ 1 month ago

    make your own casino

  • Samaria Mensah 1 month ago

    When r u going to play 7 days to die

  • Kyson lucas // KBDL_18 1 month ago

    lachans lit house (litterely lit) is gone

  • OriginalBlazing 1 month ago


  • core gaming 1 month ago

    the ads

  • core gaming 1 month ago

    money must be hard to come by on this

  • Ishan Patel 1 month ago

    Am I sensing an H4M war?

  • Josh Garland 1 month ago

    Just do one villager at a time like it would make your life 20 times easier

  • KGamerTV10 1 month ago

    my gosh lachlan playing vr is like looking after a kid with autism

  • Joyce Liddell 1 month ago


  • There is a NATi at 22:13 look left side of screen

  • Omar Elchayeb 1 month ago

    1:24:43 ass?????

  • Jure Miklosic 1 month ago

    Please animate this episode

  • Dorien Griffioen 1 month ago

    was Lachlan drunk?

  • Peter Brockman 1 month ago

    I feel like Lachlan was drunk😂

  • Quiet J Man38 1 month ago


  • jason Games 1 month ago

    Lol bomb has been defused 😂😂😂

  • JADEN 1 month ago

    Vikks view vs Lachlans view XD

  • Michelle Hartnett 1 month ago

    Villager is like “This is my corner. I love my corner.”

  • Kavindu Fernando 1 month ago

    Lachlan playing in VR is like me playing on console… 🙁

  • Mitchell Guthrie 1 month ago

    For the love of God use the powered rails Vikk!!! #triggered

  • nicolas espinal 1 month ago

    you should’ve let rob do it

  • Sé Sullivan 1 month ago

    check the iron farm

  • Aarun Dooley 1 month ago

    Give rob a present

  • itzMoey 1 month ago

    vikks face when he saw the zombie :0

  • Matthew Barreca 1 month ago

    RIP FLY 0001 TO 2017

  • Jaimee Kimberley 1 month ago

    For next time fishing rods could be pretty key for pulling the villagers where you want them to go,

  • Snakeeyez Christie 1 month ago

    U should make a piston for an elevator like so Vik sees

  • Lightning Fast 1 month ago

    Pete: I think i hate my like
    Lachlan: I hate it too

  • That bomb defuse was so sick vikk lmao

  • Ashley BDM 1 month ago

    R. I. P FLY

  • Adolfian Hittlerian 1 month ago

    Lachlan is like that drunk friend who thinks he is the best at everything. Lmao.

  • Eric Miller 1 month ago

    Viks a savage just killin that fly like nothin

  • Roux Marais 1 month ago

    Its called dio rite

  • ExtremelyExtinct 23 1 month ago

    650 rob fans dislike this vid lol

  • Suki Skywalker 1 month ago

    Night bot COME AT ME BRO

  • LyricalRandoms 1 month ago

    What was Vik singing at 11:05

  • XxRetro zebraxX 1 month ago

    Omg no one will believe me but I was thinking of villager emeralds too!!!!!

  • Andrew Wang 1 month ago

    Ads are so annoying

  • Lennox Xu 1 month ago

    Poor rob.

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