• Bdogh 0404 2 weeks ago


  • Blackwolf07 YT 2 weeks ago

    I don’t even remember what Dasha’s old skin was

  • Eli Tucker 2 weeks ago


  • Scoob28672 2 weeks ago

    Back at it again with hunger games eh Jerome?

  • YFMK 123 2 weeks ago

    Ben i will come to your house and smack you if you don’t like game theory

  • Kathy Whittington 2 weeks ago

    i dont have discord so i looked it up GOODBYE CHILDHOOD

  • Prince Galaxy 2 weeks ago

    Jerome should use backpacks…

  • Nikki Darwin 2 weeks ago


  • magic Alex 2 weeks ago

    can you guys make a fortnite mod

  • Amyg665 Minecraft 2 weeks ago

    This reminds me of CRAFTING DEAD! When are you going to play crafting dead again?!?

  • Starlynn Lucero 2 weeks ago


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  • Brandon clark 2 weeks ago

    I’m jealous of you screaming Jerome

  • Stars Lullaby 2 weeks ago

    Hang ben

  • KubKub 2 weeks ago

    Stardew valley? ?

  • pastale The sansper 2 weeks ago

    6:08 Ben , game theory is good , better than your channel , oh wait Ben’s channel is dead.

  • Super Gaming Roblox and More 2 weeks ago


  • AntBoyz Usa 2 weeks ago


  • Joshua Mobley 2 weeks ago

    kill been for not liking game thery

  • Imthebos S90 2 weeks ago

    Bing back byd

  • Paw Sa Htoo 2 weeks ago

    2:09 Hulk is her favorite “Justice League” member…

  • jeanette hanlein 2 weeks ago


  • julianzisman 2 weeks ago

    Play island clash

  • Dave colquhoun 2 weeks ago


  • Hayabusa275 888 2 weeks ago


  • Tanvir Sidhu 2 weeks ago

    dasha was cheating

  • Cade Spencer 2 weeks ago

    6:09 Ben… ya nasty

  • SuperCool_Saiyan 2 weeks ago

    It says fortnite but the inventory is more pubg like

  • Jovett Ryan 2 weeks ago


  • Yolka Kasti 2 weeks ago

    That mod you use is garbage

  • jiahui 42 2 weeks ago

    Hulk is from marvel not dc

  • Gabe Sohrweid 2 weeks ago

    Kill Ben first

  • Patrick Mendiola 2 weeks ago


  • kelvin wong 2 weeks ago

    Game theory is a good channel don’t you burn it you bastard and you will burn in a pit of Fire

  • IsaacCYF 108 2 weeks ago

    Hey Jerome 1 suggestion for a game mode called: Juggernaut!!!
    So out of everyone that plays the Juggernaut will enter the match with a Minigun and full juggernaut armour+ some other stuff after (u pick the minutes) and it’s 1 Vs the rest

  • IsaacCYF 108 2 weeks ago

    1 question what happened to Sigils (forgot his real name)

  • FuckOnions 2 weeks ago

    subscribe and comment done, and ill subscribe back

  • Wolig_07 2 weeks ago


  • Luis Olavarri 2 weeks ago

    Im in the hospital with a broken leg and I liked it and nothing happed. I got lied to 🙁

  • BuritosViewMincraft 2 weeks ago

    ii sew you in tha dark

  • Zetster998 2 weeks ago

    can someone watch my latest video and tell me if its good

  • Haseeb Malik 2 weeks ago

    We crafting dead

  • Haseeb Malik 2 weeks ago

    We want crafting dead

  • Heavenly YT 2 weeks ago

    Hulk is an avenger not a member of the justice league

  • Sam Scheppe 2 weeks ago

    Use Pete’s fortnight mod

  • sara eld 2 weeks ago


  • sara eld 2 weeks ago

    DOWN WITH BEAN!!!!!!

  • tjappa cloud 2 weeks ago

    Kill Ben game theory is the best after jerome😡😡

  • Jessie Rocco 2 weeks ago

    So, does anyone know what happened to the crafting dead?

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