• Ian Arceo 1 month ago

    Man kenworth and lachlan same voice

  • Psycho NightmareMangle 1 month ago

    When they fail parkour,i laugh!!!! LOL By the way,great video and i’m your big fan

  • Semin Oh 1 month ago

    Friend me in minecraft my name is boy64

  • David Johnson 1 month ago

    Shockingly enough, Hypixel housing parkour is where you can find lots of the groundbreaking parkour jumps. It’s where I found that ladder jump with fences above and below it, as well as double/triple neos.

  • Powell Larry 1 month ago

    Why did Kenny said “two puls two is four mine’s one that’s three quick maths”!?!?!?!

  • emilijus LOL 1 month ago

    how are you that good at parkour

  • Misterslime Gaming 1 month ago

    This wouldn’t have been long if Kenny was here 😡

  • Lucky Mate 1 month ago

    You’ve never seen the ladder and fence parkour thing b4?


  • GamingCactus360 1 month ago

    I have already known about the ladder fence thing, I have put it in all of my maps

  • oskar c 1 month ago

    I know why preston got kicked he died 171 times

    Any way stil good video

  • Piano Tiles Expert Gamer 1 month ago

    9:03 Preston: Oh really? Oh Ooh BABY!!
    Then Tyler (LogDotZip) Sticker comes at the bottom right
    Cuz Tyler does Oooh Baby in his videos! :p

  • Galaxy Antonia 1 month ago


  • jash poonatar 1 month ago

    I have a question. Why don’t you play how to minecraft??
    Please play it will be more fun

  • BLUES 8 1 month ago

    Oooollllddddddd I watched it in Kenny xD

  • Our Crew 1 month ago


  • bryan reinhard 1 month ago

    Silly TBN ken worth!!!

  • BLACk NEW ТV 1 month ago


  • THE DOGE 598 1 month ago

    Keep ur intro like it is now

  • DownShot 1 month ago

    I thought it’s DanTDM’s Video 😂😂

  • Daniel Garrido 1 month ago

    Guess who’s back?(back) back again!(Gin)

  • Bunny Island 1 month ago

    Can i please get a heart?????? !!!! Thank You So Much if you do!!!

  • Doreen Jolie Formalejo 1 month ago

    I can imangine fire on prestons head as he rages. And it grows the harder he rages

  • Sky Chan 1 month ago

    Ever think that Kenny from South Park was based on this Kenny…based on how many times Kenny dies on Parkour… And his skin looks like Kenny from south park when he doesn’t have his hoodie…but South Park was out way before Kenny was a YouTuber and before YouTube was even a think…just my weird mind…yeah…okay…

  • RogerRobo6275 1 month ago

    i swear preston was about to sing jump around by ksi

  • Tyler Ridgeway 1 month ago

    Thanks for posting this video it’s awesome and like if you agree and Preston your soooooooo cool and you kenny

  • Margaret Boot 1 month ago

    5:46 lolololl

  • Margaret Boot 1 month ago

    0:00 replay button here

  • Katie Refledy 1 month ago

    Preston you missed a chest….

  • Katie Refledy 1 month ago

    On the slime neos

  • ecofg 1 month ago

    Hey Preston, why, I’ve streamed this map. 🙁

  • Mostafa & Omar Heggy 1 month ago

    love the vid

  • Jorden Dillen 1 month ago

    Preston you had that grabbing the ladder true the fence in another vid

  • RonnieGamer 2007 1 month ago



  • RonnieGamer 2007 1 month ago


    To like my own comment

  • AOLOLGaming 1 month ago

    There arent even 10 million views yet. Dont get ur hopes up. 10 likes on a tweet…

    10 billion likes on this comment guys!!!

  • Creeper Cake 1 month ago

    That’s a dolphin scream right there XD

  • Shakeel Amlay 1 month ago

    Who else checked if there was an actual ink for mayonnaise?

  • XXShotInTheThroatXX 1 month ago

    Merry crysis!

  • Random PlayzStuff 1 month ago

    Hey guys could all of you subscribe to my channel or at least check it out

  • Wildan Rizanjaya 1 month ago


  • Ahron Jhon Briñas 1 month ago

    10:26 Aya Aya_Chapata!!

  • Rypada 2004 1 month ago

    Happy Christmas everyone!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍

  • Random PlayzStuff 1 month ago

    SUB to me plz

  • ProGamer_ YouTube 1 month ago

    Is the enderpearl edited or the game mad it…plz answer I’m so confused

  • Jean Keizer Lalic 1 month ago


  • BetterThan Minecraft 1 month ago

    The ladder fence thing has been here for yeas

  • Mighty Whitey 1 month ago

    Who saw UnspeakableGamings cameo?

  • ItsVivi 1 month ago

    More like ‘Sirius Shades’ 😂 *HARRY POTTER FANS UNITE!*

  • Book Of Hasam 1 month ago

    Ye 10/10

  • Rusty Ghost 1 month ago

    Who Was tbstewa In The Deathboard?

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