• ExplodingTNT 8 months ago

    Would you want this to be added to Minecraft? To build or break blocks… you need the license.
    HOPE YOU ENJOYED!! Had a lot of fun making this one 😀
    CAN WE GET TO 39,999 LIKES?!?!?

  • Batuhan Aydın 8 months ago

    If the killer clown was in Minecraft

  • Alan Ramirez 8 months ago

    2nd idea: if the world was made of wood

  • Mr. Hermit 8 months ago


  • Sulaiman Madarsha 8 months ago

    if there was only one wooden sword in whole minecraft

  • Joshua MacAllister 8 months ago

    Name: Robloxia Fun132
    Years of experience: 8
    Favourite block?: Dragon Egg

  • Gabriel Darrel Tabo 8 months ago


  • Frank Feldt 8 months ago

    why unicorns doesn’t exist

  • Luca Plays 8 months ago

    wait if the license is expired from DAT guy thenwhy isnt notches?????????????????????????????

  • Pepijn van Ingen 8 months ago

    if ther was a walk lisence like if you agree

  • Nightcore vplash 8 months ago

    Do if they were no servers in Minecraft or multiplayer

  • Kaiser Villanueva 8 months ago

    Its Easy To Impress jeb_ in this world just build a massive toilet then ur done!

  • Jinx Thissen 8 months ago

    what if you could be fat…

  • Jinx Thissen 8 months ago

    omg omg grian!!!!

  • Arda Efe Kara 8 months ago

    I think you do “if purple sheep got ban

  • Jane Gannon 8 months ago

    If armour didn’t exist!

  • Juraj S 8 months ago

    exploding tnt i cant play factins on ur server because theres a guy named ciancakes that ckeeps kicking me from the faction when i dont have stuf he killes me and gets my stuf pls help

  • ur mum 8 months ago

    explodingtnt how did you meet pink sheep?

  • Daimend pickachu 8 months ago

    Do if crafting table was removed from minecraft

  • Hacker 8 months ago

    ExplodingTNT pls do: If Entity303 And Herobrine Were Friends

  • Tin Truong 8 months ago

    If a illuminate rule minecraft

  • Andrew Virakpich 8 months ago

    If everything became japanese including speaking


    if you only ghost or if you only crawling in minecraft

  • luisa cruz 8 months ago

    omg guys did you see the cross ij the front of the enderman


    if you only kid in minecraft or if the furniture and tsunamis added in minecraft

  • ReddyWave Prime aka transformers fan 8 months ago

    ExploadingTNT howza about if webcams were added to minecraft

  • Boy gamerYT 8 months ago

    If minecraft have 1 block it’s dirt

  • BlackzGaming 1 8 months ago

    If Spiderman Play Minecraft #videoidea

  • Creeper Playz HD 8 months ago

    hey make a vid about why we always eat food in our hands!!!!

  • Sun Xiaohan, Tony 8 months ago

    Guys anyone notice a cross on 5:44?!! Please like if you did!

  • TheLegend Yt 8 months ago

    pls do if noobs mod was added to minecraft

  • TheECgamer 8 months ago

    @ 4:16 you can see he can break blocks

  • MrNoobster OliverMC 8 months ago

    If end and nether portals switches places

  • Matteo Van Butsel 8 months ago

    If wood And emeralds switch

  • Wklwwkwksksl Slwlwlwlwlw 8 months ago

    do video about 1000tntvs ender man

  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman 8 months ago

    if u want builders license u have to build something to impress jeb
    but u cant build because you dont have builders license
    u only get it after u build something

  • Balkanac Hjh 8 months ago

    if was tv bar added to minecraft please like please

  • NoobGamer23 NoobGaming23 8 months ago


  • MoeMarco 8 months ago

    if you could travel in minecraft

  • RayTDS 8 months ago

    Do if ExplodingTNT was a Minecraft Social Experimenter Please

  • Audric Embuscado 8 months ago

    when roblox play minecraft

  • Audric Embuscado 8 months ago

    If the toaster was removed (weird comments)

  • Audric Embuscado 8 months ago

    If minecraft and roblox switched places

  • Ville Gestrin 8 months ago

    if noobs took over minecraft?????

  • Vazel 8 months ago

    If dragon ball z characters played minecraft pls

  • Annie Pasquil 8 months ago

    We need cars in mcpe if notch add it in minecraft (real one) i will be happpy

  • 蔡婉琪 8 months ago

    this builder license is not need in mine carft because if you use it It will JUST EXPIRED!!!!!!

  • Sergentu 8 months ago

    If jobs was added in Minecraft ! 😀

  • Martijn Gijssel 8 months ago

    If pink sheep like toasters

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