• Alfthe 8 months ago


  • Sam Kim 8 months ago

    i like your vids

  • Sam Kim 8 months ago

    did you play piano

  • Pam Mescall 8 months ago

    if you have a bad hair day

  • finn mertens 8 months ago

    what mod are they using?

  • evan potter 8 months ago

    1 like = no more of failboat’s  purple shep’s nightmares

  • ColeTrueGamerz Yeah 8 months ago

    what are the mods u used?

  • Craig Moisey 8 months ago


  • Philip Banks 8 months ago

    do if you could have JOBS in MINECRAFT part 2 plz

  • RefleyGamer 8 months ago

    i am the 1581 comment hey thats even my I.Q

  • XboxKid Videos 8 months ago

    Guys can you play splatoon 2
    When it comes out pls
    Like if u agree

  • rartiy mom 8 months ago

    hi purple shep you suck and your ugly
    and you are called ajjuq taco and you have a pet Seth


  • Gregory Parente 8 months ago

    6:10 ooh doomfist XD

  • kaiserk028 8 months ago


  • Trycer 8 months ago

    Well maybe the person should of specified if they wanted the burger BONELESS

  • Lehmspielt 8 months ago

    MY CoMpOOpEr ExPL0ded AgAin

  • mc_princess 17 8 months ago

    I Joined the toaster nation 〰💁🏻

  • TheRubia1979 8 months ago

    7:23 is the funniest momment in this video (No hating on me and starting a debate, it’s my opinion after all.)

  • The Shep 8 months ago


  • superpottu 8 months ago

    Damn i need only skeleton to make this burger it will be yummy:D

  • DoubleSlasher778 8 months ago

    you suck

  • RockDavid Plays 8 months ago

    PuRpLeShEp is stupid brah

  • DoubleSlasher778 8 months ago

    sorry thinking of wrong YouTube

  • Tickytickytango 8 months ago

    What happens when it rains?

  • Shortie_ NOOBPlays 8 months ago

    HeLlO oH GoLy mY cHeESe BoOgeR

  • Junior Mederos 8 months ago

    do a face reveal

  • True Pixel Gamer 8 months ago

    If we can get 358,714,864,051 likes I will eat that booger thing.

  • NoiselessHhh 8 months ago

    did anyone notice that in the order that PurpleShep took at 5:25 it says One number 7 with schezwan sauce. If you don’t know that reference, it’s from Rick and Morty.

  • MSTR_VN_Survival 8 months ago

    lol :))

  • Rehan Nizamuddin 8 months ago

    purple shep look at the people on twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=purpleshep&src=typd&lang=en
    also purple shep you have to click on where it says twitter.com

  • LordFaron 269 8 months ago

    Well, that opening scared the pants right off of me.

  • Austin Commentates 8 months ago

    Rick and morty reference nice sauce

  • MilkTea TV 8 months ago

    sub4me then i will sub back

  • Jian Carlos Em 8 months ago


  • Homie Worm 8 months ago


  • Homie Worm 8 months ago


  • LUIS ABRAHAM ESCOBAR 8 months ago

    What mod are they using

  • William Nelson 8 months ago

    Do more ROBLOX

  • the prankster 8 months ago

    make a bet with daddy

  • Richard Dreemurr 8 months ago

    Purple shep I have a favor. I.. guess.

  • Richard Dreemurr 8 months ago

    Purple shep can you be one of my first subscribers?

  • Ashley Lopez 8 months ago

    🍉 This is a potato
    The potato’s family has been eaten
    it needs a hug
    1 like = 1 hug

  • Wayne Chua 8 months ago

    UnCle FaiLBoOt SpeLLeD SzeChUAn SaUcE WronGly

  • Eevee Gavin 8 months ago

    Every time someone likes this comment purple shep will get smarter and I’ll get dummer

  • Tat1101 8 months ago

    The skeleton part is the funniest! XD

  • Christine Borbolla 8 months ago

    Hey purple SHEP can I throw a toaster on ur face because ur daddy pink SHEP said you like toasters

  • Emerald 8 months ago

    You are not purple shep

  • Emerald 8 months ago

    ○ ○

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