• Donald Thomas 4 weeks ago

    Sam is stupid HE BANNED YOU

  • Kitkat 4 weeks ago

    worst video I have ever watched. my eyes are bleeding bloody murder. Preston is annoying with his 13 year old puberty cracking voice. roblox is better than your moms shoe. trump likes tomatoes. Hillary eats psghetti. the cheesecake factory is hiring janitors. Preston should apply. 5 years old please don’t attack me. I’m only 2 months old. leave me alone. I’m just salty because I lost my pacifier. thanks for ur time and effort pushing through this cringe friken video. high five🙏🏿

  • YANJIE WANG 4 weeks ago

    Remember what u said at 1:35?😂

  • General Alec 4 weeks ago


  • Legend 47 4 weeks ago

    That was funny and cool good job to both of you 👍

  • Kesia Williams 4 weeks ago

    Cool man

  • Ahmad Mattazzi 4 weeks ago

    Your right 🙂

  • JAKEDABOI GAMES 4 weeks ago

    I agree

  • Caden Pittinger 4 weeks ago


  • Kids Gaertner 4 weeks ago

    At the beginning, “ We are going to try and do this in one try!” Failed

  • Vince7778 4 weeks ago

    /say @e

  • jonathan Lu 4 weeks ago

    He changed the thumbnail and title

  • Kenneth Abney 4 weeks ago

    I hate your channel

  • Karen Rios 4 weeks ago

    they didn’t even start the map and they died 😂😂

  • Burbs 4 weeks ago

    Your hair

  • Us Ymmot 4 weeks ago

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  • Bryar Cornelius 4 weeks ago

    hey preston

  • Wise grimlock 4 weeks ago

    That sounded so bad “don’t fist me” that sounds so bad

  • XoxoRobloxMasterXoxo ,Queen 4 weeks ago

    Me also:that alex is so boooootiful im in love with da alex im linlove with the alex:oooh yeah.


  • FireCubX 4 weeks ago

    Check out my bedwars gameplay, I will upload after 100 subs and also add my voice.

  • TheRobloxian - Roblox & more! 4 weeks ago

    Hes A”Maze”Ing heh Get it?

  • Goldenace the king 4 weeks ago

    Hey! Preston did you get beat up by someone? Why do you have a bruise on your face? Sorry just WO seeing…?

  • Creepwithpeeps Gaming 4 weeks ago

    If you run it will break the bridge. Preston runs.

  • Beaucoup Know Heroine 4 weeks ago

    lolololol im aMAZEing

  • RavenMusicNotes 4 weeks ago

    Wait shotgun is a girl

  • Casey Wellington 4 weeks ago

    10:19 OOOOH!!! *YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!*


  • Bit Wings9 4 weeks ago

    Look at shoot gun with his ugly ass hair 0:40

  • Nitin 4 weeks ago

    That hair tho

  • son nguyen 4 weeks ago

    Remember at tue beginnign the creator said You might hate the end..
    Watch the end… HE GOT BANNED and is the bad YESS soo 😛 ye

  • Caleb Smith 4 weeks ago

    At 8:22 there’s a glich

  • BlueNexus PH 4 weeks ago

    im telling you shotgun is annoying

  • Where’s the death counter

  • Moe21 4 weeks ago

    Im A MAZE ing

  • Nintendude 64 4 weeks ago

    8:17 – 8:25 I thought my ipad was being stupid when it wasn’t.

  • สิทธิโชค มงคล 4 weeks ago


  • myke189 4 weeks ago

    Like=Brain cell for SHOTGUNRAIDS;););)

  • ShadowHawk 4 weeks ago

    video very funny, #2? Yes I would like that

  • Iven Torabi 4 weeks ago


  • power master 4 weeks ago

    there was a water bukket in your inventory for the lava

  • RiBeasT ブル 4 weeks ago

    I got copyrighted for the Trolol Song Which was playing In Your Video At First.

  • Gaming With iDoge 4 weeks ago

    Preston you’re such a big inspiration to me

  • gabb robles 4 weeks ago

    My Friend told me to say BananaButterSandwich

  • Bruffyboyz 4 weeks ago


  • PurpleFire88 :p 4 weeks ago

    Why do I respect sam on a whole other level because of this map

  • Sam Murphy 4 weeks ago

    Why did u use JIDE

  • Blaythan Coelho 4 weeks ago

    Preston play micro battle

  • Albert AAMC 4 weeks ago

    What happened to your face

  • joker tv 4 weeks ago

    kto sub za suba

  • lastupido 4 weeks ago

    you should be in gamemode 2

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